Modern Family: Connection Lost

Season 6, Episode 16

“What’s the best first-person shooter about genetically modified space marines?


Nothing like a Phil Dunphy greeting!

This was a very special episode of Modern Family where all takes place on the screen of Claire’s Macbook as she Facetimes her family from it as well. Did they take a page out of Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy?

It all begins with Claire in O’Hare International Airport, and she’s trying to get hold of Haley because they haven’t talked since their fight when she’s dropped her phone in the toilet. She Facetimes Phil and Alex to ask if they’ve heard from Haley, no luck. Followed by Facetiming her dad to update him about the business affairs she was handling in Chicago. Then, reminded by her Facebook birthday reminder, it was Mitchell’s birthday! Of course she had to facetime him as well. Not only did they episode consist of her facetiming each of them individually and in conference mode, they also used Claire’s usage of her Macbook to tell the story, whether it was logging into her fake Facebook account or accessing her ‘Porn.’ to calm her down (absolutely love the little details the writers add!).

The entire experience was really interesting and surprisingly engaging, it must have been, and here’s a little behind the scenes clip from ABC:

Props to the writers and producers for such a creative episode, while still maintaining the messiness of this modern family that we love! That was one great episode, taking the Modern in Modern Family to a whole new context there. It’s soo much more raw as you get too see every minute of everyone’s facial expressions so up close, every response to every interaction, and it all felt so organic.

 “Nietzsche believe that most culture exists purely to distract us from the truth.”

My my, and I’ve managed to get myself sidetracked for 3 HOURS, while looking for a behind-the-scenes video on Youtube. Yep, YouTube is that blackhole with that “related videos” sidebar…

So what did you think of the episode? Is this post distracting you from something? Share your thoughts and comment below!

Easily distracted,


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