The Fosters: Girls Reunited

Season 2, Episode 8

As the title suggests, this episode revolves mainly around the Girls of Girls United when Callie visits the Home for the weekend.

*Spoiler Alert*
Girls United Reunion

I think it was nice that Girls United-verse was revisited. Afterall, it was the turning point for Callie, where she came to terms with herself and having to make a change because if you’re not going to help yourself, nobody else can help you. So, Callie visits the home for the weekend to help with community day (allegedly).

The first scene of Girls United was just peachy, with Becca going home to her mum soon and Cole moving to a LGBT home soon, EXCEPT – there is a new girl in the house and boy those she look like trouble. We find out Cole was still taking drugs to control his hormones and is involved with the new girl (yes, I can’t even bother to remember her name).

S02E08-GirlsReunited…because if you’re not going to help yourself, nobody else can help you.

It turns out she was just using Cole to get drugs for dealing, and was planning to escape from the house with Cole – later admitted to get back with her boyfriend outside, calling Cole a freak in the process. I guess Callie saved the day for Cole. Unfortunately, there was another girl in the home who desperately needed saving – Becca.


My guess is after finding out that her mum has her new boyfriend, she went into a downward spiral, afraid of meeting another jackass. Something she did in the basement started a fire and the girls united is no more… for now. Cole thinks Becca was the one who stole the drugs and well – when using it, accidentally started the fire. It sure is better being suicidal, isn’t it?

The girls have been put through such adversity, and united they still stand through it all. Will this fire break the girls and put them back on the wrong tracks? One thing’s for sure is that Rita sure as hell won’t allow that to happen with all her will.

Daring Double Date Night

You win some you lose some. The Fosters’ date night was a score for Mariana and absolutely mayhem for Jesus.

S02E08-FostersMusic4Hayley’s mother apparently has mad culinary skills having trained at Le Cordon Bleu. So, Hayley and Mariana (and/or, who knows) came up with a brilliant idea to cook for their boys – Jesus and Mat. I suppose serving up a cold soup as a starter did not lead to a good start because it ended up with Hayley in a fiery frenzy of rage after Jesus made a snide remark which revealed that Mariana knew her birth mother (which she covered up to the girls in school) which escalated in Mariana pointing out that she thinks Hayley a jealous & deceitful girlfriend.


With psycho Hayley storming out and Jesus trailing behind her, this left Mat and Mariana in an awkward situation… so I thought. Mat shared with Mariana that his Dad left him when he was six (bonus brownie points: “It’s not something I tell a lot of people” yes, all girls like to see vulnerability in guys), a first kiss was inevitable. I am all for Mat (who’s surname is Tan, like me. TANS ARE THE BOMB) with Mariana, I think he is the right prescription to bring Mariana down to earth, from becoming another airhead of inflated ego.

As for Hayley and Jesus… don’t even get me started. That boy is hypnotized or blinded by love, eating up all her crap. For Stef to point out to Jesus that Hayley seems very manipulative only for Jesus to throw a fit? I just hope Hayley doesn’t get pregnant (or fake a pregnancy) because from what Stef said, “”I just don’t want to see you sacrifice the things you love to take care of a girl.”, it sounds like it might just happen…

Brandon and Lou

The signs are obvious that Lou has a thing for Brandon. From the smile in her eyes, bringing him a record on a Saturday night (as Stef pointed out), and possibly more signs I’ve missed/forgotten from previous episodes, LOU is CRUSHING on Brandon.

S02E08-TheFostersBrandonAndLouS02E08-TweetBrandonLouWhile listening to a haunting love song with Lou singing along, the mood is on, the moment – first kiss… NOT. Just as their lips were about to touch, the music stops and Brandon pulls away. Feeling stupid, Lou fled the scene. Does Brandon like Lou or not? Is it the whole Dani mishap that is still in the way? Or is he still holding a torch for Callie? I think it’s the Dani incident… but who knows, tortured musicians are the most complicated.

Lena and Jude were barely in this episode as they were at some school camp.

What do you think of the romance relationships of each Foster? Which is your favorite couple (potential or current)? Would you like to see more and what happens to the Girls at Girls United? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

Loved any of the music tracks played on this episode? Check out my music post on this episode here with the song list!

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