Royal Pains Fashion: Hankmed on the Half Shell

Season 6, Episode 11

There’s a lot of nice easiness and flow to this episode’s looks, very casual but sophisticated and fresh at the same time.

Aztec to Snakeskin

S06E11-Divya1Divya wears an Aztec print dress for travelling back to America. It is easy and bright with the orange sandals and gold touches of bracelet touch and drop earrings. A beautiful look on Divya’s skin tone.

Paige red look was youthful and casual, more than her usual style. I like how she balanced the loose bird silk top (found by Pradux) with a tight skirt with minimal accessorizing – drop earrings which the colours looked smashing against the colour of her outfit.
Paige’s striped top with orange skirt looks exactly like what an art student would wear. It is a bit retro but still looking fresh with the little details such as the floral printed collar on the striped tie front blouse (found by Pradux) and such. I was almost like “You wear THAT to paint?”. Who knows! Maybe getting a big of paint marks on it will enhance the look further.
Ray’s wife sure looks like a fierce but sophisticated Mob Wife. That dress is sexy and together with the gold bracelet cuff and hoop earrings added sophistication to a sexy look.

Elements of Light, Earth and Stars

Divya is wearing a light outfit with bold solid colours. It is not a look people normally wears to the beach but blue and green colour are colours of nature! It is a chic look with is smart yet easy, not tight fitting and uncomfortable. The blue stone necklace really adds a boldness to the look along with the triangle earrings and gold bracelet cuff. The easiness of the look flowed through with the blue sandals as well.

S06E11-Divya3Divya looks darling with this quirky multicoloured necklace, pleated printed skirt and yellow top. Another colorful look by Divya with a lot more quirkiness.

Emma looks much more refined and sophisticated in this black top with embellishments and light wash chambray skirt (found by Pradux). The blue earrings adds colour to the look. It is a young look with modern sophistication which I have not seen Emma have. I suppose the styles of young socialites at the Hamptons are rubbing off on her! This girl is trouble.

S06E11-EvanI have a theory – Evan loves blue. I love how he quiets down the tone of his suit with a grey blazer on top of bue striped shirt, tie and pants. That lovely little ruffle from the hanky in the pocket sure adds a fancy touch to it. And who else think that shoes with blue accnets is a bit quirky?
As for his second look, that tie is so fun but not too loud against the simple suit. Sharp and smart looks from Hank with his personal twist.

Boy does this boy look like a rich boy in a casual smart look. It is a light and bright in color but looking smart in long sleeved collared dress shirt (Tommy Hilfiger mind you!) and knee length khaki pants for the summer. Definitely a look for many ages.




Paige has on this delightful and angelic looking white dress with sequin daisy panel (found by Pradux) where the daisies are accented by a Kate Spade yellow satchel bag (found by Pradux). She also has on this flower patterned stone bracelet and earrings. However, I think the earrings is a bit of a mismatch and overpowering the look. A daintier looking earring would be better.




Are the styles in this episode good or bad for the air and environment? Did the looks take you on a stroll down good style and fashion story? Which were your favorite pieces? Love it or hate it, Comment and share your thoughts!

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Flowing with the flow,


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