For me, losing a good TV show is like loosing a friend who has always been there for me.

Parks and Recreation’s two episode SERIES FINALE aired on 24th February 2015. And here is my heartfelt review on it. For this season, they aired two episodes each week which is bittersweet, giving you that double does of parks goodness, at the same time, it meant that it would all come to an end much sooner… “Are you ready?”

I still remember when I first came across Parks and Recreation. A cousin of mine tweeted about it when it was in it’s fourth season. She said it was pretty good and we share the same taste in television, so I thought I’d give it a go. (What’s one more tv show to the other 30+ shows in my ‘to-watch’ queue). A few episodes into it and I was hooked. Sure, people may say the first season wasn’t it’s best but there was just something about it that appealed to me already! These wacky characters with such distinct personalities, with seemingly only one sane person (Ann Perkins) in the little town – Pawnee. I binge watched my way to season 4 in 2-3 days! (Yes I did). And rewatched it before the season 5.  A good sitcom to me is when I could rewatch it and it never gets old, like good old friends. Arrested Development is pretty close behind too!

Friendship and Being Optimistic

There’s bits which I can relate to each character. Whether it’s Ann losing herself when dating, Leslie’s obsessiveness and how she values her friends in the best way, Tom’s concern of being swaggerless, April’s death stare and sarcasm when ‘she can’t even’, Garry’s clumsiness, Donna and her tweeting, Andy’s persistence since falling into a pit (literally hitting rock bottom), how Ron’s hard exterior occasionally breaks down or hardens up when he faces vulnerabilities that makes him more emotional than he likes to be, Ben’s geeky social awkwardness and Chris’ goal to be the healthiest man ever.

This group of people also further remind me how even with clashing personalities, people can get a long even with the teeniest things they have in common, even if it’s just their job. Work proximity associates =) The final flash forward to year 2025?

“We’re all here. Together in the same room.”


That did it for me. Because as much as life goes on, of course we wish we could go back to a certain moment even just for a while. For Leslie, this was being in the same room with her parks department. That the room so happens to be the parks department while Mouse Rat was the choice of music for the reunion? THAT was a bonus. Aside from the reunion, They were there for each others’ big moments: launch of Tom’s book, Leslie’s graduation etc. I can only wish I would be able have such a reunion with my most cherished friends too… it would really show how much I mean to them, that we still want to be in each others lives no matter what.

What impact they have most on me? Is to always have a positive view on things. Leslie may be an oddball, but with pouring a heart and soul into her work, she sure is working her way up her career ladder! Ben also overcame frost town! Tom’s rent-a-swag, to Tom’s Bistro, and an author to self-help books? April finally finding her calling and Andy spreading joy while enjoying himself as Johnny Karate/Burt Macklin? AND Garry’s undefeated long run as Mayor Gergich? (Even I almost misspell it as Gergish for a second there!)

 As Johnny Karate would say,

“Anything is possible if you follow your dreams.” :’)


For me, this was gutsy of the writers. Not only did they flash forward season 7 TWO YEARS ahead (Year 2017). They flash forwarded the two episode series finale (up till year 2025!), giving us a glimpse into each of the characters’ future. This was made with such love for the Parks fans. As fans of a show, we always want good endings for the characters we root for so Parks writers definitely tied it into a neat bow for us. Some may prefer a suggestive end, leaving fans to their imagination but I loved how they ended things for our favorite Parks department work proximity associates. Cameos from previous characters? Jean-Ralphio, Mona Lisa, beautiful Ann, Chris Traeger, Ethel Beavers, Kyle, Dr.Saperstein, Brandi Maxx… Kinda disappointed that they didn’t bring back Mark Brendanawicz, seems as tho they writers and producers would like to disregard season 1 (their weakest season according to many critics).

This was a season for the fans and as a fan? I found it much fitting for the final season. Sure, some people might thought it was overkill and preferred more comedy. To me, it was the right amount, kind of like the revival of Arrested Development (season 4) with their Easter eggs (which I really hope there’s a season 5 to!). It reminded us of why we loved Pawnee and this parks department. An “awwwh” series finale.

Oooh, and let’s just hope like Parks show us, we’re close to getting hologram technology 😉



I DID manage to catch the cast’s appearance on a special one hour of Late Night with Seth Meyers! It was such fun and candid, but it wasn’t as satisfying as I hoped. I was hoping for more interaction between the cast, sharing their moments on the show, but it was close enough. Enough to ensue tears and laughter from me!

As sad as I am to see Parks And Recreation end, I’m happy knowing that the characters all got their happy endings in the near future =)


who made Parks And Recreation what it is!

You brought us laughter and show us soo much more! 

And a perfect musical bittersweet end to this post:

Hey, thank goodness there’s Brooklyn nine-nine to fill my void ehy? And SEASON 5 ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT IS WHAT I NEED AS WELL.

How was the Parks farewell to you? Was it satisfying? Was it emotional for you as well? Share your thoughts! 😉

Pawnee-ian at heart,







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