Under the Dome: Awakening

Season 2, Episode 8

A bit more of Zenith and what’s going on outside the dome is shown this episode… however, it definitely is not better than the inside the dome…

*Spoiler Alert*

Big Catty Cat Jim

How many lives does he have? SERIOUSLY? This is absolutely ridiculous. And WHEN on EARTH will he pay for all his evil ways? Will Karma ever got to him? He has cheated death so many times… and managed to hide his darkest and most evil ways so many times, pissing off too many people… it’s getting annoying. Let’s just hope like a cat, he has just a limit of just 9 lives.




I knew he didn’t buy Julia’s story when he stopped her. There’s something about Big Jim – he trusts no one and it usually goes in favor of him for doing so. This time, it is big news, tailing Julia – he uncovers that Barbie is not dead and out of the dome. I really have no clue what will he do with this information as I’ve quit trying to put myself in a evil mindset.

Modern Conspiracy

Being the corporate guy with connections, Barbie should have known better than to trust his father, even after not trusting him for soo many years. I feel for Barbie, if you can’t trust family…moreover the person who raised you, the world sure must seem crooked to you. For him to able to find love out of all this madness, is just amazing. For him to go to such lengths to warn Julia as well, it really shows how deeply he’s in love with Julia even being together in a dire situation for a short amount of time. People can find love under a dome, why can’t I? My life mystery…
S02E08-DomeFilesThis dome is already a mystery, now we find out a company is somehow tied to it with all those surveillance pictures. Is the dome a scientific laboratory? Some kind of conspiracy?
In all of this madness, of course there is a geek who works at the company hacking through military firewalls. However, this geek does not know as much as he has hacked. Let’s hope that he is actually on the side of good and from what he has done for Barbie, it is starting to seem that way. Barbie runs all the way to the dome to send a message to Julia “NOt safe Out here, Don’t Jump.” Do I think might just jump in order to save Barbie? There’s a possibility, let’s just hope it’s a slim one.
S02E08-RedDoorAt the end of last episode, we see a red door and now Pauline has a postcard painting of a Red Door. Could what’s behind the red door the truth of the dome and the company?


The puzzle is almost coming together.

Hopefully the right person completes the puzzle first.

Always Safer in a Bubble,


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