Project Runway 13: Past, Present, and Future

Season 13, Episode 3

Hello Project Runway-ers! Hope your weekend is/was alright, mine was me cooped up in my room due to the moody rain and thunder all weekend.

Anyways! On to what we love and find thrill in – the fashion!

*Spoiler Alert*

PR13E03-1IntroMarie Claire will be celebrating their 20th year anniversary (their debut issue was published in 1994). In conjunction of this, Marie Claire would like to see what the designers think fashion will look like in 20 years while being inspired by their past. I think this is a great challenge to understand each designer’s point of view, because after-all, fashion is about designing according to ones vision or inspiration and their ability to be perceptive, drawing inspiration from their past for the future. For this Marie Claire challenge, their designs will reflect their visions for the future of fashion or what do they think the world would be in the future, what feeling or emotion it will evoke, which the thought of it is just exhilarating for me.

This is again a simple enough challenge which makes it all the more challenging as designers really need to push themselves, showing the judges who they are as a fashion designer.

PR13E03-5AmandaPR13E03-4AnneOn to the Runway, today’s  two guest judges are Anne Fulenwider (left), Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire, and also Amanda de Cadenet (right) who is a British Photographer, former actress and current host of a new show by Lifetime – Undone (nope, I have not heard about this before, shocker!)

OH and can I just mention how gorgeous Nina’s top was?
PR13E03-2NinaLove her, lover her style.

Now on to the main focus of this show alright? The designs!
*The Words under each designers name are the first few words that pop in my mind when I first see the design down the runway.

Kristine: 8.5/10
Soft, Feminine, Grunge, Edgy


  • Soft and Feminine with the white dress contrasting the badass with the jacket with cutout sleeves is ingenious
  • New clean twist with the detailing from the Jacket’s fabric on the back of the white outfit
  • A tad referential which is why I did not give it a 9 or 9.5

Hernan: 6.5/10
Simple, Dramatic, Dark and soft, sexy, sloppy


  • Not as polished and refine in construction at the chest area, almost looks sloppy (or maybe it was intentional for a more edgy and apocalyptic style. Anyhow, it does not work for me)
  • Dramatic with the transformation of unsnapping the drape for a long flowy dress which plays off well against the strong-dominatrix cut-out top for a dark and edgy with soft touch

Mitchell: 6/10
Graphic, Sleek, Costume


  • It is not the worst, but it is verging on costume for me
  • I do appreciate the detailing on the seams and color choices, he needed something different incorporated for a winning look and to stray away from resembling a wetsuit costume

Amanda: 4/10
Dated, 90s-Early 00s Pop, Hip-Hop, Gimmicky


  • This very reminiscent of what artists (singers) and actresses of the late 90s to early 00s look artists (singers) would wear as a hip and sexy look (although I can’t seem to find one, I am positive this has been done before). Very Gwen Stefani/Christina Aguilera/Nelly Furtado
  • Besides looking dated, it is a tad tacky to me

Angela: 5/10
Clean, Diner, Dated, Uniform, Sci-Fi


  • I’m quite torn and indifferent about this look. I appreciate the idea and concept but it looks more like a chic diner or air-stewardess uniform – not a compliment.
  • Has potential but too much flaws

Emily: 8/10
Dramatic, Ominous, Sophisticated, Versatile, Empowering


  • Again, this does not feel very new or fresh in terms of design and idea. Sure it is an impeccably made, badass cloak-hoodie with a jumpsuit, but have we seen this before?
  • I like the fastenings and how easy it is to take off the cloak-hoodie. It is dramatic enough for the runway and still wearable. An empowering look that is ominous and mysterious at the same time

Samantha: 7/10
Hip, Cool, Young, Comfy Chic


  • An urban and trendy girl for the teen demographic
  • For the hip high school girl. Cozy and comfortable but edgy
  • PERFECT STYLING, love the cracked pattern on the white panels of jacket
  • Not very new or fresh in design, almost done and seen before

Kini: 6.5/10
Vamp, Mysterious, Vintage Revamped


  • The cloak is a vampire meets Sherlock Holmes, opening up to a mix of trendy edge of fitted pants and cut out shoulders matched nicely with a feminine touch of the ribbon collar and bishop sleeves
  • Does not meet the challenge to me because it is nothing fresh, just a reinterpretation of referential pieces which is why I gave it a low score.

Fade: 6.5/10
Casual, Girly Activewear, Pop, Easy but Spirited


  • Styling could be different and for the better
  • The top is feminine casual with the Kimono sleeves, the print add an intriguing and modern touch
  • Room for improvement, need to step it up like last episode!
  • Brilliantly designed and constructed pants with great details

Sean: 4/10
Underwhelmed, Old French Lady, Lackluster, Wrinkly


  • A French-sophisticated and luxe direction but the finishing is not polished enough.
  • Looks sad and drab
  • Very basic and not new or fresh in desigh
  • Looks old, matronly and dated

Charketa: 7.5/10
Old meets new, Strong, Daring


  • A nice cross of vintage feel (bright blue flare bottom pants) with the turtle neck sleeveless and modern edgy black top with cut out at the back.
  • The black asymmetrical pattern down the pants is a nice twist
  • Commercial, comfortable, as separate pieces they are referential but I think she approach is new in terms of having a keen eye in putting these two pieces together
  • Not outstanding enough for me, needs more pizzazz

Korina: 9/10
Thrilling, Details, Intriguing, mismatch heaven


  • Loved the mismatch of different textures of fabric together overlaid and blocked together, which is not noticeable from afar but up front is very intriguing and exciting.
  • Clean, polished, minimalistic-look and sharp but also attention-grabbing colors.


Alexander: 3/10
Baggy, Heavy, Sloppy


  • The dress is weighing the model down
  • Looks like a sack or rag
  • Could have become a tortured-apocalyptic look (with the frayed edges at the bottom) but failed. I do not see any designing or effort put into this at all

Sandhya: 9.5/10
Unique, Sci-fi, Futuristic, Vibrant, Unexpected


  • Very 3D and mix of different textures and media, definitely intriguing
  • On the judging panel, she explains there are no “drain pipes” on her bum, and the pockets were intentionally placed lower down the hip for a different effect and silhouette with the model’s hands in… absolutely brilliant!
  • The shine from the ‘drain pipes’ against the pink dress is unexpected and
My Bottom:

Sean 4/10
Alexander 3/10
(Amanda) 4/10
Angela 5/10

My Top:

Sandhya 9.5/10
Korina 9/10
Kristine 8.5/10

Angela would not have been in my Bottom 3 if Amanda did not have immunity for this challenge.


Judges’ Pick:
Bottom: Sean, Alexander, Angela
Top: Kristine, Emily, Sandhya

 *Judges did not like Amanda’s look, she was called out and told even though she was safe cause of immunity


Judges’ Bottom 3:


  • “…Stewardess from the future, where I’ll be afraid to get on her plane.”-Zac
  • “While I applaud the idea on a modern take on a suit, I don’t think this one is successful.” – Anne Fulenwider
  • “It’s like Obi Wan Kenobe’s manicurist.” – Zac
  • “…There were a couple of airlines rebranding and I thought this would work for that. So maybe not all is lost.”- Amanda De Cadenet

=I completely agree with the judges (and their SPOT ON references) on this, also appreciate her concept and idea


  • “It an old rag, it looks like a blanket…” “It’s like a potato sack.”-Heidi
  • “I understand that apocalyptic, futuristic thing but there has to be something pretty in there.” – Zac
  • “She looks like she’s coming from the Planet of the Apes, and she’s one of the apes!” – Nina

=Enough said by the judges.


  • “I like the hat. When I saw this outfit I thought it was like Mary Poppins went shopping at Prada. There’s some balance of sophistication in here.” – Zac
  • “I was expecting the Matrix and we got Mary Poppins. There’s nothing creative in this in terms of design.” – Nina
  • When it first appeared on the runway (screen for me), I also thought it was a classic chic look you see in European Fashion shows, which also means that it is dated.

=Upon closer inspection, every jarring flaw just appear to me so I agree more with Nina. It was going in a clean, European posh and luxe direction but just did not go there.


Judges’ Top 3:


  • “I like your choice of color… it is very refreshing [compared to other designs]. I also like the mix between fantasy and reality.”-Nina
  • “For me it was a bit too comical, I thought it was too long. But Out of all the outfits, this is definitely the one that everyone remembers.” – Heidi
  • “It’s weird, in a good way.” – Zac
  • “Hmmm, in the future we might have to wear oxygen tanks.” – Anne Fulenwider

=In the workroom, I was skeptical that it appear gimmicky and too costume/comical, but on the runway, it looks stunning. Creative, innovative and so much depth while maintaining simplicity. Most creative and no question my favorite of this challenge


  • “That coat feels protected and almost like you could be a warrior. And I love a jumpsuit, this fabric looks very expensive, I thought it was expensive.” – Anne Fulenwider
  • “This was your best work I’ve seen so far.” “It felt today and tomorrow.”-Zac
  • “It just doesn’t feel new.” – Nina “I have seen this jumpsuit. I am SO SORRY.” – Nina

=Of course Heidi would like this sexy and hot edgy look. For me? I am still with Nina, this just does not feel new but still, a solid look from Emily, her best work so far.


  • “There is such a nice juxtaposition with the army green and the purity of the white. The slits feel very fresh.” – Nina
  • “I LOVE the layering, I LOVE the functionality of it, I would LOVE to see it on the pages of Marie Claire Magazine.” – Nina evidently absolutely LOVES it.
  • “It felt very polish but it looks like what’s in fashion today. I want to see more from you that’s beyond the 90s-Grunge fashion. That’s very, for me, passe.” – Zac

=I am a sucker for this outfit, it is very much my style and it a smart look but as I agree with Zac, it is referential (and not the freshest and new of designs)


Heidi’s shocked expression to Zac’s comment for Sean

Thoughts Before the Verdict:

I think Sandhya will take this win, no question, it is the most thoughtful and inventive design of the bunch! As for the Auf, I am thinking either Alexander or Angela. As much as I rooting for Angela, she has been consistently in the bottom 3 for 3 times! This could be the 3rd strike that sends her home… Alexander’s look was more horrendous to me but it was not his intention as to Nina’s relieve.


Verdict is in:

Sandhya wins her second challenge! (She very much deserves this for that risk taking look) and Angela is sent home. No surprise here, although the win came as a shock to confused Korina and possibly Hernan judging from his face. Stick to your guns and believe in yourself Sandhya! And I know that embellishment is in your culture but please steer clear from it becoming too gaudy! Before sending Angela to pack her things in the workroom,

Tim said to Angela “This is not the right environment for you to thrive.” Which I think is accurate having seen how she worked in the 3 episodes. Some people just don’t work well under pressure and Angela is very likely one of them. I believe in her and I think her passion will drive her through! Will be keeping an eye out for you Angela!

Do you agree with my comments and the judges? Which were forward thinking and trend setting, and which were plain lame to you? Do comment below and stay tuned for more inspiring Project Runway fashion and challenges!

Forward Thinker,


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