Royal Pains Fashion: I Did Not See That Coming

Season 6, Episode 8

No, if you are looking for a blog post that will tell you where to get the looks seen on the episode, this is not the place. I will be just commenting on the looks (not ALL, but those I have opinions on), trend, possibly how it fits the character on the episode and so on. So here we go:

What is seen and not heard

Royal Pains has always embrace color in each characters’ look, male AND female. Bright to Neon to pastel, it definitely always pop and gives us a summer vibe. This particular episode, I think there were a lot of beautiful earrings which were featured as you can see:S06E08-Earrings


First Row – Hoop Earrings
From Left to Right:

  1. Pretty badass yet chic at the same time. I adore the shape and pattern in the hoop!
  2. A pretty average silver hooped earrings.
  3. Pretty mediocre, a gold hoop earrings with green beading.
  4. Gold hoops with blue stones is simple to match as there is not too much color but it is still interesting and elegant enough.
  5. Simple with color but a bit of transparency in the beads.

Second Row – Colorful and Bright Drop Earrings
From Left to Right:

  1. A coral colored stones made into a flower pattern with drops of green stones to it, simple, bright and lovely.
  2. David Aubrey Sadie Earrings (Found here on Pradux) playful and youthful drop earrings with cherry pattern at the bottom. Still, I can see older women wearing it. It would be a challenge to style with this earrings, but it is not impossible taking a thing or two from royal pains styling!
  3. These David Aubrey Sadie Fan Post with Drop earrings are just darling and exquisite! Lovely with a less elaborate (in terms of color) outfit. Love the colors on this pair! They can be found on amazon here (thanks to Worn On TV)
  4. Not my favorite, seems too thick, heavy and gaudys. The chandelier earring also looks plasticy, possibly cheapen by the color.

Third Row – Drop and Tier-Drop Earrings
From Left to Right:

  1. It looks almost antique with the framing on the stone. Nice and classic yet the stone makes it more relevant.
  2. A simple basic stone drop earrings. Nothing special.
  3. White tiered/chandelier earrings, average.
  4. Green tiered/chandelier earrings, again average but good color.

One more accessory which caught my eye, was this chain bracelet made out of possibly ceramic? I just love the combination of chain and the material for this bracelet:


Flora and Fauna

Parker and Emma certainly embraced prints for Summer! Successful or not, that is a different story.


Parker’s Palm Print Bandeau Skort Playsuit is a brilliant outfit from Topshop (Found by Pradux here) I for one never liked Playsuits because it just lacks practicality to me (you better not have a bathroom emergency in this! Warning all TBP – Tiny Bladder People). However, I do love the skort cutting of this piece from TopShop! If only they sold it as separates…

As for how this was styled as a look? I loved the idea of pairing it with the chunky green bangle-bracelet, plays along nicely with the big and loud palm prints. However, I am not quite sure about the yellow neck piece. I think they should have picked either the earrings or necklace, or with a smaller/more simple earring to tame it – making it less cheap. However, on TV, where it is mostly close up shots, I suppose it isn’t the worst. But I still think as a whole, too much big accessories, one less accessory would be nice.

S06E08-Emma To the flora, Emma choose a sweetheart floral dress which was more exactly a Milly’s Anna Watercolor Paisley Print Silk Fit & Flare dress. I have nothing against the dress, it is a casual dress but really would only fit certain girls in my opinion. Morever, styling this is tricky and I think Emma was close (but did not) to pulling it off. The canvas flats are just not working at all here, they completely throw the entire look off into… Huh? If it were a different color, maybe. The pairing of the Holly Street Rubie Crossbody Bag by Kate Spade with the dress is sweet. Yet again, the Steve Madden’s Ceciile flats just don’t match this bag as well. Her hair, bag, and dress is just darling together. I suppose the flats were intentional of the scene. This look of dress, flats and bag can be found on Worn On TV here.


S06E08-Emma2From canvas flats to high end stilettos, I suppose Cinderella has met her Prince Charming! As from Worn On TV, this pair of stilettos is a Sophia Webster Riko cutout patent-leather sandals. At first look, it seems like a black stilettos with candy/arts and craft cut outs glued on, well in a nice and neat manner. After looking at it on a model here, I must say, they are smashing, stunning and graphic!

subtle Intricracy

Charlotte’s Look

For Charlotte’s sweet number here, I am not going to comment on the style, but shout out: I think the pastel Sweater Top with the Grey lace and mesh overlay is intricate and intriguing. It can be dressed up and down because of the intricacy, brilliant piece.


Paige’s Nude Look

Paige’s Diamond Jacquard Peplum Top by Rebecca Taylor is structured but with a soft, feminine and intricate touch as well. It is paired quite simply with a nude shorts and minimum accessory (Bangle and Earrings). Paige mostly wears bright colors and this nude and white look is clean, toned down but still strong, smart casual. It is a versatile top that can be styled many ways, with a blazer, cardigan, pencil skirt, skinny jeans, trousers etc. The possibility is endless, for formal to rock edgy.


Viviana’s Date Look

Talking about Rock, it was a nice change to see Viviana dressed up for her date with Jeremiah albeit it being the typical tight black and shiny edgy look with black leather boots (granted, she thought that she was dressing for a rock concert, not a Orchestra concert). It did not look slutty to me, just a very modern modern everyday girl on her night out. Viviana wore black and silver sequined tank top, black fitted stretch skirt and black leather boots with hoop earrings. Seems very cliche I must say but I adore the tall-wedge-boots. This look was intricate to me with the basic but detailed sequin top paired with a clean and simple black bangle-bracelet.

Primary Bold

The primary colors (Yellow, Blue, Red) worn boldly in the following 3 looks:

A simple plain Red Jade Pleat Back Dress by Reiss (found by Pradux) definitely calls for good accessorizing. This was styled very nicely and boldly with the statement making necklace and tier drop/chandelier earrings of the similar color. Simple, bright yet smart and chic.

S06E08-Paige2Oh my Blue Days! We have a Blue pleat Bow Playsuit by Topshop (found by Pradux) which is very girly, a bit vintage meets modern. Paige’s look in the picture below is a strong modern style with the one-tone Playsuit and neon from the Rebecca Minkoff Barb Sandals (Pradux),

yet with a flirty touch of the pop of colors from the earrings and soft flowy texture of the Playsuit.

If you notice, the original bow tie belt was swapped for a printed belt which I think made it look more modern and strong, ties the look together.

Last but not least, say hello to Yellow. It isn’t entirely yellow, but the yellow makes up a big percentage of this look with a chunky layered yellow beads necklace and yellow cardigan.

S06E08-Divya2I think the look suits Divya’s character and her Indian roots and culture. However, it just doesn’t fully meld for me. It is not bad, but there is just something a tad off to it which I can’t quite put my finger on. Perhaps it is the patterned trousers?

Richie Richs in Poppin’ Blazers

Cinco’s Looks

The new boys in this episode made quite the Fashion statement in this episode with classic and colorful blazers that were sharp but eye catching and fun pairings.

The main player this episode was Cinco. The first look was the navy blue blazer with a rich pair of shorts and white shoes. He made this work, smart casual and sharp but laid back and younger than what Chuck Bass (of Gossip Girl) would wear. As for the look he wore for his birthday party: red striped blazer, khakis and blue shoes with white laces – Very nautical as if he knew he was going to be on a Yacht. A classic and I have nothing against it.

Cinco’s “peanut selling” (dealer) friend’s look below was very memorable to me. It was very hipster cool with the purple blazer,bright blue trousers and the white T-Shirt with colorful pattern print. This style particularly eye-catching, interesting and cool to me.



 Do you agree with my view? Which were your favorite pieces? Did you want a particular item? Which was the most outstanding look of this episode? Feel free to leave comments and discuss! 😉

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Drops of style,


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