Royal Pains Music: Hankmed on the Half Shell

Season 6, Episode 11

Here are the music played on Season 6, Episode 11 (Hankmed on the Half Shell) of Royal Pains with the help of Tunefind, Soundhound and Shazam.

1. That’s A Pretty Good Love by The Del Moroccos



Scene: Model eating a burger on the beach to shoot a commercial for Chewy’s



2. I Just Want to Make Love to You by Etta James




Scene: Hank drinks a glass of water on the plane from Argentina back home, cutting back to the Model strolling on the beach shooting for Chewy’s commercial





3. Unknown
A lot of help needed with this one! Pretty please!


Scene: Divya and Jeremiah talk in the Hospital hallways after taking to the model (patient)




The first two Sexy songs used for the Chewy’s Burger Joint commercial with definitely matches that temptation vibe with the gorgeous model going on and all. Powerful songs from the oldies for that retro vibe which Chewy’s seem to have, old, wholesome goodness.

I really loved song they played when Divya and Jeremiah reconcile at the hospital but after trying almost everything from searing the lyrics, blogs, apps… still no luck with what song it is! Do share by commenting below if you have any idea what song it is! Much Appreciated!

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Foodgasms on the Beach are the best,



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