Project Runway Season 13: Lackluster?

The fashion gods are kind enough to grace us with



After 13 seasons, I never would have thought it would last this long. Sure, other reality shows such as The Amazing Race, Survivor etc. have ironically survived many seasons. I suppose Project Runway is still standing as it was the first Fashion related reality show of it’s kind.

With the accolades the show possessed since it’s first season, Sure, the designers who did not win the prizes were not able to get through their biggest struggle – Financially supporting their pursuits. However, the show did expose designers on national (hell, international!) TV and important people in the fashion industry from the challenges (whether it’s a celebrity, fellow designer, Editor-in-Chief of a Magazine etc.), it certainly helped in getting them recognized in this ever-growing and brutal industry which shows no mercy, where to quote Heidi “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” It was paramount that the show maintain their status, to be recognized as a legitimate show which supports and brings out budding designers in order for the designers to benefit the most out of participating in the show. Now in it’s 13th season, has it managed to live up to it’s name? From the sponsors of this season, it does not seem so to me.

The winner of Project Runway Season 13 will get:

  1. $100,000 from Red Robin
  2. The Opportunity to Design a Fashion Accessory for Red Robin Servers
  3. Shoe and Accessory collection from Aldo for Runway Shows
  4. Home Entertainment system from Samsung
  5. 1-year’s worth Beauty Products for Fashion Shows from Mary Kay
  6. Professional Make-Up Artist Services for Debut Fashion Show from Mary Kay
  7. Complete Sewing and Crafting Studio from Brothers Sewing and Embroidery
  8. 2015 Lexus NX F Sport
  9. Travel and Accommodations to Fashion Capitals around the World from Best Western International
  10. A Fashion Spread in Marie Claire Magazine (along with winning model)


From TRESemmé to L’Oreal… now Mary Kay? I have not even HEARD of Mary Kay before. And I suppsose Aldo is alright, I have nothing against that. Samsung? A switch from HP? Makes sense, but I don’t see designers getting a tablet each to create their sketches this season sadly. Lexus? YEAH. Best Western over Travelocity, not a big jump I suppose. Thank goodness that Brothers is still a sponsor! I mean, out of all the prizes, of course getting a complete sewing and crafting studio is a top need for a designer (besides the obvious cash prize). THE ONE that I just cannot seem to wrap my hear around is… Red Robin? REALLY? RED ROBIN? I have not heard of Red Robin before but it pretty much just looks like a TGI Friday’s to me. How are they relevant to Project Runway, a fashion reality show? And design an accessory for the servers? Really? What is there to design, sophisticated aprons? Berets? I think this one sponsor just cheapened Project Runway and taints it’s name. Let’s just hope the Guest Judges will still be important people from the industry aside from celebrities and Fashion Bloggers, actual designers, retailers and such please!

I really hope Project Runway can maintain it’s high standards, don’t stoop down for MONEY (yes, I know it is important) but still, great challenges and unbiased judging please, is all I ask (cause we well know, no matter how much they deny it, there is some hanky panky and bias at play anonymous runway or not).

What do you think? Have the judges been more bias and lost their touch over the seasons? Is there some Hollywood strategy at play here by the producers? Are the sponsors and prizes a reflection of what the show has become? Does it taint the show’s good name? Do comment and share your thoughts!




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