Pretty Little Liars Fashion: A Dark Ali

Season 5, Episode 10

As dark as this episode was, our liars has some pretty neat and clean looks with their twist this episode:

Old School

S05E10-Aria1Aria has on this colour-block dress (found by Pradux) that looks really retro with the color pallette and color blocking, paired with overcoat-long blazer which I think is overall reminiscent of 60s Mod fashion. The overcoat does not seem to have closures, which is nice as the coat is black and simple, without closures we get a pop of color from the dress. I do not necessarily like the waist-belt but it gives it a personal touch of Aria’s style. Fabulous nail varnish color and earrings, a flirty finish.
The denim skirt trend is long gone with the Britney and Christina pop domination period. However, it doesn’t mean people has stopped wearing them, just not as much. Hanna is wearing a simple blue (typical American Blue jeans color) ripped and frayed mini denim skirt with a military style button down top (Found by Wearing a white long sleeve under the top gives it a comfort cool look (also less trashy than what she has been wearing). A nice balance with the short bottom.



Plaid is an old school print which is versatile, easy to style and transform into something special. Spencer has on a plaid leggings (Found by Pradux) together with white button down shirt under a black sweater with beading on the shoulder (Found by Pradux). I think it is very Spencer – conservative with a modern edge. The shoulder bag/tote (Found by as well is giving it a edgy touch (LOVEEE it), along with the sweater.

Another old school print – Polka dots! Unlike plaid, I think not everyone can pull off wearing polka dot, let alone pairing it with hearts! Mona’s look reminds me of Carrie diaries. It works for her but I am not feeling it with the lace-up shoes (Found by… With the funky and fun ensemble, I think wearing the multi-colored chain necklace (giving it a tad of color) and triangle earrings adds to the look.

Back and Deadly




This look of Spencer’s is almost like a modern covert intelligence agent vibe. It is polished and sophisticated with a modern fierce edge. The top – sleeveless trenchcoat on top of a white shirt with black tie is so amazing that pairing it with black pants and boots was enough – perfection.





Hanna is back and so is her fashion sense. The black All Saints Lewis dress (Found by was simple, flirty and cool, paired with the killer booties (Found by gives it that punk rock edge that Hanna has come to adopt in her style. A good marriage of flirty and cool.





It is nothing much… but I would like to highlight that caleb has cleaned up his act and HE’S BACK. That is a polished yet modern collared shirt (Found by for Caleb and loved the tousled hair!






What do you think of the less complicated looks this episode? Any killer looks which you died for and would like to have? Or you died from because of how horrendous it was?  I would love to hear your comments!


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For discussion and thoughts on the show itself: read my episode recap post here.

Fashion Eye,


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