Project Runway 13: The Klum of Doom

Season 13, Episode 5

*Spoiler Alert*

This episode, the designers get the toughest client they can get (as we have learnt from Project Runway history) – Heidi Klum! They have to create a Red Carpet look for Heidi to wear to the Creative Arts Emmys. They are given $250 and another $100 (addition: if a designer decides to not go to Mood for the second time, they can give their money to another designer, it’s completely up to them), one day for this entire challenge.

Whether it’s Tim Gunn or our lovely judges, we always learn something from Project Runway. This week, we learn a new German word thanks to Heidi!
S13E05-3GermanHunterGerman word of the Week: Lodenjacke = German Hunter.
S13E05-1HeidiHeidi showed up in a trench coat which she looked gorgeous in and absolutely sexy (whether she had anything else underneath). Heidi also looked smart and snazzy in that button down printed shirt and floral print pants, smart but fun and stylish at the same time! It is refreshing to see her in a such a look. On runway day, Heidi was in a black dress with prints panelling. I kind of think the panelling on her skirt was unflattering to her hips, and overall makes her look matronly with her hair and make-up. Her Runway look was less successful to me with the styling.


Nina also donned a simple animal print dress, simple but it makes Nina look younger and stylish. A bit of a matchy matchy game with Heidi huh? But Nina definitely did it better if you’d like to compare it to Heidi’s look.
This episode’s guest judge was Lindsey Vonn, an Olympic Champion Ski Racer. I did not think an athlete would be a  good guest judge but after looking her up, she is quite the fashionista who has attended many Red Carpet events. I suppose she is entitled to join this particular episode of Project Runway which is a Red Carpet Challenge.

Now let’s see which designs are up to par to Heidi’s taste and style:

*The Words under each designers name are the first few words that pop in my mind when I first see the design down the runway.

Charketa 6/10
Prom, Sweet, Flowy


  • Not the best fit at the left bust
  • It is too Prom dress to me, not sophisticated enough for Heidi
  • Very flowy and sweet look
  • Definitely too safe, not spectacular enough as a Red Carpet look, but not a horrible look


Emily 5/10
Tight, Trashy, Cocoon, Scrunched, Dirty


  • Interesting with the asymmetrical Lapelle (the only interesting part of the dress)
  • The colour, tight fit, shine, short back… all that combination makes it all the more trashy.
  • Despite it being trashy, with a bit of editing, the design is there and it could be more polished. This is more a stage-performance look than red carpet, definitely not sophisticated enough for Heidi and the event.
  • Is it just me or is her asymmetrical Lapelle a concept from the look which sent Angela home?

Mitchell 4/10
Rough, Messy, Confused


  • The top is not bad if executed better, could become a nice origami effect
  • Confused by the bottom, seems he accidentally cut and had to cut the bottom into a slit. It just looks atrocious with that added slit.


Korina 2/10
Boring, Ill-fitting, Unfinished, Expected


  • Not fitted properly, the back is not symmetrical/aligned
  • Besides the poor execution, boring design and silhouette, there is no effort/concept/design in this look AT ALL. More like a cliche
  • Colour looks sad

Fade 7/10
Elegant, Thrilling, Movement


  • Not the most creative design
  • Great alignment with the prints
  • Dramatic and great flow
  • Casual and flowy,  but also chic with the chosen print

Alexander 7.5/10
Structured, Whimsical, Edgy


  • The structural silhouette makes it edgy and yet it still has a charming and light quality to it with it being short
  • Sadly, the back is a bit too short, butt cheeks are showing…
  • It’s seems a bit repetitive to a previous design he has done though

Sandhya 7.5/10
Interesting, Elegant, Funky, Shapeless


  •  It is interesting and with the lace and how she manipulated it is amazing, however a bit one dimensional.
  • Sleek and sexy but not shapely enough for Heidi Klum I suppose
  • Modest but funky with the lovely pops of blue paint and colour underneath the lace

Samantha 6.5/10
Tangled, One Note, Sexy, Pedestrian


  • A bit too teenager meets ice skater costume.
  • It is sexy but not striking enough.
  • The side of the dress tangles together as she walks, loosing that nice flow, not the best execution possibly
  • Not exciting or innovative, but not the worst design

Kristine 3/10
Simple, Mess, Bad execution


  • Clearly horrible execution
  • The pointy boobage is bad
  • The side panelling is interesting
  • Could have been better

Kini 8/10
Sexy, Flattering, Sleek, Glamorous


  • The sequins accentuates the body stunningly. Very sexy sleek and gorgeous while still being modest and not too revealing.
  • A nice sexy back
  • Not the most unique look for a red carpet look but definitely glamorous and sophisticated. Very expensive looking.
  • Flawless in execution

Sean 9/10
Playful, Sophisticated, Loud, Charming


  • Charming and fun with movement but elegant looking when static.
  • Perfect for red carpet as it will wow with different looks when moving and static.
  • It looks beautifully when static, very luxe and posh while fresh with the color; in movement, it has so much personality!

Amanda 8/10
Youthful, Unique, Pop of Colour, Bohemian Chic


  •  Interesting and intriguing with the embellishments.
  • A bohemian style but also chic and sophisticated.
  • Trimmings and embellishments could be more polished and refined, the vertical trim down the dress is a bit too rough.
  • Very youthful, spirited and different for a red carpet look
My Top:

Sean 9/10
Amanda 8/10
Kini 8/10

My Bottom:

Mitchell 4/10
Korina 2/10
Kristine 3/10

Judges Picks:
Top: Sean, Amanda, Kini
Bottom: Korina, Mitchell, Kristine


Judges’ Top 3:


  • “This dress hugs her body in an incredible way, espcially in the back.”-Nina

=Yes, the fit and everything is flawless and the gown is gorgeous and sleek. However, it is not the most unique look for a red carpet event especially for our Fashionista – Heidi.


  • “You were gutsy and I think it paid off.”-Heidi
  • “It is refreshing to see you do something not predictable and cliche. Heidi can stand out in this dress.”-Nina

=An unexpected look for Red Carpet, definitely daring and different. Zac didn’t like the vertical trimming down the front. As Nina pointed out upon closer look, it is a great concept and idea which could have used more refinement.


  • “I love how you did the ombre, it gives it a modern look.”-Zac
  • “There’s such bareness in the back that it really balances the heaviness of the fringe. It is a really sexy dress without screaming sexy.”-Nina

=Flawless and fancy, a loud red carpet look with wonderful wow factor.

Judge’s Bottom 3:


  • “It’s like a boob canyon.”-Zac
  • “I like the panelling. I think it looks modern. Had you done it properly I think it would look well. But, there was a lot of problems and it was badly executed.”-Nina

= I agree with Nina and Zac, it has it’s modern and good design parts, but there are a lot of problems in execution. I do think that there is more design aspect to her look than Korina’s.


  • “I think you just tried a little too hard.”
  • “Frankly, this red, she looks like a christmas ornament. I also think she looks matronly and unflattering up here.”-Nina

=It’s just sad. He tried a lot but it just gone bad. Red almost always looks lovely on the red carpet, however the red colour he choose looks cheap. That was just what brought his look down together with the poor execution.


  • “Why the cliché ideas. Why not make this into a jumpsuit and make it into like a Halston moment.”-Nina
  • “It’s so boring, simple, a mother of a bride dress.”-Heidi
  • “I did not know what was intentional and what was not.”-Zac
  • “This is amateur hour here, on a very simple design.”-Nina

=Cliche and boring. It is just boring and looks terrible in that colour, horrible along with that execution and quilting just makes it look heavy.

Thoughts Before the Verdict:

Sean should win. His was flawless with such charm! Amanda is a close second, an excellent concept and unique idea but as Nina said, it could be more refined and polished. Kini’s is gorgeous but very expected for Heidi to wear as a red carpet look.

Korina should be out because there was no thought and even with the poor execution, there is simply no design in there at all! A cliche look. Kristine at least tried but a bad decision with the back cost her. As for Mitchell, you could see he was trying with the top but everything turned out a mess possibly cause of the time constraint.

Verdict is in:

Sean wins with his quirky and playful fringe dress! He deserved this win the judges made the right choice with his look because Heidi looked absolutely smashing on the Red Carpet:

Mitchell goes home… SO DOES KRISTINE?! Korina is safe.
S13E05-5FadeHuhI JUST DID NOT GET THIS DECISION. As much as I do not care for Mitchell’s aesthetic, but I do not think that he deserved the Auf over Korina. It was obvious that Korina gave up, there was zero effort or design aspect to her design. Whether intentional or not, the design is dull, boring, cliché and heavy. Such a sad looking drabby gown. Kristine’s look had more design to it, she just unfortunately made some bad judgement calls during crunch time. Mitchell’s look was cheap and looked like it was going to fall apart, but I did not think it was as atrocious as Korina’s sad look.

I just do not get why the judges chose to eliminate Kristine and Mitchell… and not Korina? If Korina went home as well, I wouldn’t be complaining. But from what I heard from their comments, it seems like Korina did the worst out of the three… I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. I CANNOT… I just can’t…


Do you agree with my comments and the judges? Did you love Heidi’s choice? Did you think both Kritine and Mitchell deserved to be sent home over Korina? Share your thoughts and comment below! Catch up next week!



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