Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Scream for Me

Season 5, Episode 8

just my view on the fashion worn on this episode of Pretty Little Liars:


Frankly, I am not a fan of Alison’s style. It is definitely far from my personal style but also, it does come across as trying too hard to be more sophisticated and trendy among her peers. Her style is more trendy and girly with fitted and polished pieces, almost trying to dress more grown up. Her look here is a tad mumsy to me with the blazer with that Minkpink floral print skirt(found on Pradux) and handbag but it still suits her in some ways. The geometrical Topshop earrings and Minkpink crepe top (found on Pradux) certainly mixed it up for a better, youthful look. I was more inclined to closely inspect Ali’s look this episode because she seems to be wearing an earring I personally own! (And mind you, I have not been successful in finding an look to match these funky and cool earrings with!) Any suggestions?


It’s no surprise that I have always loved Aria’s spunky, trendy-punk style but there are times it is a tad gaudy to me. She could mixed and match pieces you wouldn’t dream go together, make it unique and cool. This denim and military look is just the right amount of edge without being too gaudy (that I could see myself wearing this look!) The NLST Camouflage Shirtdress (found on Pradux) is interesting enough on it’s own with the Marc Jacobs Bolt Silce hooped earrings (found on Worn On TV). As the shirtdress is not as embellished , laying it with the Gryphon Chain Mesh Denim Jacket (found on Pradux) with rips does not make it over-the-top or too much. With the Frye’s Veronica Slouch Boots (found on Pradux), this rocker chic is rocking it. However, in another scene, she has a Urban Originals leopard-print tote bag (found on Worn On TV) with it. I did not appreciate the clash of prints of her camouflage shiftdress with the bag. S0508-Aria2To my eyes, they just don’t go! Of distinct genres and style… And made it over the top, gaudy.

I also find her at home-casual-comfort ensemble (right picture) really fashionable and hippie-trendy. The French Connection’s bug T-shirt (found on Worn On TV) is charming with the Monrow Fishbone Tie Dye Sweat Pants (found on Pradux) is so stylish cool. Definitely something I can see out for a casual stroll with. I am guessing those are Ugg boots she is wearing with it as well.


Emily being the athletic-lesbian that she is, this of course mean she has a more sporty chic and youthful style. This casual yet hip number is great topped off with the scarf which made it more trendy and personal. This all-american varsity jacket inspired jacket/sweater is smart: portraying the athletic side of Emily, paired with a semi-sheer print T-shirt and skinny black jeans completes a hipper style. Casual, hip, athletic and active chic, very all-american. Oh and not forgetting a black rucksack with definitely gives it a slightly more modern edge. (Where can I this rucksack?! It looks practical, a good roomy size and biker/rocker chic with the gold zips! Kindly and pretty please, share if you find something similar!)


Hanna has reinvent herself to escape the Alison  mold into what she thinks is her true style: the rebel. The top half of Hanna’s look is something I do wear – simple tank and black cardigan accessorized with chain necklaces and earrings for that grunge-punk look. Those earrings are quite the bomb as it is versatile and could be styled differently. However, I am not digging the lace up shorts which is just trashy especially with that torn leggings. If they did not alter it for this look and kept it as the original FSLA Silver Lace Up long pants (Found on Worn On TV), it might have improved the look significantly.


Being the upright nerd of the liars, Spencer style is formal and mature but young and charming at the same time. This look from top to bottom is just perfection, my favorite look in this episode. The skirt/culottes shorts has a print that could have easily aged her immensely; but somehow, tucked in with this front panel crochet button-up collared top (which is conservative but sexy) is just brilliant! It is fabulously dressed down with the rugged should bag. (I do not think any website has looked up for pieces for this look, but again, do share your source for pieces of this look if you do happen to stumble across them! I personally love the top and bag!)


Ella Montgomery (Aria’s Mother)S05E08-Ella1
I find Ella’s look very well put together here which is commendable. It is trendy and flirty yet equally smart. The flirty Feather-print silk georgette collar shirt (what it looks like to me), smartly topped off white the grey blazer paired with a leather cuff polishes a modern, and chic look which works for her!


What do you think of your style/fashion/looks in this episode? Which was the least successful look to you? Any pieces worth investing in? I would love to hear your comments!

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Signing Off,


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