Witches of East End: When a Mandragora Loves a Woman

Season 2, Episode 6

What happens with a love spell gone wrong? As long as you don’t fall for a Mandragora… this episode was ugly.

*Spoiler Alert*

Gruesome Revelations

When making potions, we are so used to seeing lovely earthy spices and all with Charmed. I suppose when you’re dealing with stronger evils (even in Charmed), some nasty stuff are needed to kick them off. I suppose a Mandragora is on top of the evil ranking.


Thank goodness Joanna and Jillian got to the Library in time with the potion. Unfortunately, they somehow got momentarily put into this Library maze? I do not get that at all how that worked… wish there were some clarification… was it a mind game kind of thing or simply an alternate world? Whatever it was, it got to the seemingly badass Jillian’s head fast.S02E06-Mandragora

Playing with Fire

Eva sure is playing with fire. She did some weird voodoo thing by dropping candle wax on Killian. There are times where we see how Killian is a bit skeptical of how little he knows about Eva… then why on earth is he okay with her dropping candle wax on him while obviously chanting some latin mumbo jumbo? Moreover, he can’t read her thoughts which he doesn’t question her much about after she brushes it off with a lame irrelevant response (He’s worse than Bella in Twilight). It baffles me.. it’s either he’s too trusting (cause yeah, Eva saved him, supposedly) or just dumb and blind.


At the very end of the episode, Eva says that she wants to have a baby with Killian… mind you, she said it in such a creepy way as if she wants to create some powerful demon child. Killian needs to open his eyes and start being able to read her mind!S02E06-EvaBabyIn



As for Frederick, he has shown great love towards his family so far except for when he stole and cast a spell on Wendy’s earring… isolated incident? I think not. With Frederick foaming up and having a seizure on the floor while saying “I won’t let you down.” to his grandfather… let’s hope he won’t keep to this particular promise and actually has his family’s best interest at heart because it does seems that his heart is warming up to his family. Wendy also has her guard down on Frederick now which only heightens the risk for our witches…




Let’s not forget the very memorable scene of this episode – The Beauchamps literally playing with fire… on Ingrid:S02E06-IngridFire

What an episode. Never a boring moment with the Beauchamps and now the brothers as well! What did you think of the new clues and signs uncovered? Did you think this episode had too much going on? Do share your thoughts and comment!

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On Fire,


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