Pretty Little Liars: A Dark Ali

Season 5, Episode 10

Sorry for the late update (well, it’s not like anyone is following my commentary… if you are, a nice friendly shout out would be nice!), but my laptop has been failing on me lately, it would take almost 5 minutes just to load a webpage and it took me 1-2days just to scan my darn laptop for virus/spyware… now I might have to reformat it. It’s a nightmare.

Enough of my shit, onto the lies of our favorite liars!

*Spoiler Alert*

Rogue Ali

Ali still does not get it does she? Her actions AFFECT everyone of her friends: Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. However, every episode, she always have some surprise of a secret which she kept from her friends. Sure, some were justifiable but she needs to learn to trust her friends and stop with the Web of Lies she seems to have everyone tangled in.
S05E10-AliActingWe all probably at some point felt for Ali with her sob story when she was in hiding, meeting a guy who betrayed her and was violent towards her, of course Emily would be on her side knowing that her tainted past has come back to haunt her. I still felt it was selfish of Ali (should it be true) to make that decision – a decision which greatly puts her friends at risk

S05E10-RogueAliAt the very end of the episode, we see that Ali was the one who put Cyrus up for confessing to kidnapping her… while wearing a black hoodie. Is she twisted in the head, and is A all along? Whatever her intentions are, all her  Ali act disgusts me. To put her friends through such turmoil while she was crying wolf all along? This is just sick. The mystery just got bigger just when we thought we had Ali all figured out. She has totally gone rogue, whether to protect herself from the real A or for other intentions.This girl needs serious help. Admit her into Radley please!

Caleb’s Back

The supportive and ever so understanding boyfriend to keep Hanna sane is back! It is great to see this couple out of the dark, emo phase and trying so hard to be normal teenagers. A can’t get in the way of this couple, as long as they keep being honest and understanding towards each other!

Mona Mars
S05E10-PLLMusic2Mona is still full of surprises, who knew she could sing! Bloody darn well.

S05E10-MonaMarsYes, we have known for a while now that Mona is quite the conniving enemy who knows more than she leads on… but since when is she the tech savvy geek who knows how to tap into phones of police officers and gain access into criminals held in the station? Quite the Veronica Mars ain’t she… Let’s just hope she is genuinely doing all this to protect Hanna.

More doors and mysteries…
opening to more questions than answers.

Will these liars ever get to live a normal high school life and graduate in peace?


Let’s hope Melissa will shed some light with her video recording….


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Waiting for the End,



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