Royal Pains: Hankmed on the Half Shell

Season 6, Episode 11

Most of Hankmed/HankLab’s threats seems to be resolved this episode, with Hank, Divya and Boris back at Hamptons as well.

*Spoiler Alert*

Troublesome Threats

S06E11-BobWe all had it on the back of our mind that something bad that will happen to HankLab with their partnership with Ray. I overrated how big a threat Ray is. As cruel as he seems, he has a soft spot for loyalty and people who has helped him. Of course, he can’t forget that Hank saved his life (literally) more than once. Evan has always been wary, afraid of crossing Ray. With Bob’s persuasion “don’t be afraid, to walk away.”, Evan manned up and faced Ray that he wanted out. Taking Evan on a stroll into the woods, we all feared for Evan! Ray of course seemed mad with the “no one walks away from me” But Hank having saved his life again and hashing out the misunderstanding between Evan, they managed to part ways with mutual understanding. That is awfully big for someone like Ray.

Emma is stirring up more trouble for HankMed than Ray. At least Ray was doing some good for HankLab financially and for protection in a lot of ways. What Emma has done so far is hurting HankMed’s reputation which was build up by the Lawson brothers from nothing. For Emma to come wreck it this easily, I would hate her for it after how accepting and welcoming they have been towards a family member they barely know about.



Monster Abuela has only been unreasonable for reasonable reasons – she has some kind of disease and it is constricting her from travelling and such. A simple consultation and Divya flew out of Argentina without a hitch. No old lady can stop Divya from leaving Argentina.


What do you think of this episode? Did you think the Ray plot played out nicely or were you expecting something more? Did Divya’s sticky situation resolved a bit too quickly for you? What do you think Emma done with Hank’s pad? Share your rants, thoughts and all by commenting below!

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I smell Trouble,


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