MTV VMAs 2014: Red Carpet

Lucy Hale co-hosted with 2 other people on the Red Carpet for MTV this year! I love Lucy 😉 Great to see her. Now onto some Red Carpet looks which I did see on MTV:

Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale
A fun yet edgy dress which is simple but interesting with the pop of colour from the print. A nice easy and simple look to move around in for interviewing people on the Red Carpet. What made the look was her accessorizing. You can’t see it, but she has on funky shaped rings and bracelets. She could have gone a bit bolder with her choices, but as a host, I think it was perfect.





Ariana Grande
A sexy and spunky Moschino leather body hugging leather dress. However, I think the styling could have gone differently. The tigh high black boots and high ponytail just brought the look into trashy-domanatrix world.



Adam Levine
Adam Levine
A Lakers’ Jersey under a leather jacket? It is a cool idea but I’m quite thrown off by that gel-filled slicked back hair. It would be much more effective of a look with a messy, tousled hairdo.



Fifth HarmonyFifth Harmony
Left to Right: Sexy Black dress with a high slit and plunging V-neck line; A fun cropped black top with knee length skirt is a conservative yet sexy; also conservative and sexy is this grey bodycon dress and mesh at the waist; a simple alluring black dress and lastly, a party starter look – a top with such personality with the puffy sleeves paired with a shimmery gold pants.

Taylor Swift



Taylor Swift
I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift but her fashion sense has always been pretty alright. This look? Seems like an astronaut inspired Pyjamas/Jumpsuit. Very Junior. Perhaps some styling could have made the look… but I am absolutely confused and hating this look.

*The Worst Red Carpet Look to me.

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani
Holla to the Hot Mama! She’s rocking that pink and black striped jumpsuit. Simple but loud and quite age appropriate. A bit more styling could have enhanced the look but overall, I am digging this look, a solid “Hell Yeah I’m Back” look.






Jennifer Lopez





Jennifer Lopez
I find no fault with J.Lo slinking down the Red Carpet in that shimmering sexy silver gown with a high slit and cut outs. However, it is a very expected look for J.Lo, I’ve almost seen a similar dress on her… possibly millions of times.





Iggy Azalea *Best Red Carpet Look to me

Iggy is looking sexy and elegant, glowing in that Versace dress and slicked back hair. The simple necklace was really all it needed. She looks like a modern age metal industry goddess, the cut out in the middle reminds me of BMW cars’ signature grills. It is flattering her body. Badass yet sophisticated at the same time which is a gorgeous look for her.

Fun Fact: Versace emailed her that they wanted to DRESS her. WHAT an Honour!


Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Miley is looking kickass in this look. I’m surprised she didn’t go crazy with accessorizing and styling which was good as it would’ve probably made it more costumey. A chilled back whoop ass sleek look which looks great for the MTV VMAs red carpet.



Usher is looking cool and chilled back in a black top with black sleeves (loved the contrast) paired with black pants. He looks sharp and hip, definitely stood out in the crowd of fans (which were very slow in noticing a star was amongst them… I would have thrown myself at him! haha)


Charli XCX




Charli XCX
It is a nice performance look with the white feather robe which is sweet yet dramatic. I like the delicacy with the mesh top and pastel color. She looks icy yet lovely.



LamboRedCarpetKaty Perry2

Katy Perry
Katy was fashionably late, arriving in a Lamborghini. She also steps out in a sporty throwback look – Britney and Justin’s all denim look. I think she pulled it off alright, without looking too crazy with minimal accessorizing and simple hairdo, I do not really hate this ook on her. The Versace dress really looks smashing on her I must say, but next to the guy in all that bling and hair…
Katy Perry1

Fifth Harmony Pre Show

Fifth Harmony got the party started at the Red Carpet with their performance of ‘Boss’. A fun and nice performance to get people into the party mood!

Charli XCX Pre Show

Charli XCX also sang Boom Clap which I think was a great rendition. She had so much spunk and spirit, bouncing about on the red carpet while maintaining that smoothness and vocal. A great performance for outdoor-red carpet with style

Check out my next post on the recap of the performances and show here.

Boom Clap,


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