Pretty Little Liars Music: March of Crimes

Season 5, Episode 9

Here are the music played on Season 5, Episode 9 (March of Crimes) of Pretty Little Liars with the help of Tunefind, Soundhound and Shazam.

1. Beautiful Disaster by The Rix feat. Jessi Collins

Can’t seem to find this song anywhere online (possibly unreleased, I could be wrong). The source of this is a pretty reliable one – Disney Playlist, so I do not think it is wrong. If you do have a link to this song, please do share at the comments below! Much Appreciated!
Scene: Ms. Marin offers to take Hanna & Ali to the mall to get outfits for Aria’s mom wedding party.S05E09-PLLMusic1

2. Bird in a Cage by Spelles


Scene: Aria is texting Ezra in the courtyard, leaves when she sees Hanna approaching; Spencer is getting eyedrops from the eye doctor when she sees 2 Jennas.


1. Beautiful Disaster by The Rix feat. Jessi Collins
  • Snippet rom the Episode, sounds like pop-ish song but pretty good on, good lyrics
2. Bird in a Cage by Spelles
  • Upbeat in a dark and haunting way with the simple back beat, very fitting to the scene where Aria sees Hanna and leaves.
  • Love the vocals
  • Definitely adding to my playlist, catchy

They do not feature a load of songs in each episode like a certain other ABC Family show (The Fosters), but their songs adds more to the scenes and are brilliant choices!

Like the music? Have other recommendations whether songs from the same artists featured in this episode or other Television show music? Have links to the complete songs above? Comment and Share below! 😉 No Music No Life.

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Escaping the Cage,


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