Pretty Little Liars: March of Crimes

Season 5, Episode 9

Just significant things that I will comment on, again, not a complete/full recap!

*Spoiler Alert*

Sucker Punch: Sucker No More

After Spencer’s lovely speech last week, implying Caleb was the best thing that happened to Hanna, I think she got to him! Caleb seem to took more notice and concern over Hanna this episode, only to find out what has been bothering Hanna… that Zack (Ella’s fiance) had hit on her. It was nice to finally see Caleb attending to Hanna’s emotional needs, and it was quite compelling to me to see Hanna share why it bothered her so much – although not doing anything wrong, she can’t help but feel guilty, like a dirty slut. The strong and snarky Hanna, feeling like that? It was such a change and development in her character which I have grown to admire since she met Caleb. And of course Caleb can’t let go of the perv who put Hanna down in the dumps, he may be a computer-hacking geek but he is no sucker – unless if it is to sucker punch this perv [Zack]. My favorite part of this episode! The bad boy but also practical tough geek is back!

S05E09-CalebsBackLet’s hope Caleb will get over this douchy-rebel phase and get his geeky ass back to school soon!

One Step Ahead

S05E09-PLLMusicAre ‘A’ and A’s minions THAT GOOD? How are they always one step ahead? How did ‘A’ know about Spencer’s optometrist appointment and all?  Even so, knowing which exact exam room she will stumble into? And was ‘A’ the one who sent the Jenna and ‘Jenna’ who were mind you dressed exactly identical, to the toe.

Not only A, how DID Noel know that Spencer had the tape and photos? I mean, sure, he could have known it was Emily who broke into his car with cams in his car or something… but how did he know Spencer had them after that? And HOW on bloody earth could he have read her mind that she was going to hide them in the Lakehouse? I’m pretty sure Spencer is not that careless…

1. Could he have tapped their phones as well (as Spencer only told Emily on the phone)? Why? for more INSURANCE? or is he simply working with A to have such information. And I am with Spencer… WHY is Noel working for Alison if he is so afraid of her? Another possibility

2. He tailed Spencer. If he did, how did he manage to get in to the house before her to hide?

I know, it’s a damn TV show and I shouldn’t read in too much on the details… but it simply doesn’t add up sometimes. And if they know they were always getting ‘gifts’ from A since… forever, WHY can’t they just set up spy cams or such in their lockers, rooms and house?! Geez…

Jenna AND Jenna

Sure, Sidney is Jenna’s friend (apparently) and she might be one of A’s minions along with Jenna’s influence. Or maybe she’s just being a good friend and helping a fellow blind friend. As mysterious and scarily little we know about Sidney, what I do not get is why did she and Jenna dressed exactly the same to the Hospital? Like REALLY, from top to bottom? Surely no fashion coincidence, and certainly no coincidence that Spencer got a little note from A on the Snellen Chart (yes, I Googled it) in her exam room. I suppose there is a high possibility they are both A’s minions as to frighten the Liars with such a little stunt (in what way I have no idea, as if the plot line isn’t ridonkulous enough already, hey, throw in more wild clues that do not make any sense!)

And if they know they were always getting ‘gifts’ from ‘A’ since… forever, WHY didn’t they just set up spy cams or such in their lockers, rooms, house etc?! Geez…

In with the New, and In with the Old?

Yes, they brought back Noel Kahn recently (I don’t even remember when was his last appearance… last I remember was him being together with/dating Aria). Sure, he is pretty hot with not so impressive acting skills and supposedly the it-guy in Rosewood High, why bring him back after such a long hiatus? I guess they need to spin more stories and being the alive character who has been quite involved in this whole ‘A’ thing, it was perfect to bring an old face back and develop his backstory even more so that everything will make more sense (it better! And stop straying away!).

S05E09-PLLCaughtTalk about bringing in characters, we have a new one now! It seems that a hobo looking guy surrendered himself to the police, saying he was the one who broke into the Marin’s house last episode (which we all know was Noel Kahn) and the kidnapper of Alison for all these years. Who is he? What is his intentions? My mind is blank, but way to put in suspense and make sure we all tune in next week! We have enough shocks as it is (can’t imagine it for the girls), when can the girls finally catch a break?! Well, they can’t cause that would only mean the end of this series.


Holly’s Jolly Bun

Biggest mystery of this episode: Is there a bun in Holly Marie Comb’s oven? Just look at that:

 What do you think of this episode? Anything shocking to you in particular? What do you think is the new guy’s story? Share your crazy-out-of-this-world theories and comment!

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Till more mysteries,


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