Pretty Little Liars Music: A Dark Ali

Season 5, Episode 10

Here are the music played on Season 5, Episode 10 (A Dark Ali) of Pretty Little Liars with the help of Tunefind, Soundhound and Shazam.

1. Silhouettes by Colony House



Scene: Hanna & Caleb jog down the street when Spencer drives by and stops.




2. Gravity by Sara Bareilles (Sang by Mona)



Scene: Mona sings this song in the waiting room to prepare of her audition before Hanna asks for her to stop.




3. Ipswich by Georgi Kay



Scene: Ezra talks to Ali at the Brew.





 1. Silhouettes by Colony House
  • A nice average band song. Catchy beats but lively lyrics that fits the mood of the scene it was chosen for.
  • A nice addition to a playlist for driving or talking a walk
2. Gravity by Sara Bareilles
  • A nice pop song from Bareilles on clinging on to someone dear to you
  • No denying that Sara has good vocals but it is very relatable and a pretty good song with the bittersweet melody and lyrics
3. Ipswich by Georgi Kay
  •  Yet another dark and haunting song chosen for PLL
  • Not the best but a pretty good song with very dark lyrics

Like the music? Have other recommendations whether songs from the same artists featured in this episode or other Television show music? Have links to the complete songs above? Comment and Share below! 😉 No Music No Life.

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