Welcome to Sweden: Farthinder (Get a Job)

Season 1, Episode 4

So far, a pretty solid new comedy that is up to par with Brooklyn 99 and Parks and Recreation. After doing some reading online, I was surprised to find know that the show itself is really based on Greg Poehler! (He was no celebrity accountant but a Lawyer in real life, well, was anyways) But it is widely based on the experiences Greg went through to adjust to the Swedish lifestyle and culture, so yes, Greg Poehler did move to Sweden for his Swedish wife (read about his story here). This is very admirable to me, it is quite rare that the man would up and leave his standing and stability to follow his wife in her pursuits. I suppose Poehler have comedy and funny genes as who knew Greg could act in comedy as well as his Sister, Amy Poehler! And this is his first time acting it seems.

On to this Episode, “Get A Job”. Well yeah, it is pretty much Greg Poehler trying to get a job which is not accounting. (I suppose this correlates to him wanting to pursue what he likes, which was not law). Today, we all struggle in this fast-paced competitive and cut-throat world to secure a job with decent pay to support ourselves financially. I cannot imagine how much worse it would be to have to accomplish that in a foreign country where you barely speak or understand the language, and not adjusted into their culture. Moreover, starting from scratch: finding a different job where his qualifications and skill are redundant. I envy and admire his courage to put more meaning into his life by finding a job he will like (even more if this indeed was what he underwent in real life!). I can only hope that I would be able to muster up such a courage should I be in such a predicament in the future!

Applause for Bruce for quitting his lucrative job with Celebrity clients, moving to a foreign country for his wife where he doesn’t speak the language and looking for a new career which he will be passionate about.



The struggle, obstacles and ridiculousness he went through to find his passion (and himself) was a bumpy yet hilarious adventure. I particularly commend him for getting on the boat knowing well that he always get sea sick

Talk about his celebrity clients, after Will Ferrell’s visit last episode, this episode Bruce bumps into the former KISS member – Gene Simmons (who apparently doesn’t like to be called Gene). S01E04-GeneSimmons

We’re only into episode 4 of season 1 and so far we’ve had Aubrey Plaza, Will Ferrell, now we have GENE SIMMONS guest starring on the show? MAJOR. Amy Poehler must either be very respectable and adored in Hollywood or have lots of strings being pulled for her dear brother.


At the very end of the episode, just as Bruce was about to give up and give in to what seem like inevitable – find a job in Accounting afterall, Hassan (his friend from Swedish Classes) gave a nice speech about how Bruce inspired him to find a job of his passion. “…You should follow your heart. Don’t take a job you don’t like. Life is too short. Don’t waste it.” It is funny how sometimes it takes someone to throw back what we advised them, back to our faces to realize we always knew (deep DEEP down) the right thing to do.


“…You should follow your heart. Don’t take a job you don’t like. Life is too short. Don’t waste it.”

Halfway through the episode, after seeing Gene, I really thought he would have just came up with the idea that he will resume his old job but work from home. He just seems like the best in his business for his former clients to hunt him all the way to Sweden for his services again! But come to think of it, I do hope he can make a change to a career which is loves because everyone should love what they do.

Here’s to hoping this Normal-faced Husband will not be a live-at-home husband for long, and that he finds a new career that sparks his passion!

On a sidenote:


Semla on the Episode

did you guys went to Google what was that scrumptious soft puff of cloud looking Swedish Pastry treat Bruce was raving (and addicted to) about right after the episode? Well I did. It is called a Semla, which is “a cardamom-spiced wheat bun with the top cut off and some of the inside dug out. This void is replaced by almond goo and whipped cream, after which the bun-top is replaced and a sprinkling of icing sugar is put on to finish off the package” (according to Dustin Main’s blog here) That post is guaranteed to trigger a craving for it (you have been warned!). It’s If only there were a Swedish shop where I’m at…

What do you think of this comedy so far? To any Swedish readers, is the show a good representation of Sweden and Swedish culture? What would you do for a Semla? Do comment and share your views! Thanks for reading!

Follow your heart,


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