The Fosters Music: Someone’s Little Sister

Season 2, Episode 10

Here are the music played on Season 2, Episode 10 (Someone’s Little Sister) of The Fosters with the help of Tunefind, SoundhoundShazam and The Fosters Facebook:

*Someone’s Little Sister is Brandon, Lou and Mat’s band, they write their own songs throughout the season, so far I can’t find any songs performed by them online. If you do or have links to their complete songs, do share!

1. Strange Angles by Blake Hazard


Scene: Callie and Daphne talk while at work before Robert shows up




2. 80s Love Song by Someone’s Little Sister


Scene: Brandon sings a song he wrote to his bandmates




3. Gavotte by Daniel Infantino


Scene: Song playing in the background when the Quinn’s discuss the Fundraiser Garden Party with Callie and Rita



4. Where You Came From by Scattered Trees



Scene: Mariana and Lena talk in Mariana’s room when the Quinn’s discuss the fundraiser Garden Party with Callie & Rita



5. 80s Boy Toy by Someone’s Little Sister


Scene: Lou sings a song Brandon rewrote the lyrics to





6. Desert Island by Someone’s Little Sister


Scene: Brandon’s Band play at the fundraiser Garden Party in the Quinn’s Home




7. Tomorrow’s Never Gone by Someone’s Little Sister


Scene: Second song played by Brandon’s Band at the fundraiser




8. Safe in My Hands by Eli Lieb



Scene: Callie runs out from the Quinn’s house





The songs featured on this episode are pretty good match to the tone of the scenes. Especially loved Scattered Tree’s Where You Came From. Eli Lieb’s Safe in my hands is a tad cheesy and pop, but it is a pretty good song to listen to time to time. I enjoyed Someone’s Little Sister’s songs melodies but a bit one note and too pop too me in terms of lyrics. What did you think?

If you’d like to ponder/discuss/rage on the drama of this episode together, check out my episode post here!

Remember your roots,


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