The Fosters Music: Girls Reunited

Season 2, Episode 8

Here are the music played on Season 2, Episode 8 (Girls Reunited) of The Fosters with the help of Tunefind, SoundhoundShazam and The Fosters Facebook:

1. I’m So Glad by Mariner
Can’t seem to find this song anywhere, Do comment and let me know if you have a link! Much Appreciated!




Scene: Beginning of Episode, Mariana asks Stef for dinner party permission.



2. Rattle&Rollin’ by Tweens



Scene: Brandon on his headphones, lieing on his bed then Stef walks in




3. Harbour by Paul McLinden




Scene: Community Day party is underway.




4. Baby Baby by Erin Marshall
Can’t seem to find this song anywhere, (Probably unreleased track, sounds like this Erin Marshall) Do comment and let me know if you have a link! Much Appreciated!

Scene: Mariana’s dinner party.






5. This Moment by Renald Francoeur feat. Megan Oliver



Scene: Matt kisses Mariana.




6. Deepest Blue by Brad Hooks
AGAIN, Can’t seem to find this song anywhere (mind you, got this information from The Fosters official Facebook page), do comment and let me know if you have a link! Much Appreciated!

Scene: Brandon & Lou listen to a record.

7. Stuck Inside a Dream by Coldan


Scene: Callie reasons with Cole, Hayley manipulates Jesus, Devonee breaks Cole’s heart.





8. Waiting by Eleanor Dunlop
*The First track of this EP

Scene: Becka lights up, fire breaks out.

9. This Time Tomorrow by Trent Dabbs



Scene: Callie & Rita have a heart to heart outside the house



1. I’m So Glad by Mariner
  • Did not hear the full song but from the Episode itself, sound very upbeat, cheerful Indie Pop
2. Rattle&Rollin’ by Tweens
  •  Punk, Grunge, Alternative rock. Good for Headbanging or jumping around.
  • Very old school badass rocker. Pretty good.
3. Harbour by Paul McLindin
  • Easy Listening and cheerful Acoustic with guitar and piano
  • Decent lyrics, mediocre
4. Baby Baby by Erin Marshall
  • Indie Pop, nice soothing voice (from listening on the episode)
  • The lyrics (as much as I can catch) is casual but quite emotional
5. This Moment by Renald Francoeur feat. Megan Oliver
  • Cheesy lyrics which feels rushed and stumbling to finish it
  • R&B Pop with auto-tuned rap with pop (and so outdated) beats
  • Only thing I like is the underlying piano melody
6. Deepest Blue by Brad Hooks
  • Tortured love and heavy melody and lyrics
  • Creepy vibe but haunting melody, pretty alright. It’s no Radiohead.
7. Stuck Inside a Dream by Coldan
  • Nice bittersweet melody from a simple piano added on with strings later on, great build up to the verse with drums then lastly a full band
  • Simple lyrics of conveying fear and vulnerability but emotional and beautiful when combined with the music
8. Waiting by Eleanor Dunlop
  • Similar style to the previous song
  • Sorrow and devastation with a build up of slight fear and anger lingering in both the music and lyrics
  • Lovely draggy singing which is slightly haunting
9. This Time Tomorrow by Trent Dabbs
  •  Soothing. Happy and uplifting with hints of the wandering mind in the melody.
  • Easy Listening, simple but thought provoking and expressive lyrics
  • Probably my favorite of this episode

This episode has more bittersweet songs. A tad better choice of songs than the previous episodes in my opinion. Will update this post when I find the links/when the songs are released! If you do find them as well, please do share! Sharing is caring 😉

What do you think of the music this episode? Cheesy? Fits the episode? Do comment and share your Fosters inspired playlist/music which you think fits this episode if you have any! 😉

If you’d like to ponder/discuss/rage on the drama of this episode together, check out my episode post here!

This time next week,


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