Welcome to Sweden: Vänner (Fitting In)

Season 1, Episode 5


More adventures and struggles of fitting in Sweden with Bruce. As the title suggests, Bruce finds trouble with fitting in socially this episode, finding and making Swedish friends whether it is Emma’s existing friends or new ones.

*Spoiler Alert*

Playground on Swedish Grounds


New Language, New Friends, New Ground

I may not have it as hard as Bruce but I understand a thing or two on the struggles in making friends in a new land of different cultures, different pop and social cultures… and much more. Still unable to speak fluent Swedish OR understand the language enough for a conversation, Emma’s friends have to translate to him which becomes a problem when her friend’s struggle with English language as well! It was awkward when Emma’s friend tried so hard to tell him the joke she was saying only to have Bruce lost for words and not understanding her. It is like a goat talking to a cow.

I felt like Emma’s friend was not trying hard enough to accommodate Bruce, moreover make him feel like an idiot with that Awkward silence… and WAIT, have Swedes not seen a pair of DENIM JEANS before? That just cracked me up so much, when she asked Bruce if those were “American pants.” WHAT EVEN ON EARTH is American pants? Such ignorance.


Bruce might have been ignorant to the fact that he was suppose to take off his shoes when in someone’s house, however this is very new (and not practiced in America). Emma should be more wary of such things to help Bruce more for a smoother transition! Sounding like a nag would be better than Bruce shaming himself, I feel for you Bruce… and when he just stood there because he had no idea what Peo was angrily screaming about… Rough, mate. Hang in there!


As for Bruce, why IS he taking forever to learn even basic Swedish for basic conversation? “I heard him say two Swedish words – Thanks & Semla.” – Emma’s mother. (because Semla is probably HEAVEN. I HAVE TO HAVE IT! WHERE CAN I? If you’re wondering what it is, check out the end of my previous post here) Didn’t the tape of the eargasmic voice supplied by Will Ferrell in episode 2 help? Having lose Hassan as a friend, I do hope Bruce will hurry to master the language and soon find a new awesome Swedish friend! Or he’ll become jobless and friendless… like my current state hah.

Beautiful Answer of History of Answers

S01E05-HappyLoveMILEmma’s mother can see that Bruce’s struggle but ultimately worries about how that is affecting Emma. When Bruce was asked by her mother, how will he ensure Emma does not get hurt and all, he answered beautifully “…I will love her more than anyone had loved anyone else in the history of people loving other people.” because saying love with all my heart is not enough anymore apparently!

“…I will love her more than anyone had loved anyone else in the history of people loving other people.” – Bruce

It definitely is not cliche, charming and funny that’s what it is. (It sounds a lot like something Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation would say! Doesn’t it) I do not understand why Emma’s mother would doubt his intentions… he quit his job and moved to Sweden, now picking up Swedish… ALL for Emma! Is that sacrifice not prove enough? I suppose that’s what to come in the later episodes!

Culture Pride

Have you ever experienced this: You weren’t the most patriotic person. However, after having to live in a foreign country or having foreign friends, you can’t help but feel proud and boast about your country.

I suppose the Grass is always Greener on the other side, and you do not realize what you got till you don’t have it! Your home country is where you were brought up since a kid (if you weren’t, then it might be different for you), leaving home for a new place – that sense of home and familiarity is lost and it is scary. People say home is where the heart is but how can it be when your family is not with you, and your heart is still with them. Of course, when given the chance to discuss about it, you have to brag and defend your home country to show how special you and your country are! I do it at times as well,Whether it is having a cushion which reminds you of home…

People say home is where the heart is, but how can it be when your family is not with you, and your heart is still with them.

or Singing along to a Band from your country which is word-renowned/that you used to hate (probably used to air all the time back home when you hated it!)

but come to love as it reminds you of home. We subconsciously come to love and have things that we might have used to loathe for the warmth and love of family from familiarity, helping to sooth and lessen the anxiety of being in a foreign land alone.

So if you’re still living in your home country, learn to appreciate the good now! Don’t come to realization after you’re far from it. Be patriotic and happy for the wonderful time and opportunities your country has given you (if they given you more crap then good, then I have no say…)!

There were some good fashion and styles on this Episode which drew my attention! Check them out:

Party FlirtyS01E05-DinnerPartyFashion

1 to 3 From Left to Right in the Picture above:

1. I absolutely love this green jumpsuit with floral kimono/cardigan. She styled it with chain and spike drop earrings topped with a low bun of hairdo for a semi formal style. The kimono and earrings I  think liven up and made the look younger for her favor.

2. Emma is in a white blazer over a white-polka dot navy dress. It definitely is more formal but modern and stylish with the edgy blazer which has zip details/pocket, almost like a leather biker jacket. She also toned down the look from being too old and formal with accessories – leaf necklace and bracelets.

3. I am not feeling her look. The polka dot dress has huge circle patterns which I think is making her look bigger than she actually is, seems a bit cartoonish. And I do not the think that the print on her shawl is harmonious with her dress, almost clashing besides the color story tieing them together. It is not horrible but not nice either. Perhaps a different shawl or accessories could’ve help make the look flow better together.

Light and Casual


Left: Emma; Right: Emma’s Friend

1. Out and about with her friend, Emma has on this pastel blue blazer and trousers which looks fabulous and light (the light fabric makes it less formal). It is paired with a kind of lace blouse with a beautiful birds necklace. It is a subtle but chic for a more mature look. I think the pastel colors gives for a younger sweet and casual look. Although the birds necklace is beautiful, I think a brighter color necklace would enhance the look. Besides, the birds necklace against the white top almost camouflages it.

2. Opting for a more trendy looking style is Emma’s friend: in a colorful top paired with jeans and a pastel pink blazer, accessorized with a scarf. The blazer I think closes off the look so that it is not too young or sloppy, and the scarf possibly for a more stylish casual result which I think worked out nicely with the brown crossbody bag.


Emma’s Look 3

3. The parrot dress shirt is an easy and funky fun look paired with black leggings and a scrunched up low bun hairdo to keep it classy and simple. I do think the bulk of pattern and color concentrated on the bottom of the dress shirt is giving an illusion that her hips and bums are wider than it actually it, but hey, she is comfortable and loving it! For her walk back home, she is seen with a simple black blazer on it which I think is practical and classy.

Can you relate to Bruce’s struggles to fit and settle into Sweden? Do you think Bruce is progressing fine or too slowly? Is he not making enough of an effort? Is your heart at home, away from you? Share your thoughts and comment below! 😉

Stay positive and keep your heart on your sleeve no matter what!

Always remember your roots & humble beginnings.

Proud Penangite,


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