#MCM: Mr.JT – Justin Timberlake

HELLO, Monday the June 1st

It’s June and it’s Monday, fellow readers (or just me…)! Half of 2015 is almost gone… and what better way to kill the Monday Blues and drown your sorrows (if like me, you felt like the first half of your 2015 hasn’t been the best) with some MAN CRUSHING?


I think it’s safe to say that anyone who knows me will tell you that I have the absolute biggest man crush on my this man – JT. Need I say more… Ladies swoon over him, men respect him. The one man I’d allow to crush my heart… ALL. THE. FEEEEELS.

First Crush

To be perfectly honest, I did not pay much attention to JT during his NSync’ days. Perhaps I was more into Boyzone (with their British accent, sentimental songs and Ronan’s dashing looks) and Backstreet Boys (with their catchy beats and attitude). Still, I did listen to NSync’ and always liked listening to that ‘high pitched guy’. It all changed when I heard “Senorita”. OH MAAAAAAAAAAAN. I was nine and I can say without doubt, he was my first massive male celebrity crush. Crazy to think it has been 13 years!

My sister was playing his album in our room. The combination of those beats, the lyrics, his smooth voice, and his falsetto… how he sounded so aware of his sexiness… it got me hooked.  Let’s not forget the fun nature of the song that was inclusive to listeners and that cheeky laugh at the end… oh my. I continued listening to the entire album. The beats which my muscles and bones could not deny wanting to groove, along with the brooding pleas of him wanting to love you and more. His voice and the mysterious yearning look of his on the album cover picture was all I had at that time, and it was enough. I finally got to watch his music videos. From then on, I not only wanted him, I wanted to BE him – as suave and be able to move like that.

Crushing Hard to Full Blown Obsession

Of course all that yearning faded as he disappeared from the airwaves for 4 years… being a teenager, of course there were other distractions. Then came year 2006, when I was in High School. THE RETURN of Mr.Smooth with “SexyBack”. That pretty much sealed the deal. I still remember how my friends back then were obsessed with the baby-faced Jesse McCartney with his blonde hair, guitar, and his “Beautiful Soul”; while making fun of how I was crushing over a bald guy. I couldn’t care less. I loved him with his curly hair then, and even in his baldness glory, when he transformed into a MAN.

That kicked in my full fledge obsession. I had to watch any movie he was in, listen to any song he was featured in, checked out his clothing label (William Rast). Desktop wallpapers, magazine cut outs… and when YouTube came along – WATCH ALL HIS INTERVIEWS.


Even when he went quiet in the industry, he was always at the back of my mind. Of course there was “The Social Network” and “Friends with Benefits” to feed my Timberlake appetite. Being able to watch him on “Friends with Benefits”, a ROM-COM of him being his charming self? I don’t know how much deeper can I crush on him!

I think I wanna Marry You

THEN CAME 2013. In January, he teases a new album on his website with an ‘Open Letter’. It felt so personal, I wanted scream “I knew it! I haven’t forgotten about you Justin!” Needless to say, I WAS ECSTATIC! It was about time Justin Timberlake reclaimed his spot in the music world! I HAD it with Justin BIEBER popping up as the first suggestion when I type ‘Justin’ on search engines! As it inched closer to his album release, he revealed behind-the-scenes clips on his websites, appeared and performed much more on talk shows… I was filled with Timberlake goodness. NOTHING could upset me during that period of time. My first Year University mates can certainly attest to that, all I needed was some JT to cheer me up/cure anything!

He’s bringing Classy Back

I was probably blinded by his godliness and had faith that he wouldn’t disappoint (unlike some other artist…) that I PRE-ORDERED his album. Yes, a first for me! I am the kind of buyer who usually would listen to an album before purchasing it. Maaan, were my instincts spot on. In the time where most artists seem to have conformed their sound to dubstep/EDM, Justin stayed true to his sound, smooth like a good aged whiskey. I’ll admit, I didn’t immediately melt listening to the entire album… but it really grew on me.

It may sound disoriented but as a whole, the album IS an experience of how JT has grown and is still trying new things even in his music. How he manages to still sound suave with such lustful and dirty lyrics truly baffles me. Making the old (using an orchestra with retro sounds) fresh, relevant and sophisticated by adding his own twist with Timbaland. And my oh my he aged well, dapper in his suit and tie… HOW can you not crush on him in that sleek suit and tie, swish-swaying about in the music video!


Pre-ordering his 2nd album (The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2) was not a huge mistake either! It was exactly as he described it on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” when promoting the album, “The first one is a little more summertime, it’s a little more fun, it’s a little more virginal. And the second half is just a little more slutty.”

I wouldn’t say it lived up to the hype (perhaps it was slutty and a tad infected with STDs), it was not the best thing out there but I’m satisfied with it. It was a lustful surprise. If you know me, I’m not the kind of person who generally listens to these kinds of raunchy songs, but the songs all formed a nice balance in the album IMO. Oh, how I LOVE “pair of wings”, “only when I walk away” and “blindness”.

More than just a Music Man

I can probably go on for DAAAYS on his physical and musical appeal… but I really should stop before this post gets any longer. ON TO the MANY MORE LOVABLE ATTRIBUTES he has ;D



Come on, the many SNL appearances and skits, appearances on many talk shows… he’s undeniably a man who can make you laugh and I love that in (my) man.



I normally gravitate towards the shy/geeky kind. But JT? Oh he KNOWS he’s sexy and all that, he just have that confidence and sassiness that comes across charming over arrogant which just makes him all that sexier. And witty too, looking at his unscripted appearances on talk shows, that is all him and his wittiness. What a charmer.


Look at his many business ventures! And a review from a reader of “Justin Timberlake: The Biography by Sean Smith” on Amazon: “Justin is a very serious and intelligent young man (he was in the clever kids’ class at school!).”

“Justin is a very serious and intelligent young man (he was in the clever kids’ class at school!).”



He’s a loving and faithful man. He had briefly dated, hooked up, flings (rumoured or not), but most of the steady relationships he had were pretty long, at least a year. To me, he seems like a romantic. I believe almost every ex-girlfriend he dated has nice things to say about him till this day! Let’s not forget his love for his mother, he has taken her to the red carpet and much more that shows his appreciation for his family. Now that he’s a dad, I can really see him as a decent family man! (shame that he won’t be a part of MY family =( BOOHOO!)



As I mentioned, his ex-girlfriends all have nothing but nice things to say about Justin, some mention of love letters and such as well! IS HE A SENSITIVE SOFTY OR WHAT? Not afraid of pouring his heart out and showing his emotions. And let’s not forget how he was so torn up about being cheated on by someone who he thought he loved and trust… all those emotions into ‘Cry me a river’, did you hear his pain in it? (Yes, Taylor Swift, that’s how you write a song about exes!) I did. And that goes for his other songs too.



Risk Taker x Versatile x Adventurous

I’ve lump all three characteristics into one because it stems from the same reason – his entrepreneur skills. He started off as a singer-songwriter and pursued that career since he was a CHILD. From child star to boy band member to solo artist, then moving on to acting! Granted, he’s not the best I will admit, but he had more misses than hits, but he sure is an entertainer AND comedian! Other than his little skits on SNL (joining the 5 timers club!) and Jimmy Fallon, he also grabbed on other opportunities – started his own Clothing line (William Rast), developed an eco-friendly golf course, ventured into the restaurant biz, bought MySpace (not a successful venture… YET anyways)… and the most recent – partnering with a liquor company, Sauza. HOW on earth does he find the time? That’s a LOT of different industries he’s dabbling into.

From child star to boy band member to solo artist, then moving on to acting and dabbling in other business ventures!

All those ventures show how ambitious he is. Let’s not forget his main craft, because he is pretty versatile at it too. A bit of dancing, a bit of beat boxing, bass, guitar, piano, song writing… such versatility and diversity!

Critics speculated that he was on such a long hiatus because he was ‘over it’ / lost his craft / is out of the game with how much the pop music landscape has changed since his 2006 album. I disagree. He has been actively involved and dabbled in other artists’ music, namely Beyonce and Rihanna; and I felt that 20/20 experience was also an experience for him of finding his footing again through music, which showed much effort. Let’s hope that experience has reignited his love for music, that his next album is in the works… And that it will be a smash that hits all the right and high notes, possibly shake up the pop music game. So, granted that he’s not that good of an actor, but he’s ultimately an entertainer (have you BEEN to/watched his live performances?) and singer-songwriter.

MR.JTSM/JT | 50/50

He may not be the most inspiring celebrity that supports important causes, but he inspires in many other ways. The 20/20 experience certainly displays him as a luxe brand but also beyond that, a relatable person with real emotions, which is not a bad thing to aspire to. Tracking him (mostly career-wise) for the part decade, I feel like I’ve watched him grow, blossom and now slowly but fine and wise aging, and there is so much me and you can learn from his experience.

He’s a smart, sexy, successful and loving man. Only time will tell for how long he’ll be my love, but with 13 years of obsession down, it sure is looking like forever now. Let’s all be a bit more like JT, classy, bright (in not just in a happy sense but also smart and able take things lightly), loving, and most of all – CONFIDENT.

BLESS your presence, JT! ALL HAIL!

 Now to everyone, CONFIDENCE! – that’ll bring you YOUR sexy back!

Sashay with all that energy through the next half of 2015!

In another life,
Mrs. JT


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