Under the Dome: Going Home

Season 2, Episode 7

Of course I do watch Under the Dome religiously! A series based on Stephen King’s novel? A science-fiction drama which is kind of mystery-thriller. COUNT ME IN. Season 1 was a tad draggy but definitely a solid season. So we’ve uncovered a couple of mysteries along with a lot more of questions. What have we uncovered this episode?

*Spoiler Alert*

Bottomless Pit

This is what is feels like, when questions are answered, more questions trail behind.

The mystery from last episode:

Where does the pit off the cliff (at the bottom of the school) leads to?

When Junior did not seem to believe that his Uncle killed Angie, Barbie did not want this hanging over him. To clear his name, he went down the cliff with rock climbing and exploration equipment… and FELL… (just right when Julia and Barlie were finally in a good place as a couple!)
S02E09-JuliaScreamWhat Julia didn’t know then was he didn’t fall into oblivion but right onto his hometown – Zenith.
S02E09-ZenithBarbieNo, this show has not given us much on Zenith, this is all we know so far as noted by CBS here.
Wikipedia defines Zenith as “an imaginary point directly “above” a particular location, on the imaginary celestial sphere.”, also Google defines it as a noun “the time at which something is most powerful or successful”.

So yes, we get an answer to where the pit/tunnel leads to, but more questions surrounding Zenith, Barbie’s past and Pauline.

Whatever it is, it seems to hold all the answers of the dome.

Magic 8 Egg

S02E09-MelanieEggMelanie seems a bit looney and attached to that darn egg, but so far the egg is acting like a guide to the hands chosen by the dome. One of the very last clues by the egg now is Zenith. Will they all be able to pull their resources (I’d like to commend __ on his observant eye, catching that still from the video his __ caught) and figure this whole mystery? Let’s hope the egg is actually working in favour of good and not evil.
S02E09-MemorialAngryJimAs for Big Jim and his multiple personality (or excellent acting), I’ve pretty much given up on his rependance… there’s no saving him when he’s gone back to his old ways after been given sooo many chances.

The dome has been spitting out more questions than answers, however, it’s not frustrating me but drawing me more to the show. Let’s just hope this doesn’t become annoying. Keep it up Chester Millers and Dome!





What did you think? Did Barbie’s fall off the cliff give you goosebumps? Any theories you have from this episode? Comments and share your thoughts!

At the end of this episode, there was one song played:
Midnight by Coldplay


The song definitely fits the mood and theme of this Episode… wanting a sign of hope in a dire situation.




Opening doors,


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