Royal Pains: I Did Not See That Coming

This episode was definitely filled with surprises! Let’s explore the happy, odd and new demographic of this episode, shall we.

Season 6, Episode 8:


I for one certainly did NOT see THIS coming…


Did you?

Love is in the air

I must say tho, it was a pleasant surprise. Love is in the air for the the oh-so-serious doctors of HankMed this episode:
S06E08-LoveIsInTheAirI am absolutely thrilled for both Jeremiah and Hank! Personally, my dad is a doctor and after sooo many years he still works for what it seems like 24/7. So for a concierge doctor? I can’t imagine how little time they have to themselves.

For the socially awkward Jeremiah who has been pining for Divya for too long, it is wonderful that he managed to find this sassy girl who brought him out of his awkward and shy shell – Viviana! Sadly, it was revealed that Viviana just might get deported back to her home country… let’s hope that is the worst case scenario that won’t be happening! And I did anticipate a marriage to avoid this deportation… however, it will not seem in character of Viviana to agree to such an arrangement unless they are crazy, truly, madly, deeply in love!


As for humble and ever uptight Hank, seems like a little trip to Monaco with Boris which lead him to meet Charlotte has loosen him up to indulgence. I must say, Hank in many ways reminds me of my dad. My dad is quite resourceful, but in a different way than Hank: Hank takes everyday items and uses them for medical reasons, whereas my dad would do the opposite – taking medical apparatus for everyday usage. My dad like Hank too, is really thrifty and would not change his car until it is completely useless and beyond repair. And very much like Hank, both of them have come to learn to enjoy the finer things in life from the fruits of their labor.

From a holiday in Monaco with Charlotte, of quality hotel breakfast, wine, champagne to a hotel in the Hamptons with a Bath Butler leading to bubble bath and champagne. Yes Hank, after the years of hard work, you DO deserve to unwind and indulge. I am ecstatic for you!

Sarah Drew



Gillian Alexy

However, I am still figuring out who is Charlotte (Actress: Gillian Alexy). Is she the best for Hank? Oh and did anyone thought that Charlotte was Sarah Drew (of Grey’s Anatomy’s April Kepner)? I really thought so when I first saw her step out of the car! But without the huge sunglasses, the resemblance just isn’t there anymore. Perhaps it is just the fabulous flaming red hair, yes? AND, is ANYONE ELSE bothered by the glassy eye of Charlotte’s?

American Teen Drama to the Mix

With the introduction of Emma (Eddie’s daughter) to the lovely Hankmed family, it seems like the producers were eager to explore a wider demographic with exposing more of Emma to the richie richs of The Hamptons.

S06E08-EmmaWhoApparently, Emma’s previous stunt in contributing a photo to a notorious gossip blog site in the Hamptons – SnarkHampton has made her the new It Girl to watch in the Hamptons, putting her in the highest social circle.

Hmmm, a gossip blog/site… gossip…. teens… remind you of a certain show revolving around rich teens with gossip blogs? YES. And the idea of a nobody (in the teenage social circles & hierarchy) becoming somebody in the highest of social society and circle of a certain city just is a throw back to Dan Humphrey to me, the ultimate lower east side insider to the upper east side.

From sending a mere ONE picture, somehow made her the talk of the Hamptons. Apparently, it comes with rewards too, such as: Free outfit of your choice from a boutique store. If only life were this easy…
So, introducing the young socialites of Hamptons: Parker and Cinco. And of course we all learn (very well from Dan Humphrey) that the easiest way to become the ultimate insider is to be get involved with the It socialite (or in Dan’s case make her your social climbing motivator). For Emma, now we have Cinco.


That smile Cinco is giving in the picture on the left, was immediately after Emma was only too quick to say yes to Cinco’s invitation to his Birthday Party. Let’s just hope there won’t be a repeat of Little J and Asher’s sick arrangement. Anyhow, this big boy is definitely one rich big boy. Among the many luxuries, he has his own manny/chauffeur which drives a Bentley and guess what he got for his 18th Birthday? A YACHT, because every 18 year old needs a yacht to learn to sail and have a great place for parties. I suppose cars are overrated now.
S06E08-RichCincoAnd of course when there’s a party with the richies, expect alcohol and fun goodies of all forms. At this party, we have an array of prescription pills, smoking vaporized Absinthe (cause Shisha is out?) and Bath Salts. Apparently, the genius “dealer” (who looks like a gnome) decided to slip some bath salts to the Birthday boy which turns out to be a bit too much as Birthday Boy thinks he’s Jack Sparrow! Flailing a flare gun or such it seems in his hands… thank heavens Hank to the rescue, right on the dot.S06E08-SpoiledTeens

So is exploring Emma’s character even more and exposing her to such a social life an attempt on the producer’s part to gain and reach the younger demographic? We shall see how it goes with Emma’s storyline from here on then!

And out of all this drama, it seems Emma will be climbing the social ladder with Cinco who oohhh behold: sends her a gift of what seems to be an expensive pair of stilettos (which frankly looks like a pair of heels clued on with candy/craft by a 5 year old but who knows, might actually look good when worn)


Rug Therapy

“Feel the rug, HEAR the rug, understand the rug.”

S06E08-CarpetTherapyEnough said. This is just wackledoodle therapy! But apparently effective as it somehow worked… I suppose the rich and fabulous just have the different mentality/train of though haha.

What are your thoughts? Were you surprised with Hank’s Monaco fling? What do you think of Charlotte? Do you agree that they are trying to tap into a younger demographic of audience? Agree or disagree, share your thoughts and comment below!

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HEAR my keyboard and understand me,



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