Supergirl: First Look

I may or may not write such posts more often… ANYHOO, since I seem to have some time on my hands, came across this while it’s still fresh… and it’s the weekends! So, why not.

Sooo… It was early in the morning, a day at the office, waiting for my simulation to run, the computer is lagging unusually much… I find myself on the YouTube page and ‘Supergirl – First Look’ by CBS caught my eye. Heck, I didn’t even know one was in the works! Is there just no such thing as too many superhero movies/series now? Is the filming industry taking over the printed superhero comics?

L to R: Phoebe Halliwell, Sydney Bristow, Veronica Mars, Claire Bennett, Sarah Walker, Olivia Dunham

We may have the occasional kick-ass leading ladies such as Sydney Bristow (Alias), Claire Bennet (Heroes), Sarah Walker (Chuck, OF COURSE she’s not to be missed by me), Veronica Mars (kickass in her snooping ways and snarky comebacks: she solves mysteries, she’s stealth, she’s equipped with cutting sarcasm, she has back up and she’s a marshmallow, she is kickass in my books), Olivia Dunham (Fringe), Phoebe Halliwell (Charmed, equally adorable and deadly with mad kickboxing skills)… Whether they are charmed with extraordinary powers, work with the government or have the ability to intimidate with a stare and taser, they are prime time heroines. However, I suppose there hasn’t been enough prime time female superheroes from the DC/Marvel world especially with the overwhelming exposure of comic world into silver and small screens lately. To my knowledge, there has only been Agent Carter so far (which is in danger of being cancelled after a mere 8 episodes!), in the sea of Arrow, Gotham, The Flash, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Marvel’s Daredevil, Smallville, Constantine… in the recent years (let’s not go back to another 10 years).

However, just the video thumbnail to Supergirl’s trailer… made me think it was some kind of parody. Blondes can kickass, but this blonde doesn’t look like one of them. Took me a while to realize where I know this Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) from… she was from the 2 group of forgotten new directions of Glee!

Before you read me thoughts on the trailer, watch it:


“My name is Kara Zor-El.”

Uhhh… way to keep it consistent with the DC TV universe with this backstory intro huh? But wait, isn’t this show on CBS, not CW network like The Flash and Arrow?

It’s Chyler Leigh

Oh hey, it’s CHYLER LEIGH! Heyyyy you! Grey’s has never been the same without you (and Eric Dane… BOO). Let’s hope you make a difference in this show too!

Plane + Chyler = Crash?

Right back at you, YouTuber ETERNAMxBac0n, Chyler should stay away from airplanes since it caused her departure from Grey’s…  =( guess she didn’t learn?

“Who is the mystery flying woman who saved the plane?”

With the news reports and HD recording on smartphones… no one managed to capture her FACE? And pretty sure the government would have some kind of cutting age face recognition software to look her up, especially when it involves a seemingly extra-terrestrial being who has super strength and flies.

“What do you think is so bad about… girl?”

Perhaps it was their intention, to break expectations, to show that even girly girls who didn’t grow up as tomboys/bros/more bro than ho CAN be heroines too. Flying around saving people? It might not fit the comic, but as Arrow logic lays out, a mask is pretty much a must if you MUST mask your identity.

*Cue optimistic song: Rachel Platten – Fight Song *

Perhaps it’s trying to be different than the darker shows like Arrow and Gotham, and being more of the optimistic, hopeful and upbeat – kind of like The Flash.

Final Thoughts:

The trailer was not… as badass cool as one would expect from a superhero trailer. Secondly, she is not the typical badass looking heroin (even Hayden Panettiere didn’t seem this girly)… she’s more girly girl… but as I mentioned above, perhaps it IS their intention to break norms and perceptions this way. Personally, I am usually more drawn to more… dark and twisty shows with layers of psychological complexity, references and all. When I watched CW’s ‘The Flash’s’ first trailer, I wasn’t quite convinced by it either but now? It’s one of my favourites and has topped Arrow (not Gotham tho, heh) in my charts.

So, show me what you got Supergirl. Bunk that stereotypical perception of ‘Girls’! Here’s to hoping you’re not too cheesy and filled with too much sugar, balancing it with a decent amount of spice (what up Powerpuff Girls reference! what up IISuperWomanII reference X) what up DOUBLE reference!) that packs that action punch while being relatable.

Let me leave you with a song. Here’s to being optimistic:


Up up and awaaaay,


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