4th of July: Independence Day x Smoke Saturday

**Scroll down for review on Smokeworks Cambridge and Deliveroo**

So, it’s was the 4th of July!

How nice it fell on a weekend, no?

Yes, I am Malaysian, and am studying in United Kingdom… I have no relation whatsoever to the US of A. I just am part American (by heart) I suppose. My friends like to say that they think I would’ve been more of a fit in America than UK, but things happen for a reason… right? And ever since I was little, I’ve been more exposed to American Culture and still am.

Anyhoo, as it is sweltering summer here in Cambridge (UK! Not Massachusetts!), it was a bum in bed day for me, catching up on season 4 of Veep! How fitting, yes? As predictable as the show is getting (with Selina’s ignorance, her staff’s mild incompetence and such), I still love watching it cause of the each character are such quirky individuals, much like Parks and Rec’s characters. Not to mention, the cast does amazing work here… AND WITH HUGH LAURIE as an recurring cast member this season? You BET I will keep watching!


To really get into the American spirit, I really wanted to have some American style grub… and Deliveroo now happens to deliver food from Smokeworks Cambridge! Barbeque Ribs, slaw, potatoes (mash or fried)… that sounded like a great way to spend my 4th of July solo.

I ordered:

Baby Back Pork Spare Ribs – £12.50 & Beef Dripping Mash – £3.50

Pork Spare Ribs coated in Sticky BBQ Sauce, served with fries. An extra side of mash Potato with Beef Dripping as gravy

The sticky BBQ sauce was alright. The meat was tender but quite dry to me as some of the meat still stuck on the bone as I was eating (to me, good ribs usually fall off flawlessly off the bone). It would have been great if it was moist. It was average in flavor as well, smoky but not flavorful enough. An overall average BBQ Ribs which I don’t think matched with its price in quality, but in portion I suppose so.

As for the beef dripping mash, it had this very strong grease and bitterness at the first taste, but after mixing it well with the beef dripping and having it with the pork ribs, it really did play well for me as the pork ribs was a bit drier that I liked as I mentioned. For that small pot, I did not think 3.50 is a fair price though.

Pulled Pork Shoulder Burger £9.90
Smoked & Pulled Pork Shoulder, pickles, slaw and BBQ Mayo in a Brioche Bun, served with fries & slaw (slaw above)


I rarely like mayo in my burgers and this mayo was more mayo than BBQ which I did not care for. It didn’t exactly compliment the subpar pork shoulder which was actually quite nice in texture but lacking in flavour and overpowered by the BBQ mayo. The ratio of pork to bun to me was fair. The slaw had an odd after taste to it which I am not sure what it is. Their fries are pretty on point with their crispiness. It lacks the full on potato content I like in my fries/chips, but a more airy content which I suppose aided in its crispiness which I did not mind.


Chocolate Milkshake £4.50

An alright chocolate Milkshake which was probably made out of chocolate ice cream with some added chocolate but thankfully thick enough and not too sweet. However, 4.50 is a tad steep for a plain chocolate milkshake of average quality with no frills.









Quality of Food 3/5

The food is quite average in taste and all, not the best barbecue meats for a place that specializes in it! They make tasty enough smoky meats but just aren’t quite flavorful enough for me. Perhaps the food isn’t as good because I had it delivered, but in my experience, good food should still be good even if it travels (and deliveroo is relatively quick with deliveries!). If you do find yourself Smokeworks, *tip: do not try the burger/sandwiches.

Value 2.5/5

I would say their portions are quite alright but IMO, the taste and quality of the food is not value for money (such as the pulled pork shoulder burger and beef dripping mash). You could probably have better luck with similar barbeque street food!


It is pretty average in their ribs and other barbeque meat which would probably satisfy your cravings if you happen to have one in Cambridge. However, do not expect much. I would say I might’ve had better luck if I went down to Rhode Island’s American Feast which I was too lazy to go to… but yeah, I really would not recommend Smokehouse with its average food which does not justify the prices, but like I said, if you have that craving, it is not a bad place to satisfy it.


This is not my first time using Deliveroo but I’ll give it a shout out here:

Speed 5/5

I’ve ordered quite a number of times via Deliveroo at different times (afternoons, evenings, night) and they are impressively quick! It took them at most an hour to have my food delivered for all my previous orders.

Value 3/5

Yes, there is a £2.50 surcharge and a minimum order of £15. That is why I think Deliveroo is only worth it if you’re ordering for at least 3 people for a lower surcharge per person.


For ordering with a big group of friends who wants to have good food from top restaurants without leaving the house or getting stuck in traffic, I would recommend Deliveroo.


4th of July – weekend freedom

How was YOUR 4th of July weekend? Did you have American food for your 4th of July? Or did you get into the spirit some other way?

Have you tried Smokeworks Cambridge? Was it better when you dine in? Do you think I am being a bit critical with their food? Because the ratings and comments for it on trip advisor are pretty good (an average of 4/5).

What are your experiences with Deliveroo? If you are having a lazy night in with some housemates and want some good food from top restaurants, give this roo a go!

Share and tell me what you think!

Smoked out from smoked foods,


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