The Fosters: Someone’s Little Sister

Season 2, Episode 10

*Spoiler Alert*

I never get it with series that does a summer half and spring half within one season, can’t they just make it into two separate seasons? I don’t get the need or logic behind it. ANYHOO, This summer season finale ended on a pretty much similar note as the summer season finale of Season 1: The Fosters might not be able to adopt Callie and the episode ended with a very similar kiss – shared between Callie and Brandon yet again!

Physical & Emotional Damage


We see Connor and his homophobic father in Lena’s office. Apparently, Connor might have been hit by his dad because Connor slept in the same tent as Jude during their camp. It is just outrageous, and for the dad to have approached Jude directly before (implying he is gay and should stay away from Connor) is pure bullying, especially for a grown man to a young confused kid who is clearly still trying to figure himself out. As much of a douche Connor’s dad is, Lena should not have taken it this personally (she clearly did). She quit her JOB because of this! (As much as she denies it) Let’s hope that the new principal can see the good in Lena and coax her back into her position.


Jesus… I hope that tattoo gets infected real bad and you finally wake up from Hayley’s trance.S02E10-JesusHayleyTattoo

All this time, Mariana seems to be the one who is more accepting and in need of her mother’s affection. I suppose since she was the one who got in soo deep with her mother with the whole drugs and money incident, it would be her that gets hurt deeper… making it much harder to regain trust and forgive her mother (Ana). It was shocking for me to see Jesus so comforting towards Ana… and it was nice of Ana to share a bit of Jesus’s behaviour when he was a child still with her. It shows that Jesus has strong family values and ties, which has brought him and Hayley through so much rough and good times together.S02E10-JesusAna

Past + Present = What Future?

Brandon has clearly been attracted to Lou since they met but I suppose their connection is not strong enough, not enough to get him over Callie. I know it is quite a spur in the moment and a kiss in such a tense moment could mean many things. I am still 50/50 on the Callie and Brandon boat, but they always seem to have this love for each other which I am not sure will ever fade or whether they will be able to get past it by finding a greater love (I can relate to this as I have kind of gotten involved with a relative before and it was not hard to let go when it feels so perfect Yes, I’ve managed to put it aside, but Heck, I’ve not found anything that matches up to that feeling yet after almost 10 years. So yes, it still stings when I think about it). You just can’t help but wonder if he/she is really the one when you can’t seem to find that other love. I think that is the case for Brandon, but Callie might be able to put her feelings for him aside seeing how she had dates Wyatt (although, she still seems to find comfort in Brandon first rather than Wyatt when they were together).S02E10-BrandonCallie S02E10-HayleysHair
As for Mariana, SO PROUD and glad that she is a brunette again! I suppose Mat really has really helped and grounded her on earth. First love is the sweetest, especially with a nice decent guy who is ever so understanding and caring. I really hope this keeps going for them! No drama alright, Mariana!




Callie has been through so much and grown so much through all the hardship. It is lovely of her to still be attached to Girls United, and now taking it upon herself to bring it back to life for Rita and the girls. So close to being adopted by the Fosters as well, the big question is will she choose to stay with the Quinns for the wrong reasons now? That is if she does still love Brandon and realizes that from this kiss, and clearly she is not feeling it with the Quinns having stormed out of their house… only to be calmed by Brandon’s kiss. Callie has been put in tought spots and cross roads… some were bad but most of the good ones turned things around for her. I wonder what will she do this time.S02E10-CalliePastPresent

Can I just mention how beautiful Callie looked at the Fundraiser in that white dress! Absolutely lovely.

What could have been

Callie seems to have been exposed to the Quinn’s rich lifestyle a lot since they met. Was this their strategy to tempt her by giving her a taste of what could have been for her? Especially with Sophia and her classy girly room, sleepovers and pony talk. I feel that Callie is not in awe or drawn to it, I admire her for remaining humble and down to earth.


But OH MY, will you just LOOK at their MANSION! with a POOL! If it was Mariana in Callie’s shoes, I think it might be a different story haha.S02E10-QuinnsHouse

As for Lena who came so close to being the new Principal of Anchor Beach High, I am sure that being solely in charge of all the academia, extra-curricular and welfare of the students while the new principal (with a corporate background who seems absolutely darling and polite) takes care of all the financial issues and budgets, is a dream for Lena. Let’s hope there are no cruel intentions with the new principals actions (doesn’t seem so, she really seems harmless! but you never know.)S02E10-NewPrincipalWhy did Lena quit from this dream? Perhaps a bit of leftover hormonal thing going on from her pregnancy? She really is just taking it too personal…

 What do you think of the Lou-Brandon and Callie-Brandon kiss? Do you think Callie and Brandon are really each others soulmates? Would she choose her love for Brandon and stay with the Quinns over being adopted by The Fosters with Jude if she does still harbour feelings for Brandon? Share your thoughts by commenting (or ranting) below!

Loved any of the music tracks played on this episode? Check out my music post on this episode here with the song list!

A little damaged (aren’t we all),


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