Pretty Little Liars Fashion: No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

Season 5, Episode 11

I love most of our liars look this episode. They are fierce but with some quirk.

The Fierce and Quirky



Aria’s first look of cropped top with lightning bolt print skater skirt (found by WornOnTV), topped with a denim jacket (found by WornOnTV), leather-studed bracelet and black shoulder  bag. A punk rock look with charm, a great look.



It is not my favourite look from Aria, but I suppose she was dressing to a theme which is the movie she was watching. The blue retro/pin-up sweetheart dress (found by Pradux) with a scarf on her neck and black shoes over socks. It is adorable but I don’t really like the printed belt, to me it just cheapens the look a tad.




S05E11-EmilyAn expected look from Emily, biker chic Topshop body-con dress (found by WornOnTV) with an unexpected twist – knee high white socks (found by WornOnTV) and sweater/shirt tied around her waist. I think with the black bomber jacket (found by WornOnTV) on as well, I do not get the sweater wrapped around her waist, a bit over excessive to me. IMO, If the jacket was cropped, it would be a better look. The dress is smoking with the cut out and tote bag (found by WornOnTV) ties the look nicely.

S05E11-HannaHanna looking kickass with a Slayher muscle tee (found by WornOnTV), burgundy pants, leather cuff, necklaces, chain earrings and black handbag. The black denim overshirt with pockets and what looks like plastic studded panels gives it a polished modern look. A smashing look.




Another fierce look with a lot of great styling. The mesh black tank top (found by Pradux) over a long white tank that she wears as a dress, could not be a easy look to pull off but Hanna did! She looks fierce and not trashy, along with a waterfall kind of jacket, classy earrings and necklaces. A very unique look that I’d love to steal.



S05E11-SpencerSpencer is again in a conservative and sophisticated look in this interesting V-neck dress (found by Pradux) with a black blazer, vintage watch and chain bracelet cuff. An subtle look which does not look overly mature on her, surprisingly. A nice smart casual look to imitate.

I am not liking Mona’s overly gimmicky look. The leather pants (found by WornOnTV), cherry printed top (found by Pradux) along with huge red bird necklace (found by WornOnTV) and ice cream earrings (found by WornOnTV). There is just too much going on and it looks tacky. A bit of editing could help a lot.







I do not think I’ve ever seen Paige look this hot, in a simple and sexy little (literally) black dress.








Did you think the style of this episode were fierce? Did you understand their looks? Are their looks steal worthy? Comment and share your thoughts below!

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So fierce,


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