Office, Office.

Sorry for the long hiatus, mainly to myself and my (imaginary) readers!

Let’s make ‘blog consistently’ my new year’s resolution, with ‘follow and cross off all new year’s resolutions’ on the top. YES, I know it’s been 2 months since New Years, AND WHAT? Let’s just say that I’m following the Lunar Calendar alright? (Procrastinator at her best) Lunar new year lasts 15 days, and the 15th day passed on the 5th of March. So let this be the mark of my new start, ridding of the meaningless & unhealthy life which I lazed around most days, to an ideal fulfilling & healthy life I always longed for but am too afraid of failing, falling face flat while trying.

I don’t ask much, my one true Resolution for 2015?


Because once I nail that? Ticking off all the other goals and resolutions will definitely be cake once I set my mind to it!

It’s been… 6 months since I last blogged? Daamn, in which I’ve missed some good blogging material – Grammy Awards, Oscars, Brit Awards etc…. Why have I abandoned my blog-bubble since summer holiday of ’14? It’s because that’s when started my placement (internship) with Brunel Innovation Centre, an engineering research centre. So that’s my first office. YES. After all that worrying, self-doubt, down in the pits, miserable amounts of cover letters written for over 50+ internship positions… I GOT ONE! It was a “They like me! They REALLY LIKED ME” moment for me as they offered me the internship A DAY AFTER my interview =)

Another transition! No stranger to this, as this is my third move in three years! From Exeter, to Guildford, to CAMBRIDGE! In lieu of this, I got myself my first pair of office shoes as well as there coincidentally was a student sale when my placement started in September. I needed a pair of office appropriate shoes that covers up as the office appropriate shoes I have are ballet flats which aren’t the best thing to wear during fall with all the rain fall –see what I did there-

Featuring my black office shoes from office! I love the gold trims at the front and back with the zipper, certainly adds some style and swag to it without being too stylish that it isn’t work appropriate. It does give me that JT confidence and suave (I be on my suit and tie!)

It is surprisingly comfortable. Well, the back of the shoe, where the stitching is, kinda scratched me, even with my socks on! A quick stick of scholl’s gel strips for shoes fixed that, so all is good. And I just love a pair of shoes that makes a good deep click clackity sound when you walk in them. It’s pretty versatile that I wear it a lot when I’m not at work either, which it what you really want out of a good pair of shoes, easy styling

So yes, I would say office shoes are pretty solid judging from this shoe alone.

Do share your office (shoes) experiences! I might be looking at getting other shoes from them again.

And regarding my weekly tv review/fashion/music posts? I’m afraid that’s just a bit less feasible for me with my current 9 to 5 internship. I might occasionally do an episode review if it’s a good episode, or should it hit close to home with me. Perhaps I will post all my Project Runway season 13 and All-Stars Season 4 episode reviews seeing how it’s all basically sitting in my word document.. just got TONS of screenshots to photoshop… Anyhoo, let’s hope this sticks! I might slip here and there, but all that matters is I keep at it and stick the landing ehy?

Working Gal,



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