Witches of East End Music: When a Mandragora Loves a Woman

Season 2, Episode 6

Here are the music played on Season 2, Episode 6 (When a Mandragora Loves a Woman) of Witches of East End with the help of Tunefind, Soundhound and Shazam.

1. Give Up by Suburban Living



Scene: Killian at the bar realizing that he can hear thoughts




2. A Decline by Frank Smith



Scene: Killian making a drink back home while Eva returns home as well




3. If You’ll Be Mine by The Blue Notes



Scene: Song that Plays on the Record that Freya accidentally bumps into a phonograph player at Dash’s Attic when looking for the Browning family Spell Book



 1. Give Up by Suburban Living
  • A dark lyrics with an upbeat melody. Like the contrast
  • Love the vocals
  • Pretty one note but almost daydreaming (of negative thoughts) vibe
2. A Decline by Frank Smith
  • A similar theme the style to the song above, with a bit more angst
  • Average slow rock song but with intriguing lyrics.
3. If You’ll Be Mine by The Blue Notes
  • A nice slow blues love oldies song
  • Love how it almost adds to the tense mood of the scene

The song choices seem to have a similar style which I do not necessarily hate, but I think there are better songs out there and the producers could be a bit more out of the box. What do you think? Did you like the songs? Comment below!

Share your thoughts on the songs on this episode here or on the actual show itself on my other post covering the episode here.

Definitely a decline,


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