MTV VMAs 2014: Vote Vote Vote!

Its’ that time of the year – MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) 2014 is fast approaching! Voting Period is on-going, so vote and support the deserving artists and bands (or your idols, be that way).MTV_VMAs2014-Banner

The thing about the VMAs, winners are awarded from the most number of votes, which clearly means that these winners have either served up something SO viral, have an aggressive and massive fan base (who won’t mind spending every spare moment they get clicking vote as there is apparently no limits to how many votes you can cast for each category… did it not in the past?), or purely graced the world with a brilliant song/music video which it’s awesomeness is undeniable even by the most hardcore of haters.MTV_VMAs2014-CategoriesBelow are the nominees for each category this year ranked by who I think deserves the win: *Strike out means definite no-no, red means hopefully not, green is in it to win it for them (100% rooting for them for that specific category compared to other nominees)

Video of the Year
I think all the top three (on my ranking) deserves the win! It was definitely hard to rank as they were all different styles… I’ll let you in a bit of my ranking logic… 

1. Happy by Pharrell Williams

  • This song and music video is such a joy, pure and simple – invokes Happiness! It is such a cheerful song, and the music video is not too silly, slapstick or cheesy, just clips of when people sing/mouth/hum along to a happy song, because we all have done it before whether regularly or occassionally when we are in that jovial mood. I think such a simple song/music video that spreads joy? Should deserve this win

2. Fancy by Iggy Azaea feat. Charli XCX

  • Britney may have done a music video of girls dancing about in skimpy outfits at high school, but Iggy adds her own twist. This music video was kinda like an homage to the next best thing to Mean Girls – Clueless. It fresh and has so much sass, bringing the old into the new of today, I do fancy this!

3. Chandelier by Sia

  • This exquisite music video is a work of art. Not going into a literal direction, Sia’s already great song is further translated by a single expressive dancer which is just captivating, bringing live to the drab backdrop. It may not be the newest of ideas, but still wonderful music AND music video.

4. Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

  • Surprise, surprise – I ranked Miley BEFORE Beyonce? Well, in terms of comparing both of the nominated music videos: Wrecking Ball does takes it literal – she [Miley] came into a wall WITH a wrecking ball. Besides the whole disturbing erotic demeanour of licking sledge hammers, straddled naked on the wrecking ball etc… I appreciate the artistry behind it – her baring herself, baring her guards down to show her vulnerable side.

5. Drunk in Love by Beyonce feat. Jay-Z

  • So why is Miley’s erotic yet emotion baring music video better than Drunk in Love? Is it not clear? Have we not seen music videos of sexy girls in alluring bikinis rolling about in the sand and working it? Sure, she is DRUNK but I can’t really see the in love part. Jay Z showing up for a couple of lines and for a shoulder did not help either. I’m sorry but Beyonce’s music has declined into trying too hard for me since Sasha Fierce… just my opinion. I of course still love her and think she is incredibly talented, just… frustrating…

Artist to Watch
Pretty good nominees this year I must say! Mostly of the pop genre but aren’t too bad (no Justin Biebers or One Directions), however I am most thrilled by 5sOS’s music, more of a personal preference I must say with my ranking in this category. 1. She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer

  • Is it just me or do they just remind you of McFly? These fly guys and their music are just very in the style of McFly but updated! The music video’s intention was not to grab views from people taking out their clothes but the rebellion and uplifting message in the lyrics… ahhh, Youth. Will definitely be keeping a close eye on these lads, please don’t fall into the One Direction hole!

2. Boom Clap by Charli XCX

  • With great vocals and catchy but not too cheesy lyrics (okay, maybe just a little), it is a charming song and music video which has clips of the movie “The Fault in Our Stars” as this on the movie soundtrack. As long as she doesn’t stray into generic cheesy pop style, I will be loving her songs!

3. Stay with Me by Sam Smith

  • A soulful darling mate with a pleasant voice. Nothing special but have pretty good songs and this music video is not too bad either! A great way to showcase and step into the music game.

4. Miss Movin On by Fifth Harmony

  • A lovely group of pretty young things which appear to be a vocal powerhouse! I suppose their songs appeal to the younger demographic of the likes of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato etc. with super pop-ish songs and music video, but there is no denying that they have the chops vocally. Far out better than the other similar artists of their age group in the music game today (vocally). Hopefully their music will mature as they do.

5. Man of the Year by Schoolboy Q

  • This rapper… I’m not responding to him one bit, neither to this music video – girls chasing him around at the beach with bikinis… bouncing about… Way to ruin the beach for me this Summer, mate.

Best Hip-Hop Video
Most of the music videos in this category are alright, don’t really hate any of them, but I still ranked them according to how fresh in terms of direction and creativity are the music videos…

1. Black Skinhead by Kanye West

  • Stunning, in-your-face graphics, almost resembles a badass video game vibe. So dope. Others are no match here for me in terms of something fresh.

2. Hold On (We’re Going Home) by Drake feat. Majid Jordan

  • The song perfectly suits the short-movie – Drake asking her girl to hold on. I definitely felt it, felt for the characters in this short-movie. However, it is very JT’s What goes around… Comes Around meets Usher’s Caught Up to me (dating back to MJ’s You Rock My World as well, without the killer dancing of course)! It’s not the newest of ideas (come on, it is hard to have a fresh idea after millions of music videos have been produced), but still a solid nominee and kickass music video.

3. 3005 by Childish Gambino

  • Love it or hate it, I loved this. It is very dark and grey but the video added a lightness and tad humor to it. The main focus the video wants on is the lyrics which I think was enhanced by the video itself and Donald Glover’s monotonous but raw emotion.

4. Berzerk by Eminem

  • It’s no Real Slim Shady but even if it was, that is just dated, and this video is verging on that. However, it is true to Hip Hop and Eminem’s style, wild and cool.

5. We Dem Boyz by Wiz Khalifa

  • Again, I do not think this video sucks balls, there is just nothing fabulous about it. Rapping in the hood with homies and chillin’, being cool. A good hip-hop music video companion to the song.

Best Male Video
This was tough as most of these music videos are of different styles! I personally don’t mind any of the top 4 winning this category but here’s why I ranked them as so:

1. Sing by Ed Sheeran feat. Pharrell Williams

  • I think Ed should take this win because his was definitely something I wouldn’t expect from Ed! It’s cool guy with an adorable twist, brilliant!

2. Happy by Pharrell Williams

  • Everyone’s favorite happy anthem (sure, it has been overplayed but come on, we should ALWAYS be happy!) which I think deserves the Video of the Year, but I think the unexpected music video from Ed just opt me to root for Ed in this category

3. The Monster by Eminem feat. Rihanna

  • Yet another song of Eminem and Rihanna. It is an average music video, however I appreciate the hints of throwback to his roots – what made him. With the 8 mile sign and such, it was raw and with Eminem staying true to his identity. Good for him on that!

4. All of Me by John Legend

  • The music video is similar to most of his other music videos, clean, elegant and soulful. Therefore, it is nothing new or wrong with this music video as well. It was however a very delightful personal touch with his wedding clip at the end of the music video (I do like to point out it was not part of the music video tho)

5. Stay with Me by Sam Smith

  • A mediocre music video. Again, nothing unique or wrong with it. However, I feel that it is no where to the level of any of the other contending music videos in this category.

Best Female Video
The videos in this videos weren’t really pushing the boundaries to me, so after breaking them down and comparing them, I have a clear winner in mind for this category.

1. Fancy by Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX

  • An ingenious high school music video with it’s twist – paying an homage to a cult teen film, Clueless, in an updated format.

2. Royals by Lorde

  • A nice youthful with darkness theme expressed quite nicely in this music video. A bit indie and I enjoyed it with the song itself.

3. Partition by Beyonce

  • A glamorous and rich music video, who doesn’t like to a good emotional music video depicted in the rich and fabulous lifestyle. With Beyonce in gorgeous shiny and luxe outfits (which seems very in the Great Gatsby style), whipping her hair and pulling all the sexy poses and moves, what’s new? On the plus side, I must point out it is an up from the Drunk in Love music video. (You must have an idea how both of these must be sexy videos being labelled “Explicit” on Vevo/YouTube)

4. Dark Horse by Katy Perry feat. Juicy J

  • Miss Perry sure loves role playing, costumes and theatrics doesn’t she. I’m not saying the music video does not suit the song, but 3 words: King of Pop. Egyptian theme music video… hmm… reminds you a certain music video by the legendary Michael Jackson? Sorry, but this just is more comical than fantasy, certainly no topping Michael… do you remember the time you fell in love with MJ with his smooth moves in his gold ensemble (pun intended)? I bet you remember! *snap*

5. Problem by Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea

  • The format of this music video kinda brings me back to Amerie’s 1 thing music video, the parts where she dances with backup dancers and also where she dances in front of the band. With this music video being the more girly and pop-ish music video. There’s not a lot of dancing, but a lot of making me dizzy. Not my favorite music video.

Best Pop Video
Again, this category has music videos of different styles which is why I am mainly attacking this category by my preference. I really don’t mind any of the 4 songs in this category taking the win! All unique in it’s own way. 

1. Wake Me Up by Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc

  • Another overplayed song of last year. Overplayed for a good reason – it has a wonderful and widely relatable lyrics with a catchy beat. I think the music video has a fine balance of fantasy, dream with reality, conveying the meaning in the lyrics in a beautiful way. “All this time I was finding myself, and I, didn’t know I was lost.”

2. Fancy by Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX

  • I’ve made my case for this music video in the categories above. Why does “Wake Me Up” trump “Fancy”? I think it is the fantasy while realistic element to Wake Me Up that draws me more.

3. Happy by Pharell Williams

  • I’ve again, happily state my case with this music video above! I’ve ranked it third because I think the above 2 songs are slightly more special than “Happy”.

4. Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz

  • A part of it (dancing in the blue room with the chair?) reminds me of Pussycat Doll’s debut hit – Don’t Cha. I commend the amount of sick dancing in this music video! Good dancing in music videos seem to rarely come by this days… which is why I loved this.

5. Problem by Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea

  • Yet again, I’ve just commented on this Music Video in the above category

Best Rock Video
How did Lorde fall in to this category? I’m confused. As for the other 4 music videos, I really wouldn’t mind any winning this category seeing how I love all of the bands nominated… but I do have an opinion on which music video deserves this win

1. Fever by The Black Keys

  • Mocking and Parody-like. Very unusual, cynical, daring and against the norm – I think that’s rock, expressing a thought on an issue, message or emotion through music even if it’s a controversial one.

2. Until It’s Gone by Linkin Park

  • In the style of Linkin Park, graphics and artistic effects which are attention grabbing. Raw, with rage and angst but balanced with vulnerability. Even the Lyric video was so powerful! So, no doubt amazing work from Linkin Park yet again.

3. Demons by Imagine Dragons

  • Another passionate music video of a band singing live. Nothing wrong but nothing outstanding about it either. A lovely tribute to a cancer fan at the end.

4. Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys

  • Quite graphical and comical but it seems like I can just download a visualizer app to reproduce most of the music video

5. Royals by Lorde

How did Lorde land in the Rock Category? Baffles me.

Best Collaboration
I found ranking this category the absolute hardest! I do not really care for any of it in terms of collaboration… there just either barely interaction with the collaborators or generic.

1. The Monster by Eminem feat. Rihanna

  • Not much interaction between Eminem and Rihanna which I would like to see more of (there was only one small scene if I’m not mistaken). However, a good performance by both of them in the music video and it’s theme. Nice camera action and effects as well which are not overly dramatic or cliche.

2. Loyal by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga3

  • Probably the only music video where the singers all bounce off each other. A generic but nice hip-hop/rap music video with all the rappers/singers being bros and together throughout the entire music video. Quite humorous and cool.

3. Timber by Pitfull feat. Ke$ha

  • A typical Pitbull with sexy girl collaboration of music and resulting in it’s music video as well. I like how it is not done too literally. And props for making a farm/barn-bar look darn fabulous. I did not understand why Pitbull was at the beach on the other hand…

4. Problem by Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea

  • I think a liked this music video (and song) a lot more because of Iggy, so… here it is.

5. Dark Horse by Katy Perry feat. Juicy J

  • Again, not much interaction between both artists but definitely more than in Timber. However, I do not think Juicy J in anyway made the music video or music any better with his added part. Which is why I’m ranking it below Timber

6. Drunk in Love by Beyonce feat. Jay Z

  • Music, Music Video, Collaboration… – no, no, NOPE.

MTV Clubland Award
I am ranking on which music video I think turns on the clubbing vibe on the most:

1. Animals by Martin Garrix

  • Without avail, this would be somehow mixed in by most DJs in the club. Definitely overexposed. As for the people clubbing in animal masks in this video? It is a bit obvious, but it matches the title and I think is a great depiction of the vibe of a club scene. Love the break dancers as well.

2. Grab Her! By Disclosure

  • Who doesn’t love a good kooky music video? To me, it is injected with kooky humor, as if showing that your need to have the GRAB HER attitude that will make you the live of the party. How cool will that be, that everything you touch will become anti-gravity! It is like saying you start the party and you need to infect people with your gleeful mood. Brilliant music video.

3. Stay the Night by Zedd feat. Hayley Williams

  • This I would say is unusual to me, in a good way. The dancing is incredible while still translating the music and it’s lyrics. It is filled with such strong and expressive movements, great backdrop that would set the fiesty party mood on.

4. Turn Down for What by DJ Snake & Lil John

  • This is outrageous and exaggerated, of what it like to party SO HARD that you bring the house down. People asking you to turn down the music, “Turn down for WHAT?” It’s a bit silly and I do not enjoy this kind of silly humor, but it is trippy and perfect for the high mood of clubbing scene, encouraging the silliness – to just have fun no matter what.

5. Summer by Calvin Harris

  • This is quite tamed and a generic music video of singing and partying along with your racer pals who are so cool that you guys are hanging out on the road with your cool cars. It does capture the Summer scene, but nothing unique to me.

Best Video with a Social Message
It is always nice to have a music video with social message, music which goes beyond the goal of topping charts. There are pretty good ones nominated, but I think there are clearly a few better than the rest.

1. One Voice by David Guetta feat. Milly Ekko

  • It’s no Michael Jackson, but it is directional, forward, modern and spirited. A good way to use hashtags (unlike Ribin Thicke’s Blurred Lines…), multi-lingual, mixed with the passion and one love from fans in his concert, conveying and demonstrating (with the mention of everyone waving their flags at the intro) unity.

2. Hey Brother by Avicii

  • Nostalgia done right. Obvious but emotional and heart warming. Simple and beautifully done.

3. Battle Cry by Angel Haze feat. Sia

  • Good message, clear with a mini-story music video. However, does it make enough of an impact that reaches out to people who self-inflict? I do not think it will be all that effective. Still, Overall pretty strong and good to me.

4. Dirty Laundry by Kelly Rowland

  • It is quite emotional in a very R&B style, but for some reason I don’t feel that it is as stripped down as Miley’s Wrecking Ball. Not too bad for a music video, dramatic enough with personal emotion.

5. Pretty Hurts by Beyonce

  • Pretty girls hurt too. A bit too much sexiness (touching herself at arousing places…) that is trying too hard. A good message, very Britney-esque (Lucky) with the talking parts of the backstory. Do not think the message will be caught by people with all her touching her flawless self in an arousing manner a lot…

6. Crooked Smile by J.Cole feat. TLC

  • I did not get the short movie at all… am I the only slow tard here?

So who are you rooting for? Do you think my choices were justified? Or are your preferences not nominated, which are they if so? I’m quite surprised Holy Grail isn’t nominated frankly. Vote HERE NOW!

25/08/2014 Update: Check out the Winners List in my Post HERE.

Now the other half that makes up this event:


I am looking forward to seeing Iggy take the stage with Rita! Word is that she will be performing “Black Widow” with Rita. I am also excited to see 5 seconds of Summer rock the stage! Not so much for Ariana Grande and her high pitch voice…

With Maroon 5 in the mix, I was anticipating Linkin Park seeing how they released their new album not too long ago! Oh well, maybe for the American Music Awards then I suppose! Of course, not forgetting the greats – Usher and Beyonce who always delivers. Let’s just hope Usher steps his game up! Bust out those smooth moves! If JT can, you too can!

Who do you think will start and show? My money is Beyonce for either one, and possibly Iggy? We shall see. Hope this year’s isn’t a yawner! At least there’s no sign of Bieber for up on stage or for any awards! *Thankfully*

What are your predictions? I wonder what jaw-dropping surprises we are in for this year! Better than a jaw-dropping YAWN.

Wake Me Up before it’s over,



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