The Fosters: Leaky Faucets

Season 2, Episode 9

Even if you do not watch The Fosters, I think there are some very real and relatable personal issues and emotions that is discussed on this episode (and this post) which are worth you reading on! I just might inspire you or bring you to reflect on yourself, because it sure did!

A lot on fighting that inner struggle of self-doubt and learning to let out your feelings, burying them is unhealthy at times even if you want to be strong for the people you love.

Again, Lena and Jude seem to still be camping in the wilderness under the stars with the school. This episode kinda took place in the same scene – a Mexican street party, and all of the Fosters’ seem to have more trouble than fun there…

Trust Yourself

Callie has been having panic attacks since her attempt to get intimate with Wyatt… she thinks it’s triggered by Liam. At therapy, her psychiatrist suggests that she’s having panic attacks as she can’t seem to trust Wyatt because she don’t trust her own self. Why so? Digging deep, we find out that Callie was trusting towards Liam before she was violated by him. This is why now she has her guard up and is not sure whether to trust her instincts. “

S02E09-CallieWyatt“That’s how we learn to trust ourselves. By trusting we will act on our instincts to keep ourselves safe.”Callie’s Psychiatrist

After her therapy session, she invited Wyatt to join her with Brandon and Lou to hang out at the Street party. Having avoid him for so long on a supposed “break”, I’m proud of Callie for going head on to face her inner struggles! I may not be as traumatized as Callie, but I understand how something significant can break down your confidence and trust towards your own gut and feelings. Everyone will advise “Put it in the past. Move on. Get over it, Life goes on. Life’s too short to stop living because of an obstacle..” Well, saying is easier said than done! It is quite a struggle to have to fight your own inner self, to have to rise from something that breaks your confidence on how you see things. The voices and doubts will arise because of these significant past mistakes/incidents which makes it all that much harder to differentiate between the doubts and own feelings. For Callie to not run away from this, it is very good on her part! Callie has gone through so much adversity, I am positive with the right support, she will tackle and win this battle as well!

It is quite a struggle to have to fight your own inner self, to have to rise from something that breaks your confidence on how you see things.

At the street party event, Wyatt comes across Liam. Wyatt confronts him, telling him to walk away, ending in a fist fight. Callie having witnessed this, shares with Wyatt and Liam that she cannot take how he uses violence to solve problems. “I get that he was trying to protect me but another fight? What’s good is that going to do anyone.” As Stef says, it’s amazing of her. Amazing that Callie has grown and mature mentally and in her actions. She has always been a strong fighter, and now she able to look that things objectively. I see that staying with the Fosters, with a strong support system and healthy household has really helped her out of the darkness and cynical mindset.

Fiesty Fiesta

With 4 Fosters at the Mexican street party on a date? Things took a turn from the fun…S02E09-FostersMusic2

1. Mariana and Mat


At the beginning, I could not take how Mariana was being such a girl – obviously bothered by something but insists that everything is fine when asked by Mat. At first I thought she was just being a brat, offended that Mat would bring her to a MEXICAN event only because she was Mexican. After running into her biological mother – Ana, she finally pours her true feelings to Mat and why being there was unpleasant for her – it reminded her of unfit mother which is the only connection he had to her true heritage. Thankfully that’s how it ended for them this episode, not on a sour note! Mariana really needs to not be so wary and guarded against Mat. Sure, it is not easy to trust someone with your heart, but you at least owe it to yourself (and Mat) to explore deeper feelings by sharing them with Mat, not sulking and fake smiling through a date! She’s lucky that Mat is such a patient, compassionate and understanding decent guy. He’s a keeper Mariana! Don’t blow it!

2. Brandon and Lou

Props to Lou for being a go-getter! She might have come on REALLY strong (“I’ve basically just offered to let you [Brandon] see me [Lou] naked.”), laying all sorts of obvious signs towards Brandon, I admire her for being able to put herself out there like that! How I wish I could do the same…

At least Brandon was honest and rejected her, saying it was not the right time. He did say it wasn’t because of Callie or that he wasn’t attracted to her. This could easily mean he is still bothered by the Dani incident… however, I don’t buy that he isn’t over Callie. I mean, his concern and that look on his face when he found out Callie invited Wyatt? Screams I-still-carry-a-torch-for-Callie to me. Either he’s lieing to himself or I’m looking way too much into it.S02E09-BrandonCallie

3. Callie and Wyatt

As I mentioned before, it was inspiring to see her tackle her insecurities head on and making an effort to make it work with Wyatt, being honest and not hiding her feelings behind a mask like Mariana did. Wyatt might have been rash but he did it out of good intentions when he went up against Liam… will Callie forgive him this time round? For a pretty good guy like Wyatt, I hope so.

4. Hayley and Jesus

S02E09-HayleyJesusTattoo After falling for Hayley’s emmy winning sad cry and blaming herself last episode, Jesus put off his important assignment to plan a date for them. I get the sentiment behind taking it back to the moment they met which lead them to become a couple, however if he did all that expecting just sex? I have to take Hayley’s side on this, that’s just tacky even. If he had a meal set up, or intention to just chill and chat… then it would’ve been cute.  At the end of the episode, we see Jesus donning a tattoo – “Hayley”. Pretty sure he done it to prove his love for Hayley is not just for sexual reasons… Oh boy is he going to regret that when they break up… (which I am sure they are headed towards)

Just Cryyyy

Stef has a day home alone! And she shows us that spending time at home can also be an adventure when she attempts to fix a leaky pipe in her bathroom. It was simply adorable!

S02E09-BreakPipe S02E09-Search S02E09-StefCry

I did not think Stef was effected so much by Lena’s lost of the baby until the moment she broke down. It was heartbreaking to watch someone like Stef to break down like that as it meant that she was burying her sorrows all along. As Stef come to realize from this moment, sometimes we need to let it out and let go of the tough exterior, sharing this with Callie:

“We think we gotta be strong… tough. Think we gotta get on with things and I know sometimes you do, and sometimes… sometimes you just gotta let yourself fall apart and there’s no shame in that, not even a little.”

Stef may not be the man, but she is the “man”, the tough rock that always ground the family together when everyone is feeling down and weak, which is why her display of vulnerability reminds me of a certain song:


What do you think of the vulnerability and emotional struggles shown in this episode by each Character? Were you crushed that Brandon and Lou didn’t become an item? Did any part of this emotional episode hit close to home for you? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

Loved any of the music tracks played on this episode? Check out my music post on this episode here with the song list!

The Inner-Struggle is Real,




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