Pretty Little Liars: Scream for Me

Season 5, Episode 8

This is quite a typical episode which was not thought provoking or such. However, I do have some minor commentary with bits and bob throughout the episode. So again, of course:

*Spoiler Alert*


The Rebel Drunkie
It seems that Hanna and Caleb have spiraled into a cynical and sombre blackhole. How far off the tracks have they gotten, from the Fashion conscious diva and sensible geek to drunkies with punk-rock-rebels fashion statements of mainly ripped and rugged clothes. They used to be the most upright and sane couple but have degenerated themselves to drunkard scums who don’t give a care to anything which doesn’t make them wasted. I suppose I need to watch what happened to Caleb in Ravenswood. As for Hanna, aside from the fashion (which she is rockin’), she needs to be so ignorant and think about her future, I do not see how her mum does not realize what a pit her daughter has fallen into… with the late nights and does she not smell the alcohol off her (like the perv could)? No way her Mum is that blind. Mums are extra aware of such changes in their children.


Spy Work
Aria became a volunteer at Radley Sanitarium. Her constant snooping for Eddie Lamb and giving into Rhonda’s demands of Chips and Soda for information -granted, resulted in good information- but she still got caught for it. I do not see how after soo many snooping, why have they not learn from their past mistakes and actually become better at it. Have a back up, someone to watch the door, do not go in alone, blend in better… good gracious! The simplest things. Also, I do not see how her giving diabetic Rhonda chips and Soda did not land her in immediate dismissal or banned from Radly. Really?

Spencer has always been the sane, sensible and practical one of the group on top of being the genius nerd. This genius is not only smart in tests but quick on her feet in real situations – such as escaping the stables with a angered horse which could have trampled them. It was smart and resourceful on her part to put a ladder which would use the force from the horse to crash open the locked gate. Genius! This level of Spencer-smart seems to be the thing that float the group through this madness.

Lowly Toby Steps Up
I must say, Toby’s motivations of become a police is simply noble. From having experience firsthand and seeing Spencer suffer so much agony (in the name of love!), it is indeed compelling reasons that will certainly drive him to do his best. Like Spencer said “If you becoming a cop is going to put an end to this, then I say go. Study hard. Graduate early. Because coming back to this house with my parents split up and Melissa being a part of this… it’s becoming so much worse.” It was riveting to see Spencer admit her faults and apologize to Toby for her prior response to him wanting to be a cop. In addition to her vulnerability saying – There is so much drama a high schooler can take. I really have grown to admire Spencer’s character over the seasons.

Can you still take the highly ridiculous plot lines? What do you think of the development of each of our Liars? Do comment and share your thoughts!

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Till more mad ridiculousness and drama,


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