Pretty Little Liars Fashion: March of Crimes

Season 5, Episode 9

Let’s see what Fashion crimes have our Liars commit this episode. From killer outfits to arrest-worthy looks:

Outer and Under Covers

Our ladies and liars of this episode wore some really nice outer wear from chic overcoats to awesome denim jackets:


Ashley Marin

I adore this long overcoat Ashley wore. The color looks great and chic, perfect length and expensive looking with clean cuts. Simple but a good piece to own!







I do not like this look at all. It just doesn’t mesh together as a style together. I like the chic and bright pink Zara Blazer (found by Worn On TV), love the color but I the cut-out studded top just cheapen it. I am a fan of mixing different style but this just didn’t work for me. I’m sure the cut-out studded top is stunning, perhaps the stud is tacky looking with the blazer and H&M Bag (found by Worn On TV). Also, that Black and white heels is almost trying to make this a cute look… well, it just confused me all the more. And yes I am quite shock to find out that bag is from H&M it is clean, simple, sophisticated and expensive looking from where I’m sitting, like a good genuine, branded leather bag. It is not a horrible look, but my least favorite look this episode.


S05E09-EmilyI was first drawn to the fabulous Urban Outfitters Striped Bucket bag (Found by Worn On TV) (Yes, order me one please!) then gravitated towards the Barney’s cardigan(Found by Pradux) as I noticed the leather trim on the sleeves (such a nice little surprise! No?). Classy, chic with an edge – that’s what this exciting cardigan is! Draped so beautifully. Emily definitely maintained her effortless casual style, but definitely more chic in this look for this episode!


S05E09-Aria1Oh Aria and her leopard/Cheetah print… I am no fan of the print but it looks good and works for Aria! So I’m not criticizing. Another sweet-develish-rocker look from Aria. The jacket is actually quite cool and doesn’t look cheap with the black sleeves and stripes, almost like a varsity jacket, and is too cool for school with the striped skater pleated skirt, very rocker chic. As for her floral pattern top? It could have easily looked old on her but it was smartly matched with this skirt and jacket, completing a divine and young look! Let’s not forget that Diesel denim shoulder bag (found by Pradux) with leather straps for an edge. Now Aria’s ready to kick butts who crossed her while looking absolutely hot.


So, Hanna has traded in her trashy looking laced up shorts (last episode’s fashion post here) for a statement making, custom-made denim jacket. The leather jacket is just splendid – with Rosewood and Rebel kinda wings patches on the back, rock n roll patches on one side of the sleeve, with some silver buttons scattered along with other random patches on the front… I would very much like to replicate this for myself!S05E09-Hanna The seams as if it was worn inside out also adds a nice edge. With such an outlandishly rockin’ jacket, paired with a simple white tank top and leather-look jeans (found on ShopYourTVis enough to complete the look, highlighting the awesome jacket. And of course, a simple black studded bag to go with this look.

Wedding Party at The Brew

Everyone in Rosewood was dressed and ready for Ella and Zack’s Wedding party at the Brew. There were a lot of looks, but I would only like to bring up three of them:


The bride is not wearing White! But opted for a black sequined dress (did she had a feeling the wedding was dead before it happened?) with her something blue (kinda) – a blazer. Of course we need a something white if it is not the dress, be it a necklace! Which is absolutely stunning. It is a gorgeous look, simple but with some bling here and there with the horizontal zig-zag sequins on the dress and beautiful necklace. Too bad she got “food poisoning” and missed the chance to show off her fabulous look. And if Holly Marie Combs is REALLY pregnant here? Well, props to her for being able to look this fab!


I swear, I had an idea to turn one of my bridesmaid dress into something like this (incorporating leather), I even sketched it out…somewhere. This Alica & Olivia Leather and Tulle Dress (found by Pradux) is so very Aria, edgy chic and the BCBG waist belt (found by Worn On TV) definitely uplifts it for a more special occasion look as the dress itself is quite simple but stunning.S05E09-Aria2 I very much like the chunky but luxurious looking wide bangle and ring with geometrical shapes (looking sci-fi and futuristic) on it together with her outfit, bold and edgy yet sweet looking at the same time. This is such an outstanding look! Where can I get that ring by the way? Any one have an idea? (I have a massive ring-fetish).


Possibly in an attempt to look more mature while not compromising her athletic-self and style, Emily went for a Jumpsuit here topped with a blazer and thrown together with a black should bag and black pointed heels. Is it just me or is this look just wildly unflattering on her? The jumpsuit kinda ages her and makes her hips look humongous… almost clown-like. It is just making her look so much bigger than she actually is. I’m sorry, I absolutely hate this on her.





What do you think of your style/fashion/looks in this episode? Who would you like to arrest for committing absurd fashion crime, and from who would you like to steal their outfit? I would love to hear your comments!

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For discussion and thoughts on the show itself: read my episode recap post here.

Unsatisfied Ring Fetish,


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    • I don’t I’m afraid. But I’m sure you could find such statement necklaces really easily. I think I’ve seen something similar at H&M before. Hope that helps xx


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