Witches of East End Music: The Brothers Grimoire

Here are the music played on Season 2, Episode 4 (The Brothers Grimoire) of Witches of East End with the help of Tunefind, Soundhound and Shazam.

Witches of East End
Season 2, Episode 4

1. Inside Out by AG



Scene: Tommy & Wendy play darts at the bar; Ivar & Isis meet up with Frederick and introduce themselves to Freya at the bar as well.



2.  Under the Gun by Apex Manor



Scene: Frederick and Freya talking to Ivar and Isis (the evil kissing twins) about being banished from Asgard and they have kidnapped Victor.



3.  Some Say by Solardrive featuring TC



Scene: Ivar throws a dart at Frederick and freeze frames the human patrons around them in the bar; starts playing again when he allows them to continue.




4.  Papa by The Trigger Code




Scene: At the very end of the episode, where Killian walks into The Bent Elbow and Freya tells him that her father is dead.




1. Inside Out by AG
  • Very Funky beat yeat Haunting Beat at the moment
  • Favorite song out of this episode, very indie rock
  • The lyrics definitely suits the mood of mystery and sexy attraction between two whether it was between Wendy and Tommy for the Twincest-Twins
2. Under the Gun by Apex Manor
  • An average rock band song
  • A rebellion march to freedom anthem, catchy marching drum beat
  • I suppose it fits the rebellion nature of Twincest, their conversation, and also the vibe of The Bent Elbow (the Bar Freya works at)
3. Some Say by Solardrive featuring TC
  • Quite similar music style as the First song (Inside Out by AG)
  • Good chilling song to just relax with or to ponder with wandering/reflective thoughts
  • Haunting yet a bit of chilled-badass-playfulness which played well with the scene between Ivar and Frederick
4. Papa by The Trigger Code
  • A tad Mumford and Sons without the speed
  • Do not completely get the lyrics but I am assuming it is about a good father and his advises? Did not enjoy the multiple “lalalaylaylaylaayy…” parts.
  • Mediocre, it maybe better if I actually could hear the words to the lyrics he seem to be mumbling to (not helpful that it is no where to be found on google)

From this episode alone, the creators can choose enjoyable and fresh songs that suits the Witches theme.

Share your thoughts on the songs on this episode here or on the actual show itself on my previous post covering the episode here.

Haunting Soundwaves,


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