Royal Pains Music: Good Air/Bad Air

Season 6, Episode 10

Here are the music played on Season 6, Episode 10 (Good Air/Bad Air) of Royal Pains with the help of Tunefind, Soundhound and Shazam.

There was only one song played in this episode which is quite shocking. I barely noticed that it was an absence of songs in this episode, I suppose the amount of plot lines and drama in this episode was powerful enough that it does not require much songs in it.

1. Pretzel Logic by Steely Dan



Scene: The song Hank was listening to on his headphones on the plane to Argentina with Boris and Divya.

A soulful song with groovy mix of instruments used in it. Very mellow and cool cat. Love the use of guitars with more soulful instruments. Cozy cool jazzy vibe.

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Cool cat,


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