Royal Pains: Oh, M.G.

Season 6, Episode 9



A big CONGRATULATIONS to HANKMED for opening HANKLAB is in order! 

I am absolutely ecstatic and thrilled for Hank and Evan for coming so far as to open their own lab – HankLab, along with their loyal staff – Jeremiah and Divya.

S06E09-OpeningI was quite worried (probably not as much as Evan and Hank) that Ray would double cross them or cause trouble from the partnership *touchwood* that would somehow screw them and glorious HankMed, A grand party open thrown in conjunction of HankLab’s opening ceremony. Salmon Cakes, bacon wrapped eggs, cocktails etc. were served with Perfume shop booths to create your own scent, glitter in a bowl to demonstrate the importance of washing hands… all in lavish Hamptons style.

Latest of Gossip Emma-Who

With Snarkhampton and taking up a lot of screentime (I suppose the producers ARE trying to widen the fanbase and audience by targeting the younger demographic, as discussed on my previous post here), it is inevitable we get some Hamptons socialites gossip. Paige and Evan tagged along with Cinco and Emma to a double date at RawBar which just opened weeks ago (which to Evan’s Horror, he did not know of). Cinco was a tad braggy in my opinion, but seemingly attentive and sweet to Emma (as Paige pointed out).

S06E09-SnarkhamptonEmma must have enjoyed the lobster at RawBar a little too much, causing snarky Snarkhampton’s Oz to reveal a not so classy picture of her with a big bib, heads up and mouth wide open to fit with lobster dangling from her fingers. Emma “whatever” it and shook it off, then texted Cinco for comfort. When Cinco did not reply her multiple texts, Emma fueled up (probably more angry than sad to think that Cinco will blow her off just because she’s not the It Girl anymore) and rashly send Oz a picture of Cinco getting a sedative by Hank at his Birthday Party last episode. Such a Gossip Girl thing to do isn’t it? Sending in tips and gossip to a gossip site in the name of love revenge.

S06E09-TwoFacedEmmaHOWEVER, instead of shaming Cinco, the arrows seem to be pointed at Hank with this Picture – Oz implies that Hank was the one who supplied the drugs to these brats at the party (what have you done, EMMA!). “Why would Oz want to make Hank look bad? Why would anyone?” in the words of Evan… it baffles me too. Could it be someone Hank crossed in the past? Put your thinking hats on while I wait for the next episode!

As for the former it-girl (most likely) of Hamptons and ever hip and trendy Evan, they were also the gossip on Snarkhampton… being lablled as BOFs (Boring Old Farts) by Oz. Even freaked out at this, feeling like he’s aging too fast… For someone who was also in trend of the latest everything, it was only natural that his confidence is bruised – left feeling like an old fart. I completely understand this, I am not ALL THAT old, but there was a time where I knew the latest EVERYTHING – Trend, Music, Movies, TV shows etc. Not so much now. I suppose it’s a good thing as it means that we have grown and found something more meaningful to fill our time with, that we do not need to follow trends for an affirmation that we are interesting. As in Evan’s case, he indeed has matured so much, thinking of consequences and less of the fun side to things. He learnt that you can’t not work hard if you want to achieve greatness. So yes, this episode really helped highlight his character’s growth and development… how far he has come since season 1. Paige is also amazing for always standing by him and realizing this.

S06E09-PaigeAndEvan“I loved that young carefree kid. But I’m also  pretty crazy about the mature sensible Evan.” – Paige to Evan




Yeah yeah, Charlotte had cornea transplant surgery to gain her sight, Emma is caught up and creating unnecessary drama… the OH.M.G of this episode has to be Jeremiah kicking (not literally) Divya out of his house.

S06E09-HankLabDivya approached and talked to Viviana, saying silly things like how she thinks Viviana is taking advantage of Jeremiah and how she will do anything to protect him (as if like a jealous girlfriend, which she is not). Viviana not wanting to put her immigration issue into jeopardy (afraid Divya might screw it up for her I suppose), told Jeremiah to stay away from her. Jeremiah was just… taken aback and devastated (Viviana really was something to Jeremiah). He just kept quiet and walked away after Divya told him what she did. When Jeremiah got home, he told her that she needs to move out. YES, OH.M.G! Jeremiah has been ever so nice to Divya even though he was turned down by her romantically. But I think what Jeremiah did was justified – love probably hardly comes by for Jeremiah (and for him to have found Viviana was a godsend, he deserved it), and for Divya (a former crush who turned him down on multiple occasions) to meddle and squash his chance at happiness? Of course he could not forgive her just yet… he has just lost something of great value and hard to find!

As for Divya, maybe she was trying to be a good friend but that was taking it too far for a friend… she didn’t even know the whole Jeremiah-Viviana story! How can she judge a person just by one look! I have 2 other theories:

1. Divya has taken a liking to Jeremiah after living with him for so long and with his kindness towards her, and subconsciously does not want Jeremiah to have anyone.

2. She does not like that someone else is the object of Jeremiah’s affection, so she subconsciously is much more aware and wary of Viviana, jumping at the chance to get rid of her if there was the tiniest flaw in her.

It might be subconscious, but knowing Divya’s character, I do not think these two theories are of her nature… probably just being too nosy of a friend.

What did you think of this episode? Did you OH, M, GEEED? Share all your feels and comments below!

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Jaw still dropped,



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