The Fosters: The Longest Day

Season 2, Episode 7

This is not a full recap but just my musings on the episode in parts and as a whole.

The Cuckoo Gals

(Hey, that could be a good band name!)

S02E07-The Fosters-Music

YES INDEED it was the Longest Day stuck at home for Brandon (and possibly for Stef and Mike) as it was the day Lena persuaded Brandon to share his deepest, darkest secret which has been weighing him down for a couple of episodes now – that he slept (more clearly – had sex) with his father’s [Mike] girlfriend, Dani. Stef immediately blames (indirectly) Mike for getting so serious with Dani beyond all doubt. Mike was flabbergasted. After hearing to Lena, Stef and Mike, I must agree with Stef that Dani was the adult here. COME ON, even if Brandon wasn’t drunk and it was consensual, she was clearly the adult and no matter how different the situation was, she was in the wrong, SHE as the adult should have known better and it was plain statutory rape (I would like to see Denny Crane or Alan Shore take this case, whether for Brandon or Dani. Come to think of it, it would be easy to argue for either side…)


Tacky as well, just after breaking up with his father… This was the last straw and thankfully, Mike came to his sense – that this is just unforgivable!

Ta ta cuckoo-manipulative Dani!


From the similar cuckoo group, there is Callie’s half sister – Sophia. I must say I just simply do not know what is in her head, her intentions… I can’t seem to figure her out. Does she have multiple personality disorder or just plain Emmy-winning manipulative actress?
S02E07-HalfSisterSo Jude and Callie will be spending the day with the Quinns on their luxurious yacht. This day on the yacht just confused me even more on Sophia’s character. Firstly I must say, it was delightful to see Jude actually enjoying himself, bonding with Robert Quinn, smiling and talking! Seeing him smile made the episode for me.



He is such a mature boy for his age, for being able to compromise and compartmentalize his feelings on the horrifying thought of having to share Callie with Sophia (heck, I have a older brother and sister, me and my brother used fight for our big sister’s attention); and he really expressed himself so nicely to Callie at the end of the episode. Jude can express such genuine emotion even with just a touch without a word, it was so nice to see him speak and show his vulnerability yet keeping calm and strong.

Back to cuckoo Sophia, it seems that she has not been true to herself, trying to be different to impress Callie (at least that is what her mum thinks). As for her intentions to have Callie be a permanent addition to the Quinn family (as she implied to daddy at the end of the episode)… I am clueless. On the other hand, Sophia’s mother might not be so susceptible to the idea of Callie being adopted into the Quinn family. She was almost prying about Callie’s intentions when having her little chat with Jude. I think her mother should be more open of the idea of Callie joining in her family (even if Callie does not want to) because no matter what, Callie is Robert’s daughter!

Let’s not forget the equally cuckoo Hayley (of Hayley and Jesus). It is horrifying that at such a young age, she is as manipulative as to Dani’s level! I am sure I do not have to say what she did this episode… last time, she was so insensible to the fact that Jesus was thinking of breaking up with HER to get back with Emma, instead of the other way round; this episode, it’s either insane jealousy or that she did know Jesus had every intention to dump her sorry arse for Emma… either way, that was just insensitive to put him in a corner which forces him to not go to the team dinner! That poor boy was sooo looking forward to it and being the recent addition to the team, I bet it was his first too. It was refreshing for once to see Mariana not put her dance team politics before her brother’s happiness for once, she was like “Meh. Hayley has known about the divorce for months now. So what?” I wonder what would Jesus do at this point. He is the kind of guy who make silly decisions to be the honorable big man. I’d very much like to see Emma back with Jesus…

S02E07-NewCaptain“We never should have dated in the first place. I mean, if Hayley’s what you want, I think we both know that she’s everything I’m not and nothing that I want to be.” -Emma

I suppose you can say I am a lot like Emma, quite the guys’ girl (more like BRO, cause you are a legit bro when they do not see you as a girl anymore) but never seem to have any luck with finding a man to be my man. So hell yeah, I’m rooting for Emma!

What do you think of the cuckoo gals of this episode? Do you have a clue of what Sophia is thinking? Do comment and share your thoughts!

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Far from cuckoo,


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