Sleepy Hollow: Tempus Fugit

Season 2, Episode 18


Episodes were feeling a tad stale and sluggish for my taste ever since Muloch was defeated in the hands of Henry Parish. With Katrina moving on to the dark side, Henry still alive and full of villainous plans and now KATRINA and ABBIE have been transported back to time? The season finale definitely had a lot to live up to with this time travel bit!

History Test

So, Katrina cast a spell to travel back in time right after Abbie killed Henry in the present time. Why? It appears, Katrina wanted to go back in time and ensure Ichabod’s death, that he will not rise from his grave in 200 years (our present), consequently keeping her son – Henry alive. Nothing like a scorned mother who happens to be a witch huh.

Being that Abbie does not have a photographic memory or such, it must have been quite the History test for Abbie to have to remember all the rich history Ichabod has ever shared with her, to convince the past Ichabod to believe her. I’m not one with good memory either, so I’m just gonna assume her facts were right and that was impressive work. It was definitely enough to catch Ichabod’s attention! And perhaps there was an unconscious feeling of bond he had towards Abbie.

Talking about history, does no one think that Abbie taking Ichabod out of the battlefield, and Ben Franklin being beheaded by the horseman would’ve been enough to alter history? Even the slightest? Would he still be on the hundred dollar bills? Would he still have made enough of a mark, left enough for a legacy to be named one of the USA’s founding fathers? Well, I did not take American History I, this might just have sparked my interest to just read up on it on my own…


Well, Katrina’s still annoying but finally that bit more interesting since she joined the dark side. There’s just something about Katia Winter I suppose that doesn’t appeal to me… her role as Katrina just never is convincing to me. All she does is being beady eyed and drops her jaw OH and appear all fragile. I’ve never quite felt the chemistry between Katia Winter and Tom Mison either, it all seemed pretty one sided to me. She was pretty much the sleeping beauty damsel in distress, non present throughout my viewing experience, as I “would elegantly put it.” 

“The password is my birthday. What devilry is this?”

Talking about sorcery, it’s no surprise that our smartphone technology would’ve seem like such sorcery to Crane! That attempt of Ichabod to Unlock Abbie’s smartphone? I LAUGHED SO HARD


While Ichabod was figuring out Abbie’s smartphone, we see Abbie being quick on her feet, and an absolute badass. She was resourceful enough to pull out what looks like a nail? (to me) out of a bench to pick the lock. However, one of the guards came down to take care of her… and she unleashed her kickass moves, no weapons necessary, just good old fists, kicks and the choke-hold. THAT was thrilling, we need more Abbie action of such! The girl does yoga! No surprise she’s limber and quick. Perhaps she could pass on a few moves to Ichabod 😉 Then there was that expected but still powerful exchange between Ichabod and Abbie, about being more than just partners – friends, who have each others’ backs.

Sure they were in a crisis, but I loved how Abbie showed such excitement meeting her ancestor – Grace. It was a warm and believable exchange between Grace and Abbie in that short time.

Time in the past HALTS JUST AS Ichabod was about to be beheaded by the Horseman (No one wants even the image of the hero dead?), Abbie and Katrina return to the present after a sequence of flashbacks of previous episodes (which is pretty neat, almost felt like something that would only be done for a SERIES finale though). Katrina goes ballistic, scorned witch mother still wants BLOOD. Ichabod… stabbed her with a knife. We’re not sure if it was on purpose or not (as the Knife was on Katrina)… even so,  I didn’t think witches could die so easily… by a stab of a knife… pretty weak but still believable I suppose, since it was a stab to her HEART. That was such a bittersweet scene… (Yes, my favorite scenes from Katia Winter are when she goes full on bitch-witch and is dying).


I would be content if that was the series finale cause from this season 2 finale? The writers REALLY would need to up their game to keep topping THAT now. It will be hard to top, but not impossible. Yet, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t care for another season of Sleepy Hollow. There’s just not enough shows with platonic partner-friendships without romantic entanglements. It was most organic for me with NBC’s Life between Detective Charlie Crews and Dani Reese. Sherlock and Joan of Elementary are a pretty solid platonic pair too. REALLY would love to see more of Tom Mison and Nicole, the Captain and LEFTENAN especially with Katrina out of the picture (for all we know). The core four left – the Mill sisters, Crane and Irving. Wouldn’t hurt for the Bounty Hunter (Nick Hawley) to return either and cause a love triangle situation or just purely be there to tick off Crane at times hah. Only time will tell, let’s hope Sleepy Hollow won’t be beheaded just yet by Fox!

Signed witness,


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