Royal Pains Fashion: Oh, M.G.

Season 6, Episode 9

Let’s look back at what trends our fellow Hampton-ites have awed us with this episode:

A Flair for the Flared

From dresses to skater skirts and even tunic tops, these girls have a flair for fashion.





This Michael Kors Cheetah print (again, I’m no fan of animal print) chiffon dress really looks casual chic on Divya, with a solid two color tote bag and simple tier gold-drop earrings – tames the animal print to a effortless sophisticated look.




I do not get how Divya can run about Hamptons and carry out her job while wearing accessories like this big rose earrings and bangle… shouldn’t they not wear bangles like that? I mean sure, you don’t perform surgery and cut open people, but being Hank’s (who sometimes do cut people open) assisstant, for health and safety purposes, she really shouldn’t be wearing bangles like that where bacteria cummulate close to the hands she use to treat patients/help Hank.S06E09-Divya1

Enough of the practicality, let’s talk fashion. It is nice to see Divya with simpler pieces and not so loud accessories – a simple Maiyet Block-Printed Hal Terneck dress (found by Pradux) with all gold accessories of earrings, bangle (I am digging that Bangle!) and sandals


S06E09-Emma1For a nice outdoor Summer party for the HankLab opening, Emma went for a Joie Meriel Chevron Print Dress (found by Pradux) dress which I think compliments her skin tone and red hair. With tiny flower cut drop earrings and a simple gold necklace, it is simple yet charming especially with that pretty hairdo). Better than her look to Cinco’s Birthday Party last episode (previous post here).




An entire lace dress with a skirt bottom could age Emma to be older. However, the cut-outs do make it look fresh, youthful, filrty sexy and still classy. We did not get a good look at the entire look but more styling and accessorizing would have made this look sizzle.






The all-american blue jeans is one of those everlasting styles which looks and feel great when styled and used in the right way. Although this might just minus points from her social status among Hamptons socialites, I find no fault in dressing casual while still looking sweet. Emma channels the all-american girl look with this Sugarlips Pleated Tank with that Aztec detailing (found by Pradux) and skinny fit blue jeans, a lovely casual-comfort summer look for roaming about.



Paige in this Theory Cropped Sleeveless Shirt (found by Pradux) is casual chic and age appropriate for Paige.S06E09-Paige2

The striped Club Monaco Renay Skater Skirt (found by Pradux) and green courts (in that great shade of green!)  along the accessories – mixed pastel stone necklace and turquoise cabochon earrings, adds a youth and spunk to the look. The ivory marble bangle tops it off for a opulent style. This is quite a look with style and charm!

Paige also chills and sips cocktails/mocktails in style here, wearing a Karen Millen Broderie Shirt (found by Pradux) and Karen Millen Neon Flower Skirt (found on Pradux) which a combination that gives a darling yet modern look. Against the white Broderie Shirt, the bold and loud pink stone necklace and earrings gives a burst of color. The Kate Spade Arcadia Cardigan (found by Pradux) with bright embellishments also adds a stylish yet cozy vibe for chilling at home. I must say, Paige’s looks in this episode are more playful but with a level of chicness.


Matchy Match-Made in Heavens

S06E09-PaigeAndEvanIt goes without saying Paige and Evan’s clothing obvious or subtle, always compliments each other. S06E09-Paige1Here, Paige dons a Zara neoprene dress (found by Pradux) with necklace and stone tassel earrings.

What compliments Evan’s light blue suit and tie are not only the lovely yellow shade of the dress, but the accents of blue from her baby blue braided headband and Brahmin’s Blue Fiji Vivian Satchel (found by Worn On TV). A subtle and genius way of couple coordination.


Cinco’s outfits also did played off Emma’s looks. Emma’s navy laced dress compliments his double breasted suit and cool zig-zag pattern tie looked, sharp looking and with almost similar color palettes. For Emma’s All-American look, I think Cinco’s white pants and striped shirt under his pastel peach mens blazer, the vibe and color group is almost a play off Emma’s tunic top.


Artsy Accessories, Bits and Bobs

Some very artsy accessories were also spotted on other characters of this episode, which stood out to me:

  • Paige’s Indian/Moroccan inspired Red & Gold Earrings (Right Picture)
  • Irregular Stone Necklace (an almost vintage touch)
  • Blue Bucket Bag (not an accessory but I like it!)
  • Ombré print Necklace
  • Painted Stone Earrings
  • Blue and Gold Stone Bangle
  • Drop Earrings in beautiful colors
  • Long Gold Necklace with colorful hints of rhinestones
  • Monet’s Water Lilies Nail Art






Are the accessories just artsy and to die for this episode? Did the characters stay true to their styles? Were the style age appropriate? Which were your favorite pieces? Love it or hate it, Comment and share your thoughts!

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Signing off with flair,


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