Royal Pains Fashion: Good Air/Bad Air

Season 6, Episode 10

Hank and Divya’s trip to Argentina takes all of us on a fashion trip as well this episode!

Tribal Trip

Divya’s looks seems very tribal influenced whether with accessories or prints in this episode with her trip to Argentina.
S06E10-DivyaThe colours of the earrings on the far left of the picture is lively and the chains gave it a modern edge. Her other look on the left which is a blue printed dress is almost a resort look. The print is lovely and styled with the gold-pink bracelet for a trendy and youthful look.




As for her jet-setting look, it was a free and easy outfit with earthy colours – the skater girl skirt and printed top with beaded bracelet cuff. Flirty but also chic.








As for the fuzzy looking but cold monster-in-law, she is sporting a chic white skirt with printed top and brown belt under a cozy white sweater. A clean and sophisticated look for her age but still stylish and youthful.

Solids and Blocks


Paige is wearing a simple colour blocked dress (Found by WornOnTV). It is a fun bubblegum colour group but also elegant with the light purple beaded necklace and beaded hoop earrings of the same colour group. Adding to the look for a modern edge, she has on a multicoloured chain bracelet and a lilac snakeskin satchel clutch (Found by WornOnTV). Overall an sophisticated look for the Hamptons but with her modern twists.




S06E10-Paige3Paige has on a simple bright yellow dress (Found by Pradux) with a bit of cut out at the back. Paige certainly loves her colours as she also carries a pink and white tote bag. A simple look which is paired with chandelier-esque earrings and stone bracelet. I think the earrings is a nice different twist to her usual style and I like it.



Evan has on a blue suit and a small polka dot shirt (Found by Pradux) with that pop of yellow at the pocket. Again, a clean but fun suit on Evan without looking too comedic or costume. It is quite fabulous, fun but remaining professional.




Viviana has on a hi-low orange dress with painted earrings and gold necklace. It is a very commercial look which we can see on most girls today, what I loved was the necklace together with the earrings. Some people may think it doesn’t work but there’s more than meets the eye. From afar, they chunky looking but quite intricate with the delicate dress in a loud orange colour.

Blossoms of Colour and Flowers

S06E10-NguyenMs.Nguyen has a dress in a beautiful cultural print dress unexpectedly paired with a colorful stone necklace and a gold with green stone earring. I think the necklace is pulling eyes away from the beautiful print of the dress, in fact a bit of a mismatch with the print, especially with the earrings it all just seem too heavy. The earring is fine, I think if the necklace was swapped for a simpler necklace, it would be a more sophisticated summer look.
S06E10-Divya3Divya again has a simple black and red Bougainvillea dress by Cynthia Rowley (Found by WornOnTV). I did like it with her bright blue shoulder bag and paired with a simple gold bracelet cuff tying it into a modern flirty look.
S06E10-Paige1Paige has a subdued daisy print dress which is brilliantly styled with this bright orange handbag, necklace and earrings. Definitely elevates the look for more sassy chic look.

Are the styles in this episode good or bad for the air and environment? Did the looks take you on a stroll down good style and fashion story? Which were your favorite pieces? Love it or hate it, Comment and share your thoughts!

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Could use a trip,


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