Witches of East End: Boogie Knights

Season 2, Episode 5

This was quite a frustrating episode for following Freya and Ingrid into a spiral… let’s see:

*Spoiler Alert*


“Maybe I’m addicted, I’m out of control but you’re the drug that keeps me from dying.”

Freya has fallen into the same hole Ingrid did when Adam (the detective) died… clinging on to what could have been. Freya seems to be addicted to a particular potion which allows her to dream about her past lives in the beginning of the episode. She was mainly reliving the pasts where she and Killian were items. I get how heartbroken she was, she was so close to getting together with Killian but she came to realization a bit too late. In order to avoid the painful reality, Freya ran to relive the pasts. I suppose knowing that she had a sweet past-lives with Killian and reliving it became an addiction, just like how I’m addicted to the fantasy and fiction of Televsion shows and movies… sometimes we just want to escape reality. But we all know, addiction (whether it’s a healthy or unhealthy habit) – overdoing something is never healthy, and of course doing it to avoid reality is worse. It throws us off course, off our goals.

It was nice of Freya to wake up (literally and figuratively) at the end of the episode that it is not the end of the world (especailly with someone with infinite lives) if she can’t be Killian, also gracious of her to learn that “__”. I am still shipping for Killian and Freya (since they met! I knew they were soulmates!) despite the whole bullocks “crossing ___ ” fate. As cheesy as it sounds, I believe in one true love and soulmates… also, __ seems to be up to no good from spiking Killians drinks with mysterious potions and all that manipulating business as hot as she looks…

Ingrid’s Infinite Issues

I do not get Ingrid. She is easily frazzled but she is supposedly smart and practical. I admire Ingrid for always acting on her gut feeling. However, what I do not get is why did she approach Dash with her mysterious problem, why not her family who more likely know what is actually going on? Sure, she did not tell Freya or any of her family that she is helping Dash because of conflicts… but with her mysterious blackouts? COME ON, you need a well-versed witch to help! I have no idea what is running through her head… I’m baffled.







What do you think about this episode? Are you still rooting for Freya-Killian/Ingrid-Dash? Can you believe that Joanna’s lesbian? Or I suppose bi- haha. Comment below and share your thoughts!


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Easily Swayed into Addiction,

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