Royal Pains: Good Air/Bad Air

Season 6, Episode 10

This episode is certainly filled with shockers… mostly not so good ones but a bit of good ones as well, hence the good air/bad air I suppose. Let’s start:

*Spoiler Alert*
Picture 2014-08-13 14_25_48

I found the scene at the very beginning of the episode to be so endearing/enlightening! Cheeky Evan trying to listen into Hank’s conversation with Charlotte… it’s such a lovely heart-warming family moment which I personally found so cute!

As for Jeremiah secret love life – with Viviana, the cat’s out of the bag! Right on the staff meeting! It comes to as a surprise for the Lawson brothers as we can clearly see from their faces: Picture 2014-08-13 14_39_42

I think it was smart of Divya to take up Hank’s offer and advice on giving Jeremiah space and time to cool down. Divya also definitely redeemed herself by sending a lawyer in aid of Viviana’s deportation case.
Picture 2014-08-13 15_33_07As I said, it was smart on Divya to steer clear of Jeremiah but her trip to Argentina turned sour at the end… The sweet loving mother in law turned out to be Monster in law.

Picture 2014-08-13 15_33_36In legal terms, I do not think it is legal or fair to keep Sachi and Divya back in Argentina… I mean, how can she even apply an Argentinian passport for Sachi without Divya’s consent? She’s just the grandmother, even with the father’s consent, surely you need both parent’s consent for this. In all fairness, plain and simple, Raffa was absent the ENTIRE TIME since Divya was pregnant, to the birth to raising Sachi! I think Divya could easily get sole custody of Sachi (I have no idea why did she not get that sooner). Even with Boris’s power, I do not see how he could not get Divya and Sachi out of Argentina and out of this mess. As dramatic and shocking as this plot line is, I find it ridiculous.

As for Ray’s attempted murder? Who did not see this coming, knowing he’s a sketchy character which is most probably a mob boss. The unfortunate part is that Paige had to be there as well…
Picture 2014-08-13 15_36_33Picture 2014-08-13 15_36_49Next episode seem to be filled with loads of drama with Ray being compromised…

What do you think of this episode? Too much bad air? Were you shocked with the sticky situation that Divya has got herself into at Argentina? Share your rants, thoughts and all by commenting below!

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Thankfully from a normal family,



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