Smile in Grief: RIP Funny Man – Robin Williams

When ever a well-known, talented and beloved Hollywood icon passes on, Everyone, every media outlet will no doubt grief for his/her passing. Yesterday, Robin Williams was found dead because of asphyxia from hanging himself as confirmed by Time.

The best we can do for him now, is honor him for his excellent work in films, whether as the iconic funny actor we all know and love, or for his compelling performance in more dramatic films.

It came as a shock to me that the high-energy ever smiling funny man – Robin Williams was suffering from depression which lead to his suicide! It goes to show that we don’t know what inner demons everyone is battling on their own as I just partly touched on (battling inner-doubts and insecurities) in my previous post on The Fosters recap. Also, it shows how scarily easy it is for someone to mask their true emotions… I’m also not going to deny that I at times did not feel that a certain celebrity’s (Whitney Houston, Cory Monteith) death deserved the public’s sympathy and grief simply because they brought it on themselves, whether it is from drug use or from such self-inflicted pain. However, I have now learnt to look at things differently from Robin Williams death.

Sure, Whitney and Cory has long been using drugs and such, but as we all now it is not easy to kick a habit – and a habit as strong as drugs? Can you imagine. I have read articles that Cory has been upfront about his drug use problems and such which I commend, is takes great courage and self-realization to admit it to himself moreover the press. As for Robin Williams, he has always been open and even jokes about his depression and mental health issues, there’s no hiding. As lawyers like to use in their defense, it was probably temporary insanity for Robin Williams to take his own life. As much as one can be optimistic, one can be often clouded by their own self-doubt and dark thoughts which I totally understand. Easier said than done mates, it is just not easy to tune those thoughts/voices out as much as we try sometimes, it just comes subconsciously… as I say, the struggle is real.

For Robin William to be open about it, to me, shows effort because that is the first step – to admit and not bottle it up all to yourself (more than I can say for myself). It’s a shame that he gave into his depression. Could he have continue and fight it? Sure he could’ve. But we just never would know to what degree he was affected by his problem, and for him to take his life away? It has taken him to the point of giving up. It might have been in the moment, he was overwhelmed (temporary insanity?), but truly, what is the point of finding out now? The best we can do for him now, is honor him for his excellent work in films, whether as the iconic funny actor we all know and love, or for his compelling performance in more dramatic films. He deserves our grief because he graced us with laughter and joy (I know, the irony) for many years and now he can’t anymore due to this tragic death.

A moment of silence for Robin Williams.

Robin Williams in my eyes, will always be that kooky, quirky and outlandishly funny man who can enhance and brighten up a story simply with the presence of his up-beat voice. I will always remember his work from my Childhood days, where he never failed to make me chuckle:

Robin Williams in Jumanji

Bicentennial Man

Robin Williams as Genie in Aladdin


Sure, admittedly most of these aren’t his best work, but they were the movies which I first watched and come to love Robin Williams as a child – the sight of his kooky self in a new movie poster would excite me! The rest is history. He was a brilliant actor and comedian who could improvise so well and smoothly, which only made him look insane at first but there’s no denying he’s one of a kind and a talented icon.

RIP Robin Williams.

Hope you are somewhere where you are truly happy,
as happy and cheerful as your on-screen self!

Remember to always love yourself, and love life.

Be Happy,


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