Witches of East End: The Brothers Grimoire

This marks my first every post on a TV episode. I will not write an entire recap on episodes mind you, I will just merely share my thoughts and comments of the episode.

Witches of East End
Season 2, Episode 4: The Brothers Grimoire.

*Spoilers Alert*


First off, it felt like Killian took to the fact that he is a Warlock too well in my opinion (unlike Dash). So quickly that they decided to cast a spell almost seconds after they get their spell book… (This star thing on the floor just makes me miss Charmed all that more! Power of Three always!) Perhaps that does shows the difference in personality and behavior between this two brothers.


Secondly, yes, Freya, the Twincest thing is just pushing it in the Earth world. Oh, and don’t you think Ivar (Guy on the left in the picture above) looks like a thinner version of David Cook?

Callard Harris (Actor of Ivar)


David Cook (Winner of American Idol Season 7)










Or maybe it is just the Dark Gothic style along with the beard that he was sporting on the show…


So back to the brothers, let’s talk about Dash. Since previous episodes, when Ingrid started helping Dash through the fact that he’s a warlock, he just seems to have such admiration for her (or perhaps it’s ultimately the hate he has for Freya now makes him admire Ingrid so much more for being honest and helping him through this wild reality). What I am anticipating at this point is a romance to spark between them, what say you?


Talking about romance, Wendy sure has it rough to find a man (I feel you Wendy!). Underneath all that cheesy pickup lines of Tommy’s, if he’s willing to stick with you after being stabbed by a dart hurled by you? He’s a keeper! Although, in all fairness, he have no idea how much worse it could get, but you broke the 3 strikes rule (3 strikes and you’re out) with the rat, dart and car. So 4th times a charm (or make it a charm with some spell, get creative Wendy! Don’t give in to signs and crap).


And yes, all our hearts go out to the death of Victor (Joanna’s Husband, Father to Freya, Frederick and Ingrid). That scene when Joanna showed up and revealed that Freya will kill them all (the red bottles will be triggered and blow them all up somehow? I don’t know) if she as much as lifts her cute little bum off the chair just really reminded me of the Saw movie franchise. The whole “Live or die, make your choice.” pressure with the hour glass, but this was Joanna’s choice – Who do you save? Your daughter will reborn if she dies, but that would mean Ingrid dies as well, and Joanna has been striving for centuries for her daughters to complete a full circle of life; or your Husband who you have just very recently reunited with in the name of love and family… At that moment, I thought saving Victor would have been the obvious choice since Freya could be reborn (and with Freya screaming that logic, mind you) but come to think of it, I understand Joanna’s predicament of not wanting tosacrifice Freya yet again… giving her [Freya’s] life up so easily while she hasn’t fully lived it.


Joanna had to give in to Victor’s idea as a last resort… cast a spell that instantaneously swaps Victor and Freya’s positions. Sure, Victor might not have survived from all the prior injuries inflicted by insane twincest twins, but there was always that small chance that he could. Not now…

A moment of silence for Victor Beauchamp.


OKAY FINE. That scene is actually bloody HILARIOUS to me! Is it not? It just seems so cliche! It is like a mix of Rafiki of Lion King and some sort of weird religious trance/exorcism that is taking place with Ingrid’s arms open wide. Sure, the winds (very Lion King) are necessary for a sign that SOME witchcraft spell is taking place. I just can’t help but find this laugh-worthy, such cheesy effects and cliche acting in my opinion. This could just turn into a meme:

The possibility to create other memes with this image is just INFINITE, but my mind is just blanking on me right now… Feel free to use my image and share your memes or ideas! 😉 

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&&& Catch my next post: Music played on this episode of Witches of East End.

Feel free to comment on your thoughts on this episode of Witches of East End as well! 😉

Rest in Peace Victor,


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