#WCW: Agent Sarah Walker / Yvonne Strahovski

OMG IT’S JULY. Now half of 2015 is truly behind us… and I’ve still have yet to achieve any of my little goals to change for the better…

Motivation is harder to come by than I’ve hoped…

I’ve recently introduced Chuck to my friend and I’ve been re-watching it together with her. So, it’s about time I had a post dedicated to my favourite female agent (and possibly TV character!) – Agent Sarah Walker. Perhaps a little female inspiration and role model is exactly what I need!

Whether she was Sam Lisa or Jenny Burton, she is still everything she is that makes her amazing in her own right – Sarah Walker.

MAAAN do I have the biggest girl crush on her since season 1 of the show, and here are the many reasons why you should hop on the wagon! (Brace Yourself! The bigger the crush, the LONGER the post!)

Some of the core (of many MANY) reasons why Sarah Walker is crush and role model worthy…

she is:


This girl can kick, punch and turn almost anything into a deadly weapon. And what makes me love her that bit more in reality? Yvonne does most of her own stunts despite having a stunt double!


Aside from how she can turn anything from a plate to a stick into a weapon, we also cannot neglect her ever willingness to put on various outfits and look GOOD in it? Whether it is sneakers with tank top, nerd herder uniform… to the many bikinis, ever sizzling! She may seem shy at times especially when it comes to opening herself up but when she needs to be in character – she damn well is.



Not many know this but in Sarah’s file (previously on the NBC site), it states that she attended Harvard University! Even with CIA connections, I’m sure she had to be smart to have attended and graduate from Harvard after being accepted right


Whether it is to release aggression or not, you can’t deny she sticks to her work etiquette and trains hard to keep being the top CIA agent she is!


Sarah has always been a great spy, but what set her apart was when she could start sympathizing, mainly with her asset – Chuck. She was far from cold and detached when it comes to matters regarding Chuck because she sympathies with how much this spy life has interfere with his real life. We can clearly see this from how she’s always quick to come to Chuck’s defense – whether preventing him from being locked up underground, finding Orion, saving his dad… as far as to commit treason! It may be because she has strong feelings for Chuck but she has been doing it since day one when she tried to protect Chuck from the cut-throat John Casey, when it wasn’t even her job to protect him yet.

If you’re thinking, “Sarah clearly stated that she fell for Chuck “after you fix my phone and before you started diffusing bombs with computer viruses”, meaning that it’s her feelings for Chuck not empathy all this while.” So let’s not forget in full circle, when her memories were erased and she was the cold deadly spy she was again, she was still reluctant to pull the trigger on Chuck when she had a clear shot. I REST MY CASE (bias ttm? haha).


Apart from the extreme (but justifiable. YES I KNOW, I MIGHT be a TAD biased) cases of treason and misuse of government Intel, Sarah has always tried to do the right thing. The biggest struggle to being professional was how she suppressed her feelings for Chuck. Sure, she was clearly involved with two other co-workers, i.e. Bryce and Shaw, but they were not assets she was protecting. Yes, there is a difference.



When she loves and cares for you, she might not show it in the most obvious of ways… but she damn well has your back. She clearly cares, even if you’re not her soulmate. Both times where Sarah was able to steer clear when Chuck dated Lou and Jill (and warning Lou and Jill to not hurt him) showed that she can love without being selfish. From the 5 seasons, she demonstrated how much she cares about her friends and family that she’d pretty much do anything for them, even if it means letting them go/staying away from them.


She may have had the occasional crush on the man candy they stumble on but at the end of the day, she always chose Chuck above all else (In Shaw’s case even! She chose him after finding out Chuck is still the Chuck she fell in love with, that she has not lost him). Over Bryce, over Barker and even turning down the many opportunities to move on to better missions. She is also ever loyal to partners – helping Casey both times he got entangled with his mentors, friends – Carina and Zondra and her family of course – not turning his dad in to the authorities after a con.

Let’s not forget how loyal she is to her organization (CIA) and country! *Well, of course when Chuck’s well being is involved, that’s a different story… her priority has always been her asset, her one true Love. Having been surrounded by people being burn by the CIA that they turn to the opposing force (Bryce, the Turners and many more), Sarah still remains true to her Country even when people like Decker was OK standing in her way of life and death, she didn’t succumb to taking revenge or the dark side.


What makes a fictional character great most of the time is that they are flawed too, because we’re all only human, none of us are perfect. The one flaw that I find relatable is how guarded Sarah is. She does not express herself well and it truly gets in the way of her personal development most of the time. She also suppresses her emotion too much, in denial and slow to realize/admit her own feelings. It takes her a while to sort out her feelings, and I think she’s one that overthinks too much for her own good as well.



Needless to say, she owes most of this to Chuck. However, even before Charah was officially a ‘thing’, she has clearly learnt to love from her disobedience of many broken protocols for Chuck’s sake and as far as proposing to run away with Chuck. From the guarded Sarah who was Graham’s wild card enforcer that does not share her emotions, she also grown to trust and have faith (like Chuck) in people that she started opening up to Shaw. Finally, growing to be someone who is not afraid to embrace her desires – to start her own family and have a normal life. Now that’s some learning from her experiences and great personal development!


“Don’t freak out.”

Calm, steady and not flustered or freaking out in almost any situation, how DOES she do it? She might not know/fear her own feelings most the time but she is still able to deal, sort and figure them out while getting the job done.



This is probably a personal preference – I seem to prefer tomboy/tough girls who aren’t… girly girls. It is possibly because I identify more with them… Even though Sarah Walker is not a girly girl, she can flirt and be sexy on command. Let’s not forget how adorable she can be…


When it comes to her strengths, she is definitely competitive – whether it is picking locks or being conned, she will definitely not take it like a loser. She’s good at what she does and she is not afraid to show it. That is how a winner acts.



Chuck may have made her a better person but Sarah has always been a strong and independent individual. Strong enough to be able to believe and listen to her own instincts – I think I don’t need any explanation for this, treason and obeying orders when she listened to her heart ring a bell? When she knows what she wants, she does what is necessary to accomplish it.

Now, Sarah Walker may be relatable to some extend but at the end of the day, she’s still fictional. Yvonne Strahovski has her moments too, stealing my heart bit by bit as she is:



As Sarah Walker, she rarely breaks a smile for us. But from her interviews, Instagram and tweets, she seems like such a bright, goofy and cheery person!


As mentioned above, she has a stunt double for Chuck but still does most of her own stunts! (Click on the photo to see more Behind the Scene photos)

Aside from the demands of her role, she also exercises on the side, active in various sports! “I’ve never had a gym membership. I’d rather go hiking or surfing, which is a very new thing for me.” – “Yvonne Strahovski’s Beauty Regimen” by Bee Shapiro in NY Times 

And have you seen her Forza workout photos here? Is she badass or WHAT.


She definitely is someone I’d love to be friends with. She ventures into surfing, hiking, camping… she cooks, loves the sun, loves nature, travels… from the things I see her do on Instagram (follow her instagram here!), she’s a girl who appreciates and enjoys simple things in life.


Since she was 5 years old, she has been exposed to the arts and entertainment according to an interview for TV Guide here. From dancing to acting to martial arts? Let’s not forget all that outdoor activities she loves – camping, hiking etc. Now that’s what I call a babe of all trades!


According to the same interview, “I’m more a boy than a girl in some ways. I had my first pedicure and my first manicure last week. I would rather go play soccer with the boys than have a pedicure with the girls!” Enough said. Sounds a lot like a little girl I used to know =)


I do not discriminate looks. As cliché as it is, I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way. As long as you’re confident and have inner beauty, you are beautiful. Besides, how is it fair to discriminate on something that one does not have a say in, everyone of us are born the way into our physical looks.

We’re all Beauty Queens!

However, that does not mean I do not worship admire natural beauties. Physical beauty however, is in the eye of the beholder and Yvonne is definitely one of these stunning beauty of a magical creature.

In many ways, she (both the fictional Sarah Walker and very real Yvonne Strahovski) are people I aspire to be. To be tough, adventurous and able to embrace and appreciate life as it is. Let’s not forget how beautiful she is inside and out, it’s her inner beauty paired with the outer vibrancy that really radiates happiness =) Here’s to being adventurous and enjoying the simple things in life! And fist bump to all the other women who strive to kickass!



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