Pretty Little Liars: No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

Season 5, Episode 11

No sign of Ali at all this episode (suspicious? I’m not putting too much thought into that) but we finally did get to see what Melissa had to say to Spencer that she couldn’t face to face, but in a recording, in it’s entirety. I must say it was the most emotional scene for me this entire season.

*Spoiler Alert*

Caught in a Web

Ali has loads of photographs floating about which threatens all the girls as it clearly indicates that they have been lying about Ali’s kidnapping. It looks like there is no backing down for anyone of them, it is possible but not impossible to quit Ali’s web. Let’s just hope that the other girls can escape this web before they get eaten up. It is really frustrating how Ali still has that grip on all these girls, dead or alive.

Couple of Changes

Just when Caleb seems to have stopped being a douche… Hanna finds him drunk and slumped on that wonky couch. Thankfully, with Toby’s help (a little bromance help) finally got Caleb to open up to Hanna. He was being self-destructive because he was afraid of sleeping then dreaming that he did not help Miranda find what she was looking for. He was convinced that he has changed, but so has Hanna! It was a beautiful moment seeing Hanna being the supportive one in the relationship this time, comforting and helping Caleb when he clearly needs it. Caleb and Hanna all the way! I’m still debating on whether to watch Ravenswood at this point… but from the magical touch of Ravenswood with that Ouiji Board jizz, I have a feeling they are going to drag on PLL by tying in Ravenswood’s story.
Mona & Mike has always been a questionable relationship. It was majorly driven by Ezra but Mona fallen for Mike in the process. This might be Mona stil playing at an angle (I don’t know what) but my gut is telling me she really is into Mike and is going at it seriously this time. We hope so, because we all know Aria won’t go soft on her if she was using Mike again. Is everyone else curious of what Aria whispered to Mona in the movie theatre that “knived her” and teared her so much? Because I really am! I really would like to know what sweet little Aria said that could affected frosty Mona that much!

S05E11-PLLMusic5Emily is killing herself for trusting Ali and giving up on Paige for Ali. It really sucks. Now to see Paige a dolled up, dating again… I’m sure Emily regrets it. Emily and Paige always had a healthy relationship… it is a great lost for Emily.I do hope Paige deep down still longs for Paige because come on, they are lovely together. Paige always loved and cared for her so much and yes, she sometimes does things which ended up bad but it was in good intention!

The Hasty Hastings

Mellisa has always played the horrible big sister to Spencer well. She undermines her, keeps secrets from her and so on. The recording she left for Spencer, really showed such love (kind of reminds me of my brother.) It is as if they always bully and hurt you, but if anyone/anything else does, they will do anything to protect their little brother/sister. Melissa revealed something big – That she was the one who burried Bethany (who she thought was Ali) as she saw Spencer with a shovel. In order to protect Spencer, she burried Bethany, that shows what great lengths Melissa was wiling to go in order to protect Spencer, sisterly love.S05E11-PLLMelissaSpencer

As the girls pointed out, it is obvious that someone must have intended for that to happen as they had Bethany in the exact same clothes as Ali. If so, why? And was Spencer the one who knocked Bethany dead with a Shovel by mistake? If it wasn’t Spencer? Was it Alison, making it easier for her to disappear? Or really, is Alison just A, it really is starting to seem that way especially with Emily’s major slip up “Picture of A at the Hospital.” Once again, more questions than answers uncovered…

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