Project Runway 13: A Suitable Twist

Season 13, Episode 4

Another late recap. My laptop was failing on me and had to do a complete scan and reformat… a nightmare. So let’s see what twists Project Runway had the last episode!

*Spoiler Alert*
PR13E04-1For this episode, designers have to design a look using a suit as their main fabric. Each designer’s suits were chosen to them by Sandhya as she was the winner of the previous challenge (Last episode). (Yes, from the array of tacky looking suits from the picture above)

An interesting enough challenge with limitations that encourage innovation and creativity. Today’s guest judge is Bethany Mota. No I have no idea who she is before this appearance…
apparently she started out as a Beauty/Fashion vlogger on YouTube, giving out make up tutorials and such… now she has her OWN clothing line with Aeropostale and seems to be quite the fashionista with teen celebrities… It’s just ridiculous how far up you can climb from being a vlogger on YouTube… insane. Heck, she’s only 18 right now, only making me think – what have I accomplished so far? and I’m older than her!
I loved Heidi’s look for this episode’s judging! Sexy short to show off her knock out legs with a fun and modern colour and print. My favourite look of hers so far this season!

Now on to the main focus of this show alright? The designs!
*The Words under each designers name are the first few words that pop in my mind when I first see the design down the runway.


Korina 6/10
Overwhelming, Unrefined, Heavy


  • The proportions and fit is odd to me.
  • The vest-jacket is not that bad but the entire look together looks strange and unflattering to me

Charketa 8/10
Chic, Expensive, Jetsetter


  • A whimsical yet sophisticated look with the exaggerated collar and big bow at the side of the skirt that has a nice polished finish
  • The execution on the top by the collar (at the chest) has some creases and looks a bit wonky, the execution could be cleaner

Fade 9.5/10
Luxe, Comfortable, Sophisticated, classy


  • This is like a updated classy look for Burberry
  • From afar, it looks simple and classy but up close, there’s an excellent mix of textures and print which gives it a luxe and modern twist

Samantha 7.5/10
Young, Edgy, Detailed, Jaggered (unfinished), intriguing


  • It is quite interesting and intriguing with the detailing of the pleats and all. However, I think that it was not as unrefined and well edited as it could be. It had potential but Samantha has to really push herself! SHE has potential with great taste, just need to go that extra mile

Hernan 4/10
Hideous, Costume, Unflattering, offensive


  • The neckline-shoulder was interesting that looks like the collar from the suit.
  • The colour looks tacky and the ‘wings’ on the bust area looked very costume (it had potential to be interesting) and together with the offensive big ‘V’… just send the look over the cliff to superhero-costume
  • There could be saving this look, which I think clearly shows Hernan’s taste is questionable

Alexander 8.5/10
Sharp, Minimal, Sleek, Elegant


  • An elegant look with modern edge, almost what Audrey Hepburn would wear today
  • The bare mid-riff gives it a youthful touch with the flirty skirt of the right length while maintaining it’s sophistication
  • The shoulder-neckline has such structure and artistry that gives it a modern classy edge

Mitchell 6.5/10
bubbly, cool, interesting, fun


  •  It’s a fun and cool dress that does not look tacky and cheap which I think could really easily go that direction with the fabric choice. Shows that he has a great hand and executed it nicely
  • Not the freshest or most creative but a cute dress overall

Sean 5/10
Tarzan, Barbaric, Underwhelmed, Mummy


  •  I was hoping Sean would pull it off… it could have been a stunning look but it just looks like he made the outfit from scraps of leftover fabric, ripping it and without scissors
  • Yes, Tarzan, barbaric, Flintstones, mummy… are all that comes to mind with this dress. It’s just sad and trashy in execution. The cropped part of the top is especially distracting me the most… very unflattering to the stomach and boobs

Kristine 6.5/10
Unflattering Pants, Vintage, Vamp Jacket, old


  •  The fit and design of the biker jacket is amazing and cool, almost a vintage and modern mix, but I think the black fabric she chose for the inside (where it folds out) cheapens the look a tad.
  • The pants is just horrendous. The fit and where it cuts off into a black organza is strange.

Amanda 9/10
Unique, Sweet and edgy, Hippie Rocker


  • Bohemian meets grunge, a sweet girl turned rebel.
  • It is dramatic enough but also easy-casual look. At judging, Amanda explained that she use the other side of the coat for a different print and colour which I think was innovative and brilliant.

Kini 8/10
Power Suit, Modern, Sharp, Fierce


  •  An interpretation of power suit which is sharp and fierce with charming details which are the way he used the pockets from the coat
  • A powerful look but this look seems very similar and referential to designs we have seen before

Sandhya 7.5/10
pop art, fun, humor, lively, Overdesigned


  •  A loud and definitely out there look. A nice play of different fabrics, textures and media together. Very fun and lively
  • However, I think that the look needs a bit more editing as is over-designed and too complicated – you just don’t know what to look at. With so much going on and all the colours, it is on a thin line to looking  junior

Emily 8/10
Quiet, Powerful, Clean


  •  A dark look which is subtle but powerful. Enough little details that are quite but has enough impact to make it interesting
  • An updated look of vintage style. It is cute and unique it it’s own way but I think she definitely could have pushed it a bit further
My Top:

Fade 9.5/10
Alexander 8.5/10
Amanda 9/10

My Bottom:

Hernan 4/10
Sean 5/10
Korina 6/10

Judges’ Picks:
Top: Amanda, Alexander, Kini
Bottom: Hernan, Sean, Kristine


Judges’ Top 3:


  • “She looks very powerful, but at the same time sexy.”-Nina
  • “This is sharp suiting.”-Zac
  • “I like Kini’s but I feel like I’ve seen versions of that design.”-Nina


  • “There’s such balance to the hardness on top and then the flirty skirt. Very feminine but at the same time it looks edgy.”-Nina


  • “It just goes to show how creative you are.”-Bethany
  • “You might have seen it before Zac but you have not seen it made out of a old suit of a man.”-Nina

=I agree on the most part of the comments by the judges this episode – which are the quotes I pulled out and listed above.

Judges’ Bottom 3:


  • “This looks orthopedic, like the skin is peeling.”-Zac
  • “It just looks like a mistake.”-Nina
  • “Looks like she just came out of an operating room.”-Nina

=A patient wrapped in bandage… and was lost in the dessert… becoming a mummy. This was just not well executed, a big sloppy mistake. I did get the direction and vision he had, but he just did not execute it well at all.


  • “Boring bridges.”-Zac
  • “The material at the bottom is throwing everything off for me.”-Bethany
  • “Doesn’t look harmonious. Looks like a mismatch.”-Nina
  • “The jacket wasn’t bad…”-Nina
  • “I CAN’T see another biker jacket, honestly.”-Zac

=I think the horrible pants just pulled the entire look down. She knew it, I knew it, the judges knew it. As Nina said, it just doesn’t look harmonious.


  • “There’s this gigantic V on the front.”-Heidi
  • “She looks like she’s the vagina superhero, not very elegance.”-Nina
  • “It is tacky, it looks like a costume and looks super inexpensive.”-Heidi
  • “This from the back looks spot on and beautiful. From the front…”-Nina

= A picture to well sum up this offensive and tacky look:PR13E04-7Vagina

Thoughts Before the Verdict:

I think Amanda deserves this win for being creative and innovative with her given fabric. Yes, Kini had flawless execution and a great interpretation of a suit… but ultimately Amanda was smart in how she used her fabric from the suit and transformed it entirely into something magical. Who should be Auf-ed by Heidi? No doubt – Super Vagina! It’s just tacky and shows Hernan’s questionable taste level (which have been questionable for a couple of challenges now…)


“I CAN’T see another biker jacket [from Kristine], honestly.”-Zac Posen

Verdict is in:

Amanda wins for her clearly more creative and risky look! (Sorry not sorry Kini and you super fast sewing skills and masterful hands! Better luck next challenge!)


Sandhya’s response to Hernan’s whining

Hernan goes home. After all the mocking… “Super Vagina”… there’s not doubt the judges made the right choice. His fashion eye and taste level is questionable… how he got a scholarship to Parsons and shows twice at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week? I have no clue…

Do you agree with my comments and the judges? Did you think someone else’s design was underrated? Share your thoughts and comment below! Catch up next week for hopefully a more timely update!

Suit Up,


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